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What REALLY happen to Paul Pelosi – Video plus Sean and George Trash Him Good

What REALLY happen to Paul Pelosi – Video plus Sean and George Trash Him Good

Sean and George watch the Paul Pelosi video. Paul is in his underwear with a drink in his hand. This is NOT the political attack they are saying it is.

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  1. Frank stetson

    A new low by Joe. How low will he go? His two investigative reporters have issued absolutely no facts beyond a basic description of what we can all see, and then, based on nothing, hurl a plethora of feckless, allegations, suggestions, and innuendo.

    They seem amazed that a man wakes up in the middle of the night dressed in a shirt and jockey shorts. They seemed amazed that he might have a glass of something in his hand. They don’t seem to understand the concept of a hammer. And then, in a daring piece of detective work, they conclude that Paul Pelosi not only goes to bars, but when he’s there, he talks to people. Oh, the horror of it all. Or are they suggesting some other nefarious act by someone who goes to a bar in San Francisco?

    Using the same investigative powers of these two bozos, I note that they are two middle-age, men, clean, cut, neat, and obviously in love with each other. They keep saying, he’s holding a hammer, he’s holding a hammer. You know what that means in San Francisco. As you will note, in no picture, can you see whether they’re wearing pants. Matter fact, we can’t see their hands during the entire presentation. What are they doing with their hands if they’re not wearing pants? And are they doing it together or are they doing it to apart while watching each other. We know that they get together all the time and make movies. What kind of movies? I happen to know that they go to bars and when they’re in bars, they talk to people. They talk about their movies. You know what that means.

    This story couldn’t pass the editors at my High School paper.

  2. Frank stetson

    Oh yeah,, I forgot to add. He did talk, there’s an interview with the guy. He did say it was about Trump. They also have other film. It shows a break-in. He used a hammer.

    So besides getting all the facts wrong, making erroneous and exaggerated conclusions, It’s one hell of a piece. Not.

  3. Bubba Love

    It was a lover’s quarrel. Pelosi sleeps on both sides of the bed.

  4. frank stetson

    With a moniker like Bubba Love, I wonder why he seems to know so much about the gay life of Paul Pelosi.

    According to police and the FBI, there is no evidence that they knew each other and a lot of evidence pointing to they did not know each other. The assailant, on tape, uses the word friend. Pelosi tells the operator he does not know him. But you say they are lovers.

    There is video of the man using a hammer or other object to break the door glass of the back door to break in. Usually that does not happen if you know the person.

    As far as I can find, there is no evidence of Paul ever being gay. He does have a DUI, but Bubba Lover probably has a few of them or else he ain’;t no Bubba :>)

    But the REAL question for Bubba is: so what? What if he was gay; is it OK? What if they were gay lovers; is it OK? What is your point in determining sexual orientation and relationship status? How does that change things for you?