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What Netanyahu's Victory Means to America

What Netanyahu's Victory Means to America
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud has maintained Israeli leadership at the end of a bitter election campaign. The election, which came at the heels of Netanyahu’s controversial visit to America, provides a clear picture of the Israeli public’s point of view. Despite being America’s number one ally in the Middle East for decades, Netanyahu has received immense opposition from the Obama administration for the past 7 years. Recently called a war criminal, an overly reactive murderer, a hyperbolic war-monger, Netanyahu has proven with this recent success that the Israeli people support his policies.

The primary foreign policy goal of the Obama administration appears to be to better relations with the Arab world. This goal has been accomplished, as has been proven by the administration’s tepid endorsement and intentional ambivalence of the Arab state’s ( Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) funding of Sunni proxy wars in Libya and Syria – resulting in the formation of ISIS. Israel, now sharing a border with ISIS Jihadists fighting with American weapons and machinery, has not been immune to the unexpected change in foreign policy. Any attempt by Netanyahu to assist in the fight against ISIS or to defend its borders from rocket attacks, however, has been systematically attacked by the Obama administration and liberal commentators.

In recent weeks Prime Minister Netanyahu attempted to double down on his policies, visiting America to question Obama’s recent Iranian nuclear deal and promising his people that no Palestinian state will exist while he is Prime Minister. These policies have unjustly earned Netanyahu the insulting titles of “Nazi” or “Fascist” amongst the American liberal left, despite the overwhelming Israeli consensus that a legitimate, mortal threat exists and must be appropriately dealt with. The Nazi accusation, now quickly becoming the 21st century way of describing anyone who disagrees with an extremely progressive, appeasing world view, has apparently been discounted by the people who actually have to live next to the nightmare this Obama administration’s irresponsible, foolish foreign policy has unleashed upon the Middle East.

The failed states of Libya and Syria can attest to what little credibility America gives Jihadist group’s mobilizing appeal in times of revolution and terror. Iraq, though still slightly pulsing, would certainly tease at a necrophiliac’s loins. Despite the crisis surrounding Israel’s borders, America has seemingly abandoned the Israli people, culminating in president Obama’s recent refusal to meet with Bibi Netanyahu. While American liberals are busy making “Netanyahu is a Nazi” signs, the Israelis directly impacted by endless terrorists attacks appear to see the matter differently. If you’re keeping score to Obama’s presidential middle eastern policy, Israel’s defense now constitutes as fascism and ISIS needs more jobs to keep them from getting into trouble. Speaking of elections, has it been 8 years yet?

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