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What is the “Quad” and How Is Joe Biden Screwing it Up?

What is the “Quad” and How Is Joe Biden Screwing it Up?

What is the “Quad”?  It is the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, a loose association of the United State, Japan, Australia and India with a “commitment to supporting Indo Pacific countries’ efforts to advance a free and open Indo-Pacific – a region which is inclusive and resilient, and in which states strive to protect the interests of their people, free from coercion.”

In short, how do we prevent domination of the region by totalitarian governments like, for example, China?

It was established by George W. Bush in 2007, and then re-established by Donald Trump in 2017. Its primary purpose seems to be the “soft containment” of China.  It has been compared to NATO but is not nearly so cohesive and has not evolved a military aspect. This group also seems to have influence with the rest of the countries in the area, supporting  and perhaps guiding the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Quadrilateral Security Dialogue Countries (ver 2).svg
Quad Nations

This was an effort that I had not been aware of previously, and it seems that we have the right players involved to counter China’s increasing aggression and ambitions for dominance in the area.

What is Biden doing with it?

According to the February 11, 2022 joint statement, it doesn’t seem like he is focused much on China, or the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Aside from the “motherhood and apple pie” issues that had been established previously, he appears to be mostly pushing the Democrat liberal agenda.

Here is what I pull from this:

Covid? Sure, why not talk about vaccine distribution in a meeting of the four strategic partners who can face down China? It’s not like we have two dozen other forums in which to talk about this, right?

Renewable Energy? Really?? Let’s tackle this expensive and unpopular topic to push into the third world ASEAN nations who don’t care and can’t afford the Biden green agenda. Why not push the ASEAN nations into a disagreeable mood, disgusted with the tone deaf notions of their big brothers in the Quad.

Disinformation? This is just Biden’s insertion of a Democrat Party propaganda meme.  Wholly inappropriate.

In short, Biden is squandering an opportunity. He could be establishing leadership and direction to counter China’s exploitation and power grab of the whole area in a group of nations that could make a difference.

He could be using the forum to bring India closer to an alliance of powerful free world nations.   He could be creating new opportunities for trade and cooperation.

But no. Biden wants to impress his hardcore constituency in the Democrat Party, and is wasting time.

But after all of the dismal, disappointing, catastrophic failures of the Biden Administration in the past year, what else might you expect?

Another meeting of the Quad is coming up. What happens next?

Joint Statement on Quad Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

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    • Frank stetson

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  2. MAGA talking points

    I thought the right answer was America First? No? Now we want global partnerships? What changed with you MAGAts?

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Typical Democrat, can never see the big picture, have no idea how the world works, and aggressively criticize what you don’t understand.

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  3. frank stetson

    The architect of the quad was no other than Hillary Clinton, who developed the Free and Open Indo-Pacific strategy, a plan Trump adopted. Ironic ain’t it.

    • Roger

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        • Roger

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      • frank stetson

        I was not clear, yes, Dick Cheney kicked it off in 2007. Would have been better to say: “Hillary is the architect of Trump’s quad.” :>) I should point out that in your apparent zeal to confront, you forgot, from the same WIKI: “The Quad ceased following the withdrawal of Australia during Kevin Rudd’s tenure as prime minister.” That would be 2009-2010. And it did not resume until 2017, under Trump, using Hillary’s plan. I would gather you knew all that but choose a different spin since you can’t mention Hillary in a positive light or risk being retrained at a Trump rally.

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        From your same WIKI cite, and I applaud your doing actual research, “In November (of 2017), American president-elect Donald Trump and Prime Minister Abe met and agreed to pursue what Japan calls a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” strategy, originally a concept developed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

        I guess we both stand corrected, your “bullshit” notwithstanding. What Hillary did, and Trump commandeered, was not only ironic, but has lasted twice as long as Cheney’s efforts and it’s still ticking under Biden. Not that there’s anything good in all that. Fairly feckless group.

        • Roger

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