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What is Joe Biden Talking About? Ban “multiple bullets?”

What is Joe Biden Talking About? Ban “multiple bullets?”

Speaking Monday at a campaign event in Iowa, presidential hopeful Joe Biden called to ban all guns with “magazines that can hold multiple bullets.”

Either Biden doesn’t understand basic firearm terminology, or he is calling to ban almost all guns.

“The idea that we don’t have elimination of assault-type weapons, magazines that can hold multiple bullets in them, is absolutely mindless,” said Biden. “It is no violation of the Second Amendment. It’s just a bow to the special interests of the gun manufacturers and the NRA.”

Since all magazines hold multiple bullets, it looks like the comment was a mistake. 

When asked about another mishap – sharing a war story that was inaccurate in almost every detail – Biden told reporters that his mistakes did not affect the point of the story and would not affect his abilities as president.

“I was making a point about a generation. That has nothing to do with judgement of whether or not you send troops to war, the judgement of whether you bring someone home, the judgement of whether you decide on a healthcare policy.”

The mix-up is nothing new for Sleepy Joe, who mistakenly said “Vermont” while speaking to voters in New Hampshire and said that he was Vice President during the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last year.

He has also been criticized for saying that “poor kids are just as bright as white kids” and for making jokes about allegations that he inappropriately touched women. He also told a very touching and emotion-filled story about a soldier who died in battle. Unfortunately, it never happened, it was a complete fantasy.

Author’s Note: If it were Trump making mistakes during speeches (which he ocassionaly does), the media would accuse him of lying, as they have so many times, without cause. By arguing that his mistakes don’t matter, is Biden defending his right to use false statements on the campaign trail?

As expected, the RNC has seized on Biden’s mistakes to argue that he is mentally unfit to serve as president.

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  1. Kenny Moss

    Ban Biden liberal loco

  2. James P Andrews

    Biden knows nothing about firearms….

    • George

      Your sentence is 2 words too long. Remove the last 2 words to make it more accurate!

  3. Rick

    He probably didn’t mean to say it, but he said what he meant. Every gun with a magazine holds more than one bullet. That’s what he wants to ban.

    • Fire21

      He wants to take us back to the days of single-shot guns…or back to the days of muzzle loaders…or back to the days of swords…or rocks and clubs…or…

  4. Star Dolittle

    Those Democrats think they need to vote Democrats to stay loyal to their Party but they are and have been the ruin of USA for decades .. Guess many will vote for people with weak minds .. Pelosi is a good example of that

  5. chris kidd

    This guy is a freakin idiot. How was he ever vice president, oh yea the bigger idiot above him!!!!! Buck Ofama, son of a bitch bout ran our country into the ground!

    • DB

      About? And he is still working on it. Bidens choice for VP: Michele Obama and for the next Supreme Court Justice Barrack Obama? Tha’ts already a fact! You all realize that both Obama’s had to give up their Illinois Law Licenses or have them revoked due to Fraud in the Acorn fiasco?

  6. Phil in TX

    Joe Biden is a moron of the first magnitude.
    Phil in TX

  7. jack stone

    that this guy is even being considered clearly points up just how “off the rails” crazy ALL liberals really are.!

  8. Arnold

    If Joe is elected , no one will attack us. They will just sit back and watch us destroy our own country!



  10. db

    Joe Biden is old. I am 72 and not sure of his age, but I would never try to be the most powerful man in the world at my age. Depending on others to make intelligent and worthwhile, thought out decisions is a sure sign of old age problems related to deterioration of the mind. He continuously makes up stories which never took place, are irrelevant, and blatant lies but is not called out on it. Are the Democrats hiding the fact that his mind is going away in order to bolster up their chances of having a worthy candidate to go against President Trump? If anything, they are showing how weak and desperate they really are.

  11. Thom Jenkins

    After Hillary C. and D.Trump every empty suit pol in the U.S. considers him/her self presidential material.

  12. Pete Moss

    If your neighbor is making a lot of noise, go out in your back yard, and shoot a gun in the air. Joe Biden say’s it’s okay!

  13. Chris Boring

    Definitely not eloquently expressed, but all guns DON’T have magazines(revolvers don’t), and he does specify assault weapons. So he seems to be referring to their ability to spray so many bullets, so easily. But if he means only revolvers should be legal, that doesn’t make much sense. Or maybe he means clips, or who knows exactly? But let’s not take this to the extreme either and say assault rifles should be legal.

    • Richard Kosmisky

      considering how bad you are rambling on did Biden school you

    • Irene

      What is an assault weapon? Actually what the Dems. are referring to are hunting rifles. They want to take all guns away in the end because they want a police state with them in charge. It will be Venezuela or Cuba all over again. The Founding Fathers believed that the government needs to fear the people. The people should not have to fear the government. The radical left that has taken over the Dem. Party want conservatives dead. The radicals are very mean people.

  14. rick

    Yes they did it again…
    CA – NY and others have LEGALIZED Homicide – Murder – Infanticide – Identity Theft – Rape – Molestation – Prostitution by Minors – Slavery – Drugs – etc . etc etc ……
    Enough is Enough and it’s time to hold these people accountable…
    “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”….. They said it when they constantly t4ry to overthrow an elected president and it’s time they paid the price for their STUPISITY and treasonous actions….
    I live in a small town and yet – the emergency room is constantly packed by Illegals…The stores are inundated by Illegals all hours of the day……The local jobs are taken by Illegals…..

  15. Bruce Lindsay

    absolutely! there are no Democratic candidates to fill the shoes of a President, those thinking they are are indeed idiots

  16. Daniel Mount

    Blacks are not being coxed out of the Democrat Party they are being smart. Why should they keep voting for a Democrat Politician when for years the Democrat Party has done nothing for them?

  17. Garry McCollom

    The difference between Biden and a new born is a new born has a clearer mind and does not live in a made up world. Biden is a lier and what is going to change if he became President. He does not know how to hold a gun without putting lives at risk let alone how one functions. Every name you have called him is well deserved and yet you are still being to kind!

  18. Sal Belardo

    By 2020 election Biden’s handlers will admit he has dementia!

  19. Carl J Bujan

    Biden is a lunatic and to the voters it takes a lunatic to follow a lunatic.

  20. NavyPO2

    Biden knows as much about guns as the rest of us know about brain surgery. The last time he ran, he was having a party at his house. If I remember correctly, he was showing them his shot gun. He dropped the shot gun and it discharged! People ran!