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What is Fueling Trumps Consistent Lead?

What is Fueling Trumps Consistent Lead?

Democrats, the political left and anti-Trump Republicans keep scratching their heads in bewilderment at Trump’s ability to sustain an impressive lead in the polls – especially among millions of Republican primary voters.

Outside of a stunning victory in 2016, Republican fortunes have not fared well under Trump’s leadership.  The GOP lost the Senate, lost the House, lost the White House, barely reclaimed the House (in an election that should have produced a red wave and even reclaimed the Senate) and lost state and local elections across the nation.  The most notable defeats were among candidates endorsed by Trump.

Trump has a bellicose and pugnacious personally – picking needless fights often with childish name-calling.  His personal life is … shall we say … messy, with all sorts of sexual scandals.  He has paid money to silence porn performer Stormy Daniels.  He lost millions of dollars on a sexual assault civil case brought by E. Jean Carroll.  His Foundation was shut down and he was fined by the courts.  His academic school suffered the same.  The Trump Organization was convicted on 17 counts of tax fraud, falsify business records and grand larceny.

However one may view the legitimacy of the various court cases – or the ultimate verdicts – Trump was and is embroiled in an unprecedented number of criminal legal actions for anyone, much less a former President of the United States.  He has been indicted in New York City for election finance fraud.  He has been indicted by federal Special Counsel Jack Smith in conjunction with the White House documents.

It is virtually certain that Trump will soon be indicted in conjunction with his post-election activities – including the January 6th riot on Capitol Hill.  He is likely to be indicted for his alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election in Georgia.

And then there are a number of other court fights that do not make it to the headlines.

  1. His estranged niece, Mary Trump, is suing Trump and his kids claiming they cheated her out of millions of dollars from the grandfather’s estate.
  2. A former “Apprentice” contestant, Summer Servos, is suing for defamation – alleging Trump sexually assaulted her and lied about it.
  3. The New York Attorney General is investigating whether Trump and his business committed tax fraud by arbitrarily manipulating the value of his properties.
  4. E. Jean Carroll is relitigating the case against Trump after he allegedly made defamatory remarks about her after the case was settled.

Whew!  That is more baggage than a Samsonite warehouse.  Prior to the Trump rise to political prominence any of these would have ended a political career.  Whatever you think of Trump, we should all be able to agree that he is a political phenomenon.  But why?

The answer that seems to vex those on the left is complex.  A lot of factors come into play.  If there is a common thread – an overarching explanation for Trump’s sustained popularity – is simple.  As bad as he is at least half the country thinks Joe Biden and the Democrats are a worse option.

Consider this.  When old Uncle Joe Biden is compared to Trump in recent polls, the folks back home split even.  Sometimes Biden is ahead in the polls – sometimes Trump.  Neither of them exceeds 50 percent favorability.  In fact, voters by wide margins – in the 60 to 70 percent range – would prefer to have them both exit the political stage.  In terms of the policy issues, Trump has generally maintained a lead over Biden – but policy issues are being trumped (no pun intended) by Trump’s personal issues – but not enough to give Biden a clear lead.

Much of the left-leaning media has made it a mission to pound and pound on Trump and the Republican Party.  Networks like MSNBC have evolved into propaganda outlets for the progressive anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-conservative Democrats.  They prosecute their case against all the aforementioned in an endless loop.  In my opinion, their excesses have brought about some of the backlash that benefits Trump.  It is one thing to attack Trump but quite another to attack the intelligence and decency of tens of millions of Americans. 

There may also be a counterbalance to bad Trump.  That is good Trump.  Despite the pounding from Democrats and that media allies, many American like some of what Trump did as President.  They are not buying the constant negative spin.  They like that he had a successful policy to protect the southern border.  They like that he achieved the unprecedented Abraham Accords to mitigate hostilities in the Middle East.  Like the Space Force.  They like the unprecedented speed in creating the Covid vaccine. They like the pre-Covid economic growth.  They like that he got NATO members to pay more of their financial obligations.  They like that he got North Korea to cease missile testing and returning the remains of MIAs.  They like that he attacked Libya for using chemical weapons.  A lot of Americans even like his Supreme Court picks.  And the list goes on.

Conversely, there are a lot of things to dislike about Biden and the Democrats.  People are genuinely concerned about the impact of aging on Biden.  They are consequently concerned about his choice of a running mate.  Polling strongly suggests that they dislike his essentially open border policies.  They dislike his and the Democrats approach to crime.  They dislike his decision and mismanagement of Afghanistan.  They dislike the Democrats promotion of identity politics, political correctness and so-called woke policies.  Folks on both sides dislike his approach to the Ukraine War.  And of course, Biden has his issues with White House documents and of personal integrity a la his son Hunter.

Yes, there are things not to like about Trump or to like about Biden, but it is not a one-sided ledger – and that is something those on the left seem to not understand – or refuse to consider in their abjectly negative reporting on Trump and Republicans.   

Those on the left do not understand Trump’s political vitality because they cannot understand anyone who disagrees with their views and their policies. In their own minds, they are the possessors of truth.  The rest of us are wrong … and dangerous.  If you do not agree, you are either evil or stupid.  I see that as another reason for the backlash benefiting Trump.

Personally, I too am surprised by Trump’s pollical durability.  There are reasons for it, however.  It is just that those on the left — and those who report from the left– cannot even conceive of the reasons.  Would it not be ironic if it were those on the left – who most vehemently hate Trump and Republicans – are the ones to get him a second term in the Oval Office.  

To my friends on the left … there are reasons why Trump sustains.  You do not get it even though YOU are one of the main reasons.  Despite all your propaganda and your incessant attack on Trump and the GOP brand, it appears that at least half of America still does not want you or your policies in charge.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. frank stetson

    “To my friends on the left … there are reasons why Trump sustains. You do not get it even though YOU are one of the main reasons. Despite all your propaganda and your incessant attack on Trump and the GOP brand, it appears that at least half of America still does not want you or your policies in charge.”

    Wonder what he says to the folks on the left that are not his “friends?” Oh wait — he just said it :>)

    • Tom

      Oh stop it Frank, you know Larry and I love you!!! The only reason Larry criticizes you besides his disagreement is that he hope that upon reflection, you will see the light, and pursue true self reform and be a better person. Larry is actually loving you by criticizing you, it is called “tough love”, and few can be tougher in a loving kind of way than Larry. So begin to associate Larry’s tough love and criticism as Larry saying to you, “Frank, feel the love baby!” :>)

      • frank stetson

        Glom on much? Larry gonna stomp you for presupposing what Larry thinks…. :>)

        Sorry, changing my ID protection and it hurts……sucks.

        • Tom

          I am an equal opportunity glomer! :>) Larry needs you to bring out his sensitive gay side. And you do this very well. I appreciate you very much!!! Now feel the love! I will view every stomp as just more Larry love. :>)

          • larry Horist

            Tom … I assume you are using “gay” in its ancient meaning of happy. It is true. I am a most happy fellow.

          • frank stetson

            Thinking I gay-anything is pretty much a hoot. I am pretty much the archetype male asshole, with the accent on the second word….. Once I went to HR sex abuse hell for five simple words…. Just because, unlike you, I feel all humans created equal, don’t think I am effeminate. It’s just all those things, you know actions, after creation that determine whether a putz or a schmekel.

            And let’s face it, anyone Larry says that too will not be his friend. The gender insinuation is your baggage.

            Just quit mousing about and come out of the closet already. It’s OK.

          • Tom

            Frank ole buddy, I believe people are created equal too. I just do not agree that they have the right to force their perversions on our kids and the rest of the straight people. I have no problem with them doing what they want in their home. Just do not force be to use their pronouns or say that what they are doing is alright, because it is not alright. It is SIN!!!!

            Ok so you got my curiosity up, what did you say that upset HR?

          • frank stetson

            You want to force counseling for people who have “wrongful” self sexual identification — that’s not equal dude. That’s persecution.

            Using “drag queen story hours” as the archetype perversion pushing and grooming exercise, show us. The vast majority preach tolerance, acceptance, and that it’s OK to be different while reading a book. More often the upsetting part is the people protesting screaming lots of things kids should hear.

            It sure seems like you do not treat them equally and really want to get into their business to make them just like you……. Not my thing.

            HR: long day, in and out training session, Columbus so a pain to fly in, taught the session, couldn’t even tell you who was there, was on autopilot, long month of flying about. The downside of new product kickoffs. Went to hotel, in elevator, suddenly it grinds to a stop, lurches up, down, bounces, and stops and I turn to the lady next to me, a complete stranger, and say: “as long as not horizonal.” Turns out she’s in the class, fills a complaint, and it’s six weeks of HR investigation of my associates where I am sure they get an earful since our teams can be ribald at times. We did an Carnac session in our team celebrations that could get pretty close to the line at times… Got sanctioned a few times but HR was used to us…. Turns out she has disability claims, etc. etc., a nut job and I was free, free, free at last. Luckily I got a heads up about three weeks in, so not that bad. I did not want to treat her as created equal. It was stressful, especially since I started in total denial, couldn’t remember a thing, so I can understand the scrutiny, but didn’t make it easier at the time.

    • nic bargo


  2. andy

    About a third or more of the Republican party would support Trump even if he went out and raped ten women. They think he walks on water, thus can do anything to anyone and still be OK. I have a friend down in Florida that supports Trump 100%, and thinks anything negative said about Trump is fake news. He even thinks the tapes of Trump’s own self incrimination are fake. So Trump can maintain his lead without doing anything to keep it. What happens in the general election is going to be another story.

    I wish both Biden and Trump would bow out. I’m part of that 60-70 % that wants neither of them to run. But if it comes down to Biden vs. Trump, Biden will win, just like he did in 2020.

    • larry Horist

      Andy … We share the same desire to have neither Trump nor Biden on the ballot. This commentary was not to support Trump but to merely explain why the far left cannot understand his political popularity. For voters, it was not a happy choice in 2016 or 2020 — more or less the lesser of two evils — and it could be even more painful in 2024 if it is a rematch. It is no great comfort that for the past several months these two characters have essentially been tied in the polls..

    • Tom

      I agree with you Andy even though I am uncertain about your prediction. But as an independent, lets be fair. You are correct, and it is very concerning, that so many think Trump’s behavior is acceptable, or at least that his accomplishments and their grievances outweigh his poor behavior. This shows just how much we have morally slipped in this country.

      But the same is true of Biden. Just as many think his accomplishments, social justice, environmental rules outweigh the fact that he is resorting to cronyism in defense of his son Hunter, they feel that mass murder by abortion, lying repeatedly about Hunter, accepting cocaine in the White House and not pursuing the villian, and most of all, not acknowledging his grand daughter Navy Biden are acceptable behaviors in their leader as long as their grievances are fulfilled.

      At this point, we have two piles of poop that stink equally. Good luck deciding on your favorite pile of poop!

  3. Mike f

    Larry, The reason that Trump is still the leading contender is obvious-but for none of the reasons you attempted to provide. He is supported by the people that elected MTG, Lauren Boebert, Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz-the list goes on and on. The Republican base is ignorant and do not check the facts-they listen to sound bites only. You, of course, are guilty of ignoring the facts, so I guess that is common on the right. I am sure that trump will be your nominee, and I am equally sure that you will vote for him. The bottom line is-you and his base simply don’t care about the harm he has done the nation-as long as taxes are lowered and abortion remains illegal in much of the country that is good enough for you…

    • Tom

      Mike f, Biden is doing just as much harm and you are equally guilty of not seeing it just like you say Larry does not see it. Try looking at the open borders and 114 terror list suspects caught in one year, high inflation, high energy prices and decimation of our once almost independent energy industry, look at your library hosting fags and queers who groom kids with sexualized content, look at cocaine in the White House and no arrests and no camara evidence, look at the Hunter immunity deal burying in an end of document paragraph that Hunter has immunity from ever being prosecuted for anything moving forward, look at weaponizing the DOJ and recently Biden’s denial that he authorized the raid on Trumps home and now it comes out in official records he did authorize it. There is plenty of harm being done by both sides, but you fail to mention. I could go on but I think you get the point.

      As an Independent / Unaffiliated voter, I would recommend you either put rose colored lenses into both eyes, or remove the veil from the one eye that you are currently blocking and see the Dem party for what it really is.

      • Mike f

        Tom, Perhaps you should check out a news source that has broader coverage than whatever you have been watching. Illegal immigration is way down (though time will tell if it stays down due to recent rulings against Biden’s policies). Inflation is down significantly, in fact in that area we are doing better than anywhere in the world. GDP is looking good-recent figures showed us up 6% from 2019. Our Allie’s are welcoming our leadership, we have rejoined the world in combating global warming. So what exactly am I missing here? The Biden administration has done a great job in about every area compared with trump. I think it is you who need to open your eyes and see how much better we are today than 4 years ago..

        • Tom

          Mike f, Convenient how you only pick certain things that I said. Yes inflation is down from the high last year but still way over what it was when Trump left. Gas prices in my area are higher again, almost at the record level for my area. Energy industry has been decimated but you do not mention this. GDP is only predicted to be 2.3% above last year, your info is anticipatory, not actual. And if you look at 3Q 2019 it is nowhere close to that. Yes we are spending your cash and mine and driving people to buy expensive hard to repair or recycle cars, and have done very little on the big offenders, coal fire plants. Much of the global warming stuff is hype. You missed the terror suspects that got across the boarder. You missed the queers and fags trying to groom children in your public libraries. You missed the highest fed borrowing rates in 40 years. You missed all of the Hunter Biden stuff as well as the Biden crime family stuff. You missed how Biden has been late on every delivery to Ukraine and has not delivered armaments bought by Taiwan three years ago but has not yet delivered. You missed the latest reports on immigration which has been above Trump levels ever since Biden took office. You missed no border protection and TX having to do it themselves. You missed NY, Chicago, and other cities whining about too many immigrants. You missed that the murder rate is higher than it was with Trump. You missed that LA police chief told their policement recently that they should find a job elsewhere due to woke agenda in their court system and not funding police. Yes there is much you missed. Oh and you missed that the FBI / DOJ still finding documents in Biden residences. Thanks for asking!

  4. frank stetson

    Larry is once again showing his true colors as he blames the Democrats for Trump’s continued popularity. He blames Trump’s popularity on hatred of anything Democratic. IMO, nothing can be farther from the truth. And suddenly he seems to know what “toe the line” means. Go figure, it was in his melon the whole time :>) I’ll take credit, glad to add some more color to Larry’s colorful colloquialisms :>)))

    Trump has a certain charisma. He has been coming into people’s tv rooms for decades, he is an old family friend. They have laughed together, cried, he has become part of them. They think they know him, know exactly what he means NO MATTER what he says, can see through his lies, bragging, and unbounded narcissism with their special Trumpray vision. Since he lies about everything, they can superimpose any of their feelings and aspirations on him, he probably has said it or they know what he means: wink-wink, nudge-nudge. The truth is Trump has no ideas of his own, he feeds off the feelings and emotions of others. He was a Democrat, now a Republican, darling of right-wing racists and extremists, and their hero: they have the posters!

    As I have said many times in the past, is not Trump the person, but Trumpism the idea. Trump is just the mouthpiece for the mob. Folks are frustrated. They are fearful of their futures. Economically, they feel that they are not even treading water, they are sinking. Uneven economic outcomes based on class, pandemic, education, war, climate change, mass shootings, — these are interesting times at best. No longer can they work a factory job and give their kids a better life than theirs. And Trumpism speaks to the frustrated; it gives them boogeymen to blame. Picks targets to vent their angst. It’s the illegals, it’s woke, it’s blm/antifa and the commie socialist Deep State One World Order snowflakes. It’s Hillary, Hunter, and Nancy. It’s the Democrats (for Larry). It’s the evil, inhumane, government trying to control everything from a Deep State machine plotting against the people (even though the govt IS people with the best whistleblowing system of ANY organization). Reality does not matter against opinions, never has.

    They have many grievances, many targets, and each is partly responsible for the status of these folks lives. That’s where the fault is that Larry describes herein. It’s the Democrats fault that Trump is popular seems a major thrust of Mr. Hoirist’s reality.

    ” As bad as he is at least half the country thinks Joe Biden and the Democrats are a worse option.”

    IMO (and perhaps MY reality), It has been and always will be very hard to change these opinions and feelings of Trumpism as it is most opinions. Like what does it take to convince people of man-made climate change? That there is still systemic racism — everywhere, by everyone. We can’t even talk them into a life-saving vaccine. And if it isn’t Trump, it will be DeSantis or someone else to fill the void. It’s the idea, not the man, that, IMO, American needs to change. And the concept of getting their opinions to control the world, even from jail, may even seem like further proof that their way is the right way. Correct and proper too.

    • Tom

      Well Frank, you make some good points. But do expect Larry to send some more love in your direction.

      I like your summary. I like it because if I change Trump to Biden, and change a few of the other names, I get exactly the same thing liberals feel. All of the blame for things going wrong in this country are the responsibility of the GOP according to the left. Trump feeds off of emotion, Biden feeds off of poverty, abortion, and pervert equality. Hey Frank, everybody gotta feed from somewhere, right?

      Biden is a mouthpiece in the same way, he even has said so himself. The only difference is the mob. Biden has pretty much by his words and actions stated that he is a mouthpiece for abortionists, homosexuals and trans perverts, groomers, people that do not want to pay their loans, destruction of our energy industry, and illegals that want to bully their way into the country. So again, no big deal, if you are in politics, you are gonna be a mouth for something and someone! Right?

      What does it take to convince me of man made climate change, and racism. Well I guess people just have different bars. IMO it will take as much to convince these people as it will take to convince you that abortion is wrong and that homosexuality is a sin and wrong, and that groomers do exist and that transgender body mutilation and hormone blockers are wrong for children and anyone under 18 years of age.

      Personally I do agree that there has been climate change, I just do not agree with their solutions and the way they are going about it. They are swapping one disaster for another. I do agree that there is systemic racism but I do not agree that violent protests do any good whatsoever, and I do not agree with the way both sides are ignoring the institution and allowing it to continue to be racist, and I do not agree that I am the villain just because I am white. You see Frank, its not always a matter of getting people to agree with the issue. In many cases I believe it is a matter of getting people to agree with the solutions.

      You see Frank, in other blogs, I gave you my solution for limited abortion as one of many solutions to the issue that should all be worked on, you did not support my view very much. I gave you my solution on homosexuality, and giving them compassionate counseling and you violently disagreed. I gave you my solution for hormone blockers and trans surgeries for minors, you violently disagreed. I presented multiple solutions for the border, and you disagreed. I gave you solutions for climate change that made more sense and did not impact the wallets of poor Americans that are harmed the most by current policies, and you disagreed and did not support. I have given you overwhelming evidence many times on many of these issues, and you ask for proof and/or say get them to say this under oath – which simply means you intellectually disagree.

      So you see, its not always a matter of convincing people of the issue, its often a matter of convincing them of the best solution. :>) And this is where Larry chooses to love you the most!! Do you agree?? :>)

      • frank stetson

        Tom, Equivalencing Trump to Biden or any modern President is ludicrous and you know it. Trump is in a class all his own. Even if you examine policies, his are different. Way different. He has made extremism an important part of the Republican Party unlike Biden’s condemnation of extremism from any party. He has made lying acceptable. He even is attempting to gain the office as a manner of staying out of jail — that’s new too. So, no Tom, there is no way I would accept Biden as equivalent to Trump. Not based on the evidence.

        Saying Biden is doing as much harm is unproven by you, or anyone. This is becoming a favorite right-wing thing to mirror back anything said against Trump no matter whether a bridge too far or not. For your recent rants you seem to be BUSTED a few too many times for an objective independent who both right and left at times:

        For open borders and your terrorism scare, first what Biden border policies cause “open borders,” because it is not asylum. WTF do you people even mean: “open borders” in a policy sense. For the terrorists, I have the 2022 data as repped out by CATO. CATO is right of center, a good bit right, and highly factual (damn them all to hell :>). I am guessing the data you are showing is part 2022 since you note it’s a year. Of course you don’t reference what year…. “There were 98 such encounters in 2022. According to nonpublic data obtained by the media, 93 percent of the terrorist database hits were for Colombians.102 These people could be former FARC revolutionaries, but the evidentiary bar for inclusion in this dataset is so low that it is impossible to conclude much from this statistic.”….. “Unlike Border Patrol, CBP ports of entry officers encounter thousands of people on the terrorist watch list every year. It is telling that none of these encounters have produced any convictions for a plot to attack the United States.106 In fact, over the last four decades, not a single American has died in a terrorist attack carried out by a person who entered the country illegally mainly because no such attack has ever occurred.” It’s a pdf so I cannot post here, but it’s CATO to Congress on terrorists crossing the border. And I am sure you have great fears of a Columbian terrorist attack in American by FARC…..

        FYI: illegal border crossings are down from 2022, as this last month, 2021 too. It is probably true that the end of the pandemic and Biden’s stepping back from Trump’s unlawful asylum process, Trump’s cruel border processes, and Trump’s crazy rhetoric, has increased illegal crossings, and much more needs to be done, but putting walls in the river and razor wire on the shore increases risks for our border agents as well. Once immigrants hit the US side, federal agents must process them — by law —- and now a razor wire wall is between the agents and those they must arrest and process, by law. Not good at all.

        High Inflation — I thought you already generally agreed to the shared responsibility in this and as MF noted, it’s coming down. Inflation currently lowest in 2 years, around 3%, time to move on and stop the lies. Ditto on the energy prices. Down 6.5% March 23 from 22. Gas down over 17% yearly, with electric rising 10%. And don’t have a clue what you mean by “decimation of our once almost independent energy industry although you must have caught on as the reason for our independence was, as the oil industry data trackers notes, was caused by a pandemic demand fall of the extreme variety. On Trump’s watch, he claimed credit, and you believe him. And yes, when demand spiked, we bought foreign oil while still exporting similar amounts. US oil production is at an all time high — what’s in your wallet? BUSTED

        Can you prove any library grooming going on or are you just conflating your numerous fears on the subject of non-binary? Got library groomers adjudicated in a court of law, or just you projecting? The B-word would be my guess, but I will hold for your results. Can’t wait.

        Cocaine at the White House — oh come on, this is really an issue for you? Someone dropped off their coke before the tour and was too scared to pick it up and you want to launch the inquisition? Dude, people do coke. Regular people. Not good, but your draconian request is worse. How much money do you want to spend for a slap on the wrist probably? Probably planted by Mitch McConnell…..And there’s no camera evidence because there are no cameras on the cubby holes.
        There was no “immunity deal burying,” just the desire to avoid any potential revenge by a President Trump because he has said so. The judge said “stop the boat and work it out,” timing was interesting, but not a unique ask, and we will see what unfolds. Must have been emotionally punishing for Hunter to be that close to some closure to be set back. Good. He deserves it, and more, IMO. But early yet to prove your claims, which you have not. Bad. Weaponizing DOJ – think you are a ways from “mission accomplished” on that one unless you have actual evidence.

        “Biden’s denial that he authorized the raid on Trumps home and now it comes out in official records he did authorize it.” Do you even look? These folks explain why you are promoting a completely BOGUS claim from sources that are unreliable, at least in this case, but based on their stupidity, I would gather there mischaracterization of the truth and shortcoming as investigative reporters is rampant: BUSTED: *

        As to all your: solution for limited abortion, my solution on homosexuality, and giving them compassionate counseling, ,my solution for hormone blockers and trans surgeries for minors, multiple solutions for the border, solutions for climate change that made more sense and did not impact the wallets of poor Americans, (with) overwhelming evidence many times on many of these issues, and you ask for proof and/or say get them to say this under oath – which simply means you intellectually disagree.” Sorry, Joe’s site’s search engine is piss-poor, so unless you refresh, I have not committed this to memory and cannot respond except to say I accept all good ideas :>) Except on your counseling MANDATE, to which I ask: why would a perfectly normal human need gay-counseling? Are you getting counseling based on being a binary guy totally schizoid over being gay?

  5. Darren

    I am a Trump Supporter. The Democrat’s have NOTHING to do with that decision.
    The Republicans are the reason I am a Trump Supporter.

    They did not care about what the average American thought, Republican or Demarcate.
    And if the status of people running for office remains the same with Washington Liars, nothing will
    The 2 parties did this to them selves by NOT listening to what the PEOPLE wanted them to do.

    Most people voting for Trump vote that way because if they were elected to the Presidency, they would have done what Trump did.
    In all the things people come up with bad about Trump, his personal Gain in the office is NOTHING like the Gain of what the Clintons, Bushes, Biden’s have amassed from the American people.

    There is NO money to gain in Peace, No money to gain in a smooth running economy, No money to gain if your local
    government is not needed. Only through Problems can anyone in office EXTORT money from the American public.

    Do not vote for Trump, Just pay your taxes as they double and SHUT UP as the old Washington regime allows you live in their country.

  6. frank stetson

    And for a little cool levity on this HOT there-ain’t-no-global-warming-not-gonna-drive-no-letric-car Friday, let’s put Larry’s funny paragraphs though the Stetsonator: (stetsonally speaking)

    “They like that he had a successful policy to protect the southern border. (Especially the protected separated kids). They like that he achieved the unprecedented Abraham Accords to mitigate hostilities in the Middle East. (when nothing’s been done since Carter, unprecedented ain’t a high bar. Uh, it was Israel/UAE/Bahrain/Sudan/Morocco – Morocco is not even in the Middle East, he bought one or more of these with taxpayer dollars, feel safer?, no contingent countries and the missiles still fly more than ever: the problem is Palestine – ready, fire, aim much? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, unprecedented my sweet white ass). Like the Space Force. (where’s the punch line, Trump going after illegal aliens from strange new worlds? Or maybe sign-ups are for five year missions of personal exploration — cuz they ain’t going to space….). They like the unprecedented speed in creating the Covid vaccine. (OK, that’s a winner). They like the pre-Covid economic growth. (Rigged score card and still the lowest gdp growth, under 3%, biggest tax cut, and highest debt EVER. Ultimately, Trump handed Biden a recession by delivering the first GDP growth quarter of declining growth). They like that he got NATO members to pay more of their financial obligations. (Except those obligations are for 2024….so he didn’t do anything except taking credit while the US spent more than ever, sort of like he paid countries for Middle East peace, he paid NATO, with taxpayer dollars, to get others to pay more. What a deal! What a dealmaker). They like that he got North Korea to cease missile testing and returning the remains of MIAs. (lie: missile testing continued) They like that he attacked Libya for using chemical weapons. (that’s his war record?) A lot of Americans even like his Supreme Court picks. (not the ones with unplanned pregnancies) And the list goes on. (let’s see it, we need the laughs).

    Conversely, there are a lot of things to dislike about Biden and the Democrats. People are genuinely concerned about the impact of aging on Biden. (damn) They are consequently concerned about his choice of a running mate. (double damn). Polling strongly suggests that they dislike his essentially open border policies. (what open border policies of which you speak?) They dislike his and the Democrats approach to crime. (again, what do you speak of?) They dislike his decision and mismanagement of Afghanistan. (triple damn) They dislike the Democrats promotion of identity politics, political correctness and so-called woke policies. (not Democrats on this one Larry, these are your peeps mostly) Folks on both sides dislike his approach to the Ukraine War. (Not many Democrats, more of your peeps again) And of course, (of course? Issues, what issues?) Biden has his issues with White House documents and of personal integrity a la his son Hunter. (you really think he has documentation issues? Hunter, not really great proof for a Biden Crime Family with Joe as the Don.)

    Well, based on your review — YOU WIN. Biden voters need not apply! He’s day-old bread.

  7. spaceman spiff

    Easy to comment on this one…. I think the reality of the situation is that once again it appears we, “The Voters” will have the Hobson’s choice once again next year. Tweedledee or Tweedledum. I truly long for the time when there was a real choice between two “competent” nominees. Looking at either side, there is plenty to dislike about both of these yahoos. It’s time to go for a youth movement and get someone nominated who isn’t having tweets with the Grim Reaper. Yeah, we need a change. Like in cases where a candidate dies between the nomination and election day and is elected anyway. Face reality… A corpse can’t serve in office. It just gives the apparatchik a free pass to select someone from within the the party machine to replace the departed. Example: I think the name was McCaskill in Nebraska some time back. They chose his widow to replace him and it seemed to work out okay, but that is not the point. If the candidate dies he/she can’t serve. Have a real election to choose the replacement. Delay it so a campaign can happen and the election process can do its job.
    As for the popularity of the Donald? Hard to figure out. So many negatives and quite a few positives to contemplate and often it is probably folks thinking he’s the lesser of two evils. So, as Larry is fond of saying, “There ’tis!”

  1. There you go again raking up stories about obscure democrats who are of small consequence in the larger American political…