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What If Lawmakers Advocating Ukraine Aid Were Sent to Fight Russia?

What If Lawmakers Advocating Ukraine Aid Were Sent to Fight Russia?

What if those US lawmakers pushing for sending billions to Ukraine without any accountability are sent to Ukraine to actually fight against the Russian military? One Florida conservative in the Congress has suggested so in the form of a bill drafted earlier this month.

For the past several months, Democrats in the Congress have been desperately trying to approve another Ukraine aid package worth more than $60 billion as Ukraine continues to lose territory to Russia in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war. Since Republicans have seen their Democrat colleagues in the Congress supporting an open-border policy in America while demanding billions for Ukraine’s borders, they are denying Democrats the taxpayer money. Now one conservative Congresswoman has suggested sending the Ukraine-aid advocates straight to the war front.

On February 7, Daily Mail reported that Republican Representative in the House Anna Paulina Luna of Florida has drafted legislation that would make it mandatory for those members of Congress who advocate military support for Ukraine to “enlist in the armed forces and to serve on active duty in support of a contingency operation.” Congresswoman Luna’s bill is named Senators Can Help Underpin Military Engagement and Readiness Act, or SCHUMER Act for short.

Daily Mail hinted that the bill has been named after Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader, as it came in response to his interview with MSNBC wherein he emphasized the need for more military funding for Ukraine. The story wrote:

The Florida Republican’s bill comes in response to an MSNBC interview Sen. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gave where he warned that without Ukraine fighting, the U.S. could have boots on the ground to fight Russia in Eastern Europe soon.

When her bill was leaked to media, Congresswoman Luna took to Twitter/X to congratulate the leakers and asserted that she offers no apologies for drafting the legislation.

In his commentary on the story, Michael Schwarz of The Western Journal lauded the bill as a “patriotic statement” which is the most admirable thing that has come out of the Congress in a while. Schwarz also called out advocates of Ukraine war against Russia as “humankind’s vilest criminals.” He wrote:

For Schumer and anyone who threatens young Americans with combat unless congressional warmongers and war profiteers get their way, one hopes that hell has open borders.

Congresswoman Luna, an Air Force veteran, is no stranger to political attacks via leaks. Last year in February, she made headlines after she accused the Air Force of leaking her military records to a Democratic opposition research firm. Almost a dozen Republican lawmakers were reportedly affected by the leaks.

Over in Ukraine, Russia continues to seize territory on key battlefronts, regardless of NATO’s military aid. The past weekend, Russia seized full military control of Avdeevka as Ukrainians withdrew from the city in Donetsk Oblast after months of heavy fighting. Before Avdeevka, Ukraine lost two other key battlefronts to Russia last year—Bakhmut in May and Marinka in December 2023, both in Donetsk Oblast. 

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  1. Bobm

    This is why Republicans just might lose in November. Stupidity.

    The war in Ukraine is a just war. PERIOD. But ONLY from the Ukrainian side. Not from Russia’s. Unless you think Wars of Territorial Aggression are fine. And unless you also think the Geneva Conventions are also bullshit; in which case you also probably support Hamas and their Gazan rubes. (Hmmmm, let me think about this: My neighbor is setting up a rocket launcher he made from water pipes donated to us to fix our water issues. Should I (a) cheer him on, (b) call him out for it as I call the authorities or (c) start fleeing now? Is it really such a tough call.)

    Conservatives should be hammering home the concept of “Deal with our issue (H.R.2) and your issue is a done deal.”

    They should also slam Schumer’s Domino Theory for what it is, inept BS, and put the argument on a moral ground, not a dis-proven geopolitical theory that recalls Vietnam.

    They can also advance the concept of de-funding the U.N. (why again was it founded…..something about Wars of Territorial Aggression?)

    They have an opportunity to lead from the moral high ground and instead play these high school …… no, Grade School games.

  2. Mike f

    Commenting on this suggestion shows the authors ignorance. Perhaps the lawmakers who are opposed to aid for Ukraine should be sent to live in Putin’s Russia. Makes more sense…

  3. JoeyP

    FUNNY! . . . Send them there with LOVE.

  4. Darren

    Bobm, I do agree with you how sending Aid is the Noble thing to do.
    The Problem is this will NEVER STOP!
    Putin and Ukraine had agreement put in place Years ago that Ukraine will NOT join NATO.
    With the U.S. Prodding Ukraine to CREATE a war as this will give financial aid to all the
    Military MFG in the U.S. and strengthen the Bias for Biden’s Political Agendas.
    This is why Trump NOT backs Putin, but know Putin was in the right to Keep Ukraine
    from advancing there chair at the table.
    Putin waited over a week for Ukraine to back down before sending in the Tanks.
    The United States Started this war pushing Ukraine in to this deal.
    Ever Wonder why there were NO wars when Trump was in office?
    Because there was NO underlying schemes to Trump.
    Biden is a politician, A Crooked one at that. Bush was NO different.
    They do not want peace, there is NO money in it!
    If it smells like crap, that because it is!

    • Suzy-Q

      Darren, Bush went to war w/ a push from the democrats & the intel they had. It is the democrats that are warmongers & they love to make money from said wars. I wish Donkeys would get their facts straight. It was the same w/ Reagan & our border, democrats promised if Reagan would give amnesty to all the freeloading border jumpers back then, they would make sure the border got secured, they lied again!! Imagine that!!

      • Frank stetson

        Bush went to war based on Democratic intel from his administration’s intelligence community three years after he took office. That’s some deep state 😁.. That’s a rich one.

        Got sources? Facts?

        I get it that dems voted for it, but wmd’s? That’s on bush, cheney, and the Republicans.