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What happens when Radical Islam is in charge – 1.5 million dead

What happens when Radical Islam is in charge – 1.5 million dead

In the course of history, there have been a number of tragic genocides, but perhaps the one most forgotten in today’s world is the Armenian genocide at the hands of Turkey’s Islamic Ottoman Empire.

Over 1.5 million Armenians died, an incredibly staggering figure especially when considering the population at the time was around 2 million. An entire ethnic group was almost wiped out because of one radical Islamist regime. If the Ottoman Empire had the same murderous equipment as Hitler’s Germany, such as gas chambers, the entire population could very well have been destroyed.

These Armenians were executed, starved and subject to harsh physical abuse by radical Islamists, even though they had been in Turkey for over 3,000 years at the time of the genocide.

One haunting account of the atrocities that occurred during this genocide came from Aurora Mardiganian, who was raped and put in a harem with thousands of other Armenian girls, although she managed to escape. She describes seeing 16 Christian girls crucified, “Each girl had been nailed alive upon her cross, spikes through her feet and hands, only their hair blown by the wind, covered their bodies.”

Despite eyewitness accounts like these along with countless photographs, and testimony of survivors, Turkish regimes have refused to admit the genocide ever happened.

Its worth watching this video made about this genocide. Click below.



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