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What Happened On January 6th? A Bit of Clarity

What Happened On January 6th? A Bit of Clarity

Let me start by saying that I don’t agree whatsoever with the riots that occurred on January 6th in D.C. I am a firm believer in law and order. I believe that any change that occurs in this world should be done by the system of courts, legislation and due process with the support of the American people. Aimless violence and social unrest will never do any good on the world stage. Let me also say that I am not against the FBI. I only merely wish for it to be a respected agency working for the actual good of the American people. You can read a previous article I wrote about how to make America’s public service agencies cool again. 

With all that said, let me go into some information that is coming out about the events of January 6th.

The story goes that, after the election was given over to Joe Biden as the victor of the 2020 election, a mass of Republican Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in an act of retaliation from a Trump rally being held in front of the building. That’s the story the left is using to demonize Trump supporters at the moment, but that isn’t the full story here. 

It is just coming out, from an interview with the Epoch Times, that the former Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense Kash Patel confirmed that the Pentagon had offered troops to be deployed to prevent any scenario like that two days before the events on January 6th.

Patel said, “You have to ask yourself, what happened on Jan. 6? I was chief of staff on the Department of Defense… We had offered the Capitol Police and Mayor Bowser of Washington D.C. thousands of National Guardsmen and women two days before Jan. 6, and they turned us down. So it could have been prevented.”

If the Pentagon, the FBI and the Mayor of Washington D.C. all had information that something like this had the potential to occur, why didn’t they do anything before it happened?

Not only that, but when the Pentagon offered to set up additional security, why did they refuse?

Patel continued, “These are the mistakes, intentional or otherwise, that led to January 6th. If you look at the videos from Jan. 6, an entire side of the Capitol – and I believe it’s outside – was totally unmanned. No police officers whatsoever, and that’s where the crowd first came in through… You cannot have the United States military descend and occupy the area around the U.S. Capitol, it’s literally illegal. But they can assist their law enforcement partners through a request from the mayor or the governor or the Capitol Police. That’s what should’ve happened. And that’s what we told them they might want to consider. But they flat out rejected it for political reasons I believe.”

So far, police have charged over 500 people in the Capitol breach on January 6th, and rightfully so.

The FBI under Chris Ray at the time has been under question itself from the American public, as information continues to come out that they had infiltrated certain militia groups involved in the riot. How much involvement did the FBI have in the events that occurred? If they were actively involved in groups that orchestrated the event, why weren’t higher authorities authorized to do more preventative measures to stop it from happening at all? Why did they seemingly allow it to happen in the way that it did?

On Tuesday, Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the FBI for records of communication between the Department of Justice and several financial organizations around the day’s events. The FBI has repeatedly refused to provide any information or documents after several requests, according to justthenews. Apparently, banks were sharing private information with the government on the financial transactions of people during the time. 

With all of this, it is important to note one last thing about January 6th.

If you watch the videos of Donald Trump’s defense during his second impeachment trial, you will see that media companies selectively edited Donald Trump’s speech at the rally to make it seem like he personally set off the riot. In the video the media commonly shares on the television and online, they cut out a quote of Trump saying “You have to get your people to fight.” In his defense testimony, they showed the full video, where immediately after this quote he continues to say, “You have to get your people to fight, and if they don’t fight, we have to primary the hell out of the ones who don’t…”.

Trump was literally speaking on how the ones who need to fight are members of congress for proper legislation. Not the people at the rally. The court defense shows well over 10 minutes worth of footage of Democrats themselves directly calling for violence. They are also saying that it is necessary for the people to “fight” against Donald Trump and his supporters. The video shows Democratic leaders’ support of the violence and riots that occurred last summer across the nation. After they presented this evidence, they cleared Trump from wrongdoing and the second impeachment was, again, unsuccessful. 

Here’s to hoping we gain more clarity and truth on the events of January 6th. It should have never happened. And recent information shows that there were efforts to provide support to help prevent anything like this from happening. So the question now is, why was this allowed to happen in the first place?

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  1. Lyudmila

    The fake media accuses Trump of calling on the 80 million people who have had their elections stolen to fight the corrupt members of Congress who betrayed the interests of the people who elected them. What is wrong? And how actively the FBI participated in the events that took place, we have already seen in numerous videos of peaceful demonstrators. And it’s no secret that the FBI is a thoroughly corrupt organization.

  2. Ben

    It was Biden that got 80+million votes, not trump. 80 million is more than 74 million.
    But it is telling that you transposed the actual votes casted for the candidates. And you are correct, trump and his cult did try to steal the fairly won election from the 80 million people that voted for Biden.

  3. Mike

    Your article argues forcefully for the bipartisan commission to be set up to investigate what actually happened on January 6. Why is it not being set up? It certainly is not because Democrats did not want it. You need to write Moscow Mitch and tell him he is making a huuge mistake by not allowing the bipartisan commission to be set up. That ship has sailed? You need to write Kevin McCarthy and tell him he is making another huuge mistake to not work with the Speaker to get at least some credible clarity on the events of Jan 6…

  4. Ben

    Jacob, so the defense you’re putting forth is… police, National Guard, and politicians didn’t do enough to stop us from attempting to overthrow the will of the people?

  5. Linde

    I was a participant at the Trump rally on Jan. 6, 2021 having been at the Ellipse where I sat about 12 rows in front of President Trump who was speaking behind plexiglass. I remember he said (among other things) “Let’s fight like hell to get to the truth.” I did not interpret that as fighting with fists but using our brains and deductive reasoning. I also marched to the Capitol with thousands of others after President Trump finished his speech. I was at the Capitol plaza level where there were 2 scaffoldings. Those scaffoldings held loads of people who climbed them and the Capitol plaza was elbow to elbow. I mean if you wanted to go right or left you had to inch your way through the crowd. Yet there was no trouble in that whole outside space nor on the steps and landings. Everyone was polite and thoughtful of each other. What happened inside the Capitol was different. But some police opened the door and let the protestors come inside. Why did the police do that? I think it was a set-up. I think “Princess” Pelosi wanted bad things to happen so she had 1 more reason to blame President Trump. But President Trump is not stupid and neither are his true supporters.

  6. Hatman1793

    The comments here displayed, are mostly a bunch of hilarious nonsense. Five (5) States rogue election officials & dubious judges enacted & perpetrated fraudulent election rules contrary to the constitutions explicit right of States-only to make election law. Widespread cheating, ballot harvesting, illegal mail-in ballots, vote switching, illegal ballot drops after midnight etc made sure that His Fraudulencey, Mad King Biden* cheated his way to the Presidency.

    74 million Trump voters got cheated. 10 million dead voters, illegal alien voters, out-of-stste voters, photocopied voters, voters with bogus addresses, & every dirty trick the democrats could muster turned the 2020 Presidential election after midnight into a total sham con job fraud. 74 million T45 voters had righteous cause to be swindled. Gropey-dopey China-Joe lost.

    January 6 was a mild protest only with the exception of the Capital Police gunning down an innocent bystander.

    • Ben

      That’s quite the revisionist history

  7. frank stetson

    Wow, really sounds like a bipartisan Senate Inquiry should be held with full subpoena power.

    Can’t imagine why anyone would be against that.

    Otherwise, we’re just arguing facts from a bag half full. And this author was certainly full of it, at least IMO.

  8. frank stetson

    According to Hatman: “January 6 was a mild protest only with the exception of the Capital Police gunning down an innocent bystander.” Hatman is a bald-faced liar. No way he could interpret the data, not believe his own eyes and make this statement by mistake. The website should be chastised for allowing such hateful lies. Have some integrity please.

    According to AP: “Law enforcement agents were “being pulled into the crowd and trampled, assaulted with scaffolding materials, and/or bear maced by protesters,” wrote Arlington County firefighter Taylor Blunt in an after-action memo. Some couldn’t walk, and had to be dragged to safety.”

    Further, “Five people died in the attack, including a police officer. Two other officers killed themselves after. There were hundreds of injuries and more than 300 people, including members of extremist groups Proud Boys and Oathkeepers, have been charged with federal crimes. Federal agents are still investigating and hundreds more suspects are at large. Justice Department officials have said they may charge some with sedition.” We are over 550 people charged thus far, none are Capital Police.

    Hatman is a liar and I don’t think any of his big-lie election “facts” need to be seriously considered. Over 85 filed lawsuits have been lost so far in over six states, many not exactly liberal states. None have been won. Lack of evidence is the major reason.

    So Hatman, you are spreading fake facts, lies, and the truth is easily found. For January 6, just watch the tapes. For the election, your claims are being heard in court and the guilty sound is….crickets. Buck up, you lost, get used to it.