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What does Trump contracting Covid-19 tell us?

What does Trump contracting Covid-19 tell us?

It is like everything else.  In this highly charged and polarized environment, the spin all depends on who is doing the spinning.

For the folks at MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the hyperbolic spin machine spewed out analyses that merely continued their biased, obsessive and over-the-top prosecution of the President – and all he does and all who will not demonize him.

Rather than a crocodile-tear expression of sympathy and concern – except, ironically, from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who wished the President well — the anti-Trump networks went into attack mode.  He got what he deserved for his “reckless behavior,”  He was endangering everyone who came within 20 miles of him.  Okay.  That is an exaggeration, but you get the point.

They speculated on who else could catch Covid-19 from Trump – even former Vice President Joe Biden, who debated the President maskless from a distance of 20 feet – and at a time Trump had tested positive before the debate.  From that distance, it is unlikely that they could have injured each other in a duel.

The media even speculated that Trump could be a super spreader.  Of course, they gave great importance to Trump’s rallies.  He was risking the health and life of thousands of people – who, incidentally, did not seem to get sick according to the data.

They criticized the White House for saying Trump and the First Lady were feeling well without indicating whether he was symptomatic or not – as if that would make any difference.  The follow-up procedures would be the same whether the media were told about them or not.  It was just another bit of cheap-shot reporting.

There was a lot of chatter about the need for succession – references to the Twenty-Fifty Amendment.  In one case, they wondered if Pelosi would be Acting President in the event that Vice President Pence contracted Covid-19.  I mean, really?

Much of the speculation by CNN and MSNBC centered on the future of the campaign.  They suggested that Trump should be off the campaign trail for at least two weeks – about half the time left between now and Election Day.  It seemed more like wishful thinking that inciteful analysis.

They questioned the wisdom of moving forward with the debates – including the vice-presidential contest.  You would not be wrong if you were to believe that they were intentionally providing an excuse for Biden to cancel the two remaining debates.

The left-wing media could not contain their hope that this will somehow end the confirmation proceedings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.  I guess hope springs eternal.  If that should happen, shame on the Republicans.

Conversely, the more objective networks – FOX News, OAN and Newsy – generally avoided the blame game.  They generally stated the situation and avoided excessive and one-sided speculation.  They were much more positive in speculating on the ability of Trump to continue his duties.

For people who constantly recommend looking at the data and listening to the doctors, the left-wing press did none of that.  It was all political.  So, here is my take.

If you look at the numbers, the vast majority of those who contract Covid-19 will have no symptoms — or very mild symptoms at worse.  They can be quarantined and still perform quite well.  I learned that from CNN’s Chris Cuomo who appeared almost every evening on the little screen all during his bout with Covid-19.  It was actually seeing him on screen – looking so well – that reduced my own fear of the virus.  Ninety-nine percent of generally healthy individuals – even in the senior citizen range – have less than a one percent chance of dying from the disease if they contract it – and most of us never will.  Most of those who do will not even become seriously ill.

That is the data that the media ignores in favor of partisan fearmongering journalism.  True, that anything can happen, but at this juncture I am inclined to believe that Trump will remain relatively vigorous.  He will be off the campaign trail for a while, but I see no reason he could not be on deck for the next scheduled debate.  He should be carrying out his duties without interruption.  He will just be one of the stay-at-home workers for a while – but he has been working from home for almost four years.

The discredited Brian Williams, of MSNBC, said that Trump now joins the 7.5 million people WITH Covid-19.  That is a bogus number.  The official number of those currently afflicted is 2.5 million.  The rest have already recovered.  But … just another example of dishonest journalism, or as Trump would say, “fake news.”  And in this case, that is a very accurate description.

I expect the media frenzy of the moment will subside and the aftermath of Trump’s bout with Covid-19 will be as eventful as was Chris Cuomo’s – and so many others.  We should all hope and pray for that.

So, there ‘tis.



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  1. Michael Lynn

    True conservatives are not Facists. Down with the antichrist.

  2. Old Sarge

    Is it just me or are Republicans the only ones testing positive? Are Democrats along with Antifa and BLM protestors immune to Covid-19?