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What Are the Chances That Trump Really Could Be Reelected in 2024? 

What Are the Chances That Trump Really Could Be Reelected in 2024? 

Former President Donald Trump is already out on the stump for 2024. But many wonder whether he has a realistic chance of winning the presidency for a second time.

While it is impossible to predict with certainty what will happen in any future election, there are several factors that could affect Trump’s chances of being reelected.

One major factor is the political climate. Trump’s supporters have remained loyal to him even after he left office, but it is unclear whether he can expand his support to win the presidency again. Many Americans have grown tired of the political divisiveness and chaos that defined Trump’s time in office, and they may be looking for a more moderate and stable leader.

Another factor that could affect Trump’s chances is the state of the economy. Trump’s presidency was marked by a strong economy, with low unemployment and a booming stock market. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic downturn have changed the landscape significantly. While the economy shows signs of recovery, it is uncertain whether it will be strong enough to bring Trump to victory in 2024.

Trump’s personal behavior and actions could also play a role in his chances of being reelected. His divisive rhetoric and controversial policies seemed to be a major factor in his loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 election. If he continues to engage in similar behavior, it could turn off moderate voters and swing states. However, it remains the very thing that most energizes his base.

Furthermore, Trump’s legal and political challenges could also affect his chances. He faces ongoing investigations into his business dealings and possible legal action related to the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. Additionally, his continued attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the 2020 election could harm his credibility with all but the most steadfast Trump voters.

Finally, it is important to note that Trump is not the only potential candidate in the 2024 election. Other Republican contenders like Nikki Haley or Ron DeSantis could siphon away votes from him. If the Republican Party fractures and fails to unify behind a single candidate, it could make it more difficult for Trump to win.

The bottom line?

The chances of Trump being reelected in 2024 are uncertain. While he still has a strong base of supporters, he faces several challenges that could make it difficult for him to win. Ultimately, the outcome of the election will depend on a variety of factors, including the political climate, the state of the economy, Trump’s personal behavior, and the actions of other candidates.

Editor’s note: Just to weigh in on this, Trump has already shown a resurgence in the polls against his only true competitors, DeSantis and Biden. A few months ago I was in doubt as to whether he could do this, since everything about Trump is already known, and it will be difficult to find issues to gather new fans. If DeSantis does not enter the race, Trump will certainly win the primary and have a clear shot at Biden. In my humble opinion it will be a crap shoot DeSantic vs Trump in the primaries. And either will defeat Joe Biden in 2024.

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  1. Frank stetson

    In what universe would Trump have a better chance in 2024 than in 2020. Or 2022?

    Oh yeah, maybe in the Trumpian delusioniverse where it was fair in 2016, then he was cheated 2020, again in 2022, but magically will make it all go away in 2024 like he tried on 1/6/2021 during the Republican violent insurrection at the Capitol.

    You shoulda listened to Liz who stood up and took the bullet for telling the truth about Trump. His last town hall was a journey into madness. This shall not pass.

    • Richard young

      Trump was on the verge of making America Great for ALL citizens, including you but he never had the chance because the 2020 election was stolen from him and the handlers of Creepy, Dementia Joe Biden installed him and he has all but destroyed this once great nation. How’s that working for ya, Frank?

      • Frank stetson

        Just fine, Richard. I’ll drive a hybrid that gets 50 miles to the gallon. I moved all of my equities into fixed assets at the end of Trump because he borrowed us into such a deep hole, I knew hard times were coming, no matter who was in office.

        Thank you for asking.

      • mellie

        Well said, Richard!

      • Tom

        I don’t know how it works for Frank, but as an independent/unaffiliated voter it does not work well for me for many reasons. You need to stop drinking the Trump koolaide. Trump may win a primary but it will be different in a general election. Trump’s best ally is Kamala Harris. If she is on the ticket many independents will vote Trump and then limit him by voting Dems. Gridlock may become the best we can do. As far as Trump, he carries more baggage than a American Airlines baggage handler handles in one day.

        • MSGLeo

          So Tom, I suppose you like a failed economy, high inflation, high gas prices, and a low consumer confidence? You are far from independent otherwise you would see how much of a failure Biden has been from day one.

          • Tom

            I do not see it as a “failed economy”. I see it as having shifted some but it will shift back. If you want to see a failed economy, go back to 1929 and study what a failed economy actually looks like! No I do not like high gas prices or inflation. You would have to be a fool to like those. Lets not forget that the loose money supply that started under Trump and continued with Biden both contributed to the current inflation. Higher gas prices are on Biden, as is energy dependence now which I hope we will correct. I would not be an independent if I agreed with you either! I look at much more than just gas prices and inflation.

  2. Hugh Jass

    Trump may not be perfect, but is a helluva lot better than anything the cheating Dems have to offer.

    • Joshua Dizon

      1000% better!

    • Frank stetson

      Huge Ass, that cheatin Dems that stupid Trumplisexualabusers can’t catch. Defamation that.

  3. Joshua Dizon

    What planet did you land from? Planet Stupidor?

  4. Tony L Bell

    One thing many neglect to consider when thinking about the best candidate for the upcoming presidential election, foreign affairs. Trump has a remarkable record when dealing with other countries. His negotiation skills and what he was able to achieve even with the continued vitriol left’s interference goes unmatched. That alone puts Trump in a very good light to those in the know. Too, his gift to America’s citizens of calling out the media bias and not letting them go unnoticed. is another big asset voters appreciate. Many have come to trust president Trump for his unencumbered, straight forward approach, relating with American citizens.

    • Frank stetson

      Yeah, his grand achievement was the Middle East accords which netted Jared billions of dollars in investment money for his new investment company. Jared has no experience in investing other peoples money, main experience is losing his own. Makes Hunter looks like a cheapskate.

      Ask the Kurds what they think about Trump’s foreign policy. Oh wait, they’re all dead.

      Ask the Canadians what they think, oh wait, never mind, they’re too busy, making money, selling us all the oil that Trump claims was his domestic supply.

      Ask people South of the border what they think. Oh wait, never mind they’re still waiting to find their kids that Trump lost.

      Ask the Ukranians what they thought has trump held all of their money to the last, second while trying to blackmail a favor from them.

      North Korea was firing missiles all during Trump as Trump declared mission accomplished.

      Russia built more tactical nuclear war heads under Trump than any other president.

      He attempted to destroy NATO. And most foreign meetings, people just tried to avoid him.

      He virtually did nothing to NAFTA except change the name so we could call it his

      Remember, if Trump tells you, it’s good, he lies. And the liar just got caught in court. Your best guy is a sex abuser, and a defamer. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

      I am sorry, but after that Townhall in the trip into madness, this shall not pass

      • Tom

        And lets not forget how he screwed up our dominance in the Pacific Rim deal which created a power vacuum that China was all to happy to fill !!!!

    • Tom

      Yeah he really did a helluva negotiating trick in Afghanistan! Oh yeah, he negotiated with the Taliban and forgot to invite the legitimate Afghan government. Just listen to Angela Merkel when she came out of a G8 meeting and told the world, “European will have to go it alone.” He really showed his foreign relations skills when he called Africa a shithole. Or told Germany and other allies to pay up their UN dues or the US is pulling out, what a brilliant piece of policy that was! The only one that Trump did not piss off was Kim Jong Un of DPRK and Putin of Russia who said, “Why should I worry about Ukraine and NATO as long as Trump is destroying it for me.” That is a quote from one of his interviews!

      His record is remarkable how poor it is for a guy who is brags about being smarter than anyone else, God favors him specially, and nobody can get result like him, and wrote the book, “Art of the Deal” yet has lost more lawsuits than anybody on the planet! He has settle more than sued! Governor Sununu was correct in his recent interview that Trump lost most of his major engagements when he was POTUS! What a remarkable record!!!

      Frank Stetson would get my vote before Trump!

  5. Darren

    Just the fact that Trump accomplished the things in office he did while the rest of the Government, Media, Tech, all crapped on him every day
    is more than I can say about anyone else in government. Trump is beholden to NO body and the fact he did not kiss ass and pander to get there the last 40 years is more than you can say about ANYBODY that has ran for the presidency. He did the oldest trick in the book to garner success, he was telling the American people what was going on and then did what the people asked. You know, what the job is supposed to mean. The Democrat & Republican ideology was spoken the best by Chucky Schumer when he said ” We can not show the complete video of Jan 6th to the American people, we must preserve democracy. Their Democracy and not that of the American people.

    • Tom

      You are living in la la land if you do not think Trump is beholding to very powerful people. Its just a different set of actors and they stay a little further in the background. Many of those he is beholding to are doing jail time right now! You know, like his former CFO! Trump is beholding to Pence for covering up all of Trumps lies and idiot remarks. The list of who Trump is beholding to may be much longer than you think!