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Weak Dem Fails at Shaming Republican in Epic Fashion

Weak Dem Fails at Shaming Republican in Epic Fashion

The race-baiting attempt of a Democrat lawmaker fell flat on the House floor in Missouri State House when a Republican House member held up his shield of patriotism. The brief exchange became the spectacle for inspiring conservative news.

The exchange between Democrat Marlene Terry and Republican Justin Hicks occurred on Thursday (April 1) as the Republican-controlled State House approved a bill prohibiting funding the initiatives and expenses associated with the diversity-equity-and-inclusion (DEI) agenda of the Democrats.

Unhappy with the bill, which they consider racist, Democrats not only attacked the bill but also Republicans furthering it. Marlene Terry, a black Democrat, tried to pull a race-baiter on Justin Hicks, who is a black Republican, by asking him about his ethnicity.

“May I ask you what you identify as?” Terry asked, surprising and confusing Hicks.

“Identify?” Hicks wanted some clarification.

Terry, unable to pronounce the word “ethnicity,” tried to clarify by asking about his “ethnicity.”

“I identify as an American,” replied Hicks. His answer won instant applause from the house members, who clapped for him while Terry started pushing him to answer whether he identified as an African-American.

The moment was newsworthy and shared on social media as an example of patriotism as opposed to the divisiveness of the Democrats.

Talking to Fox News on Monday, Rep. Hicks said that questioning him on race and ethnicity was actually ridiculous.

Discussing the bill passed by the Republicans, Hicks explained that since the law sees all Americans as equal, funding programs that offer preferential treatment to certain groups is not justifiable. He added: “We’ve moved beyond the issues of race here in America.”

You can watch the Fox News video here.

Marsha Blackburn, Senator from Tennessee, recently called out the Biden administration for wasting billions of dollars on gender equity, illegal migrants, and depopulation in Communist China.

Democrats are hoping that some Republicans in the State Senate will side with them to modify the language in the bill and allow funds for their race-based DEI initiatives. 

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  1. frank stetson

    “Terry, unable to pronounce the word “ethnicity,” tried to clarify by asking about his “ethnicity.””

    Somehow the Dumpster has provided “clarity” as he tried to clarify by asking about “clarity.”

    It’s a definitive example of: OBTUSE.

  2. Tom

    I cannot comment on the bill because I did not read it. But I do agree with Hicks that we need to take race out of the conversation and view all of us as equal Americans. Lets all start looking at the content of our character rather than the color of our skin. It should not matter if Frank Stetson is a Puerto Rican Jew, or a New England WASP, or a Cajun Black, he is equal to me under the law and that should be all that matters. Instead of “America First” lets make the new slogan “America One”!!!