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Gilbertson: We are under attack by China! Am I the first to realize?

Gilbertson: We are under attack by China! Am I the first to realize?

We believe we have enough evidence to now say it is highly likely that China (the Chinese Communist Party or CCP) is attacking the United States directly and purposefully. In this article, we will attempt to explain ourselves, and express the uncertainties as well.

This is a TWO PART attack – the first part was the coronavirus, the second part is the riots and destruction. There is no doubt that these two U.S. crises are synergistic, each making the other stronger. We will present the evidence that these were DIRECTED by the CCP.


Up to this point, the CCP has claimed a variety of unlikely scenarios, including a “wet” market, and of course that it came from a U.S. serviceman. We do know that China has lied to us on multiple occasions about the conditions and severity, to the point where we were delayed in our actions and preparations. This likely cost the lives of 10’s of thousands of Americans.

However, a new whistleblower has emerged. Dr. Li-Meng Yan is a Hong Kong virologist, one of the best in the world. Her work has been published in the top peer-reviewed journals in the world, and she was one of the first to analyze the coronavirus. She defected from China and has taken up residence in the U.S. Please watch her interview on Tucker Carlson.

She claims, first, that the virus was produced in a laboratory. She knows this because in analyzing the virus she can see sections of the virus that do not normally occur in nature together have been patched in. And she can see from the construction a “fingerprint” in the design that says this was a method used exclusively in Chinese research.

In other words, she is 100% credible. Further, she has a network of scientists throughout China from which to gather information.

She also says the virus was set loose on purpose. Given her credibility, I believe her.

My conclusion? This is a Chinese Communist Party attack, on the U.S. and on the world.

Problems and uncertainties: She is 100% credible in her credentials. But could she be lying? My old spy senses lead me to the question – Could she be a disinformation agent of some kind? Also, I’m not sure how she would know that the virus was set loose on purpose – if she is claiming a scientific basis, or word from a colleague, or just an opinion.

There is apparently another defector that has taken refuge in Europe. It will be interesting to compare them. Steve Bannon claimed at one point that multiple Wuhan scientists have defected. But again the spy in me says that one or more of these could be disinformation agents, to cloud the issue and deflect responsibility.
So while I have little doubt, it is not enough to convict in court. I have to leave some room there.


It has come to light that the Black Futures Lab of BLM was funded in large part by the Chinese Progressive Organization a pro-China organization. The Black Futures Lab is the strategy organization for BLM, they do policy, they do propaganda and attempt to affect elections. The connections are documented by the Washington Times and the Heritage Foundation

In other words, the CCP has, through various cutouts, exert direct influence on the strategy of BLM.

Antifa is much more difficult since they are set up more in cells (the best format for a spy or terrorist organization). FBI Director Wray has described it as a “movement,” but my own spy senses tell me it is much more organized than that. Rudy Giuliani apparently agrees with me. Congress has declared that they want to find out who is funding it, but no one seems to be sharing.

Problems and Uncertainties: China’s intelligence services are extraordinary. They would know that they do not need to fund the whole group, they just need to direct the strategy center, which they have done. They would also have the expertise in tradecraft to funnel money to Antifa without detection and to teach them how to communicate securely and operate as a celled organization (very easy in a free society like the U.S.).

But aside from this connection, and because of their expertise we have great difficulty following the money. And so there is doubt. And just so you know there is ALWAYS doubt in the intelligence world, because spies are good at their jobs.

In other words, I believe China has thoroughly infiltrated these organizations, has provided them money and has the influence to control the money they have access to.

More uncertainty

We also know there is considerable collaboration within the U.S. George Soros put more than $18 Billion into his Open Society organizations, which just put in $220 million into BLM.

Many other billionaires support this, and most liberal politicians seem to be willing to provide cover. The CPP’s connection to the BLM would be enough to influence and direct the riots. And of course, if you control the leaders, you control their money.

We do not know who are the architects of the violence and unrest. We do know that is is not spontaneous, these are coordinated events. I believe the BLM founders are not smart enough. I believe the billionaires are do-gooders and clueless. I believe the politicians are merely pandering for votes. As President Trump has said, this is being led by people we have never heard of.

This would require someone sophisticated enough to know that the stress from the coronavirus would be a precursor to an amplification of emotions and violence in what otherwise might be peaceful and well-controlled protests. And of course, they would have to realize that the proximity of a Presidential election would mean swift and poorly thought out actions by politicians.

This would require someone sophisticated enough to be able to monitor all news and be able to reach operatives to immediately deploy to a locality and generate a protest. This means a wide network of locals to every city, this means access to social media.

I don’t believe the Chinese intelligence agencies have enough cultural knowledge to implement this on the ground. But BLM does, and they are being directed appropriately.

I do believe the Chinese have the sophisticated to direct the overall strategy, and given the evidence, I believe they have penetrated and are directing the organized violence we are experiencing now.

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  1. Humphreys Joe

    I think you’re spot on! Since this all started I’ve said this is either a 1) bio terror attack or 2) China’s biggest industrial accident ever!!

    • DB

      The Chinese are too careful to make a bio disaster industrial accident. It as done on purpose to punish Trump and America for tanking their economy.

  2. Nancy

    Not only do I feelChina and Soro’s Is behind it I feel the Democrats are involved as well. All their secret meetings they are dotting their eyes and crossing their t’s. I also feel some connections are being made with our media and even those secret meetings with the actors and actresses pushing the agenda. All to oust our President and it is clear in my mind they all have a part in this. Why in the hell has Obama called a UN meeting with a good many countries participating?! He is. Or the President anymore! I smell treason all around!!!!

  3. DB

    Xi and his Communist Party were pissed at Trump’s ability to crash their economy and knew they could not defeat us in a military conflict. So they chose a very carefully orchestrated step by step attack. First they take a weapons grade bio weapon that they developed and released it on his own people to create deniability. The communists don’t care about the individual as they have more than they need. Then direct it to American via air transport and start spreading it. This is state one. Next stage was deny they did it and blame others, Then start manufacturing masks and other PPE. Why not make a buck off something you created! Start operatives to upset Trumps efforts to make America Great Again. Start with BLM and add in the other groups you indicated above and you have a devastating attack without firing a shot and complete deniability. Notice how quiet they have been as they watch the results of a world wide pandemic they released? You can bet that they have an inoculation in China for all the Communist leaders. China is the only people that stand to gain from this so they are the ones to blame for this, not Trump not the Democrats, all you see there is political bickering and finger pointing after the fact. Look at the Bill O’Rilley’s take on what happened, at least he research’s things before opening his mouth.

  4. Mike

    Joe, since a good bit of your post deals with the trump virus, and the researcher that has stated that the virus is man-made, let me point out a few details that you inadvertently left out of your story. First, she is a refugee, but you failed to note that she is employed by a company that was run by Steve Bannon (at least prior to his arrest for fleecing donors to the we build the wall org). Second, her work has not been peer reviewed by any credible scientists. Third, this work directly contradicts what other reputable scientists have said about the virus-that it most definitely is not a “man-made” virus. I am not a virologist (as I am sure you are not), but because of these simple facts, I would question that she is “100% credible in her credentials”.

  5. LMB

    I fully believe the CCP, Dem-o-rats, and Soros with their minions are the cause for all of this turmoil we are seeing!!!

    • DMB

      You are most likely spot on LMBm, Climax

  6. Budman

    DB you are 100% right in your opinion. Just before this COVID 19 crap started I remember reading an article from overseas that mentioned that the Chicoms were moving their military to the east coast. The move was unusual and was not explained. Now we know it was to keep their military safe after they released the COVID 19 virus on their own people and the world. The Chicoms don’t care about their own people, and would welcome not having to feed a million or more virus victims.

  7. Dan Tyree

    Mike there is no Trump virus. So stop with your stupidity and commie leftist BS. And you claim to deal in facts. Lol. Tell us why joe the retard would make us a better country. How much of your personal freedom are you ready to give up? And just look at the gun sales. WOW!!! Even in blue states. And we aren’t buying them to turn them into the government.

    • Karen S. King

      Why is everybody blaming Trump for this stupid virus, including you, Mike, when back in December when he first heard about it, he tried to ban travel to and from China?!? All that got him was the Demonrats calling him a racist, a bigot and a Xenophobe. This stupid virus is nothing more than a severe flu! Let me show you what I found out doing research on this stupid virus:
      December 2019- First Case detected in Wuhan, China
      January 20, 202-: First case reported in the U.S.
      January 30- W.H.O. declares it to be a public health concern.
      February 11, 2020- Named Covid-19.
      February 26, 2020- Community spread first reported in U.S.
      February 27, 2020 W.H.O. said Covid-19 had “Pandemic Potential”

      • Karen S. King

        Oh and by the way, Mike, the first case reported was actually the second case over in China. The very first case they kept it hush-hush and didn’t want it to be made public at the time.


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