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Warren Buffett Gives $750 Million to Foundations Linked to Planned Parenthood

Warren Buffett Gives $750 Million to Foundations Linked to Planned Parenthood

The 92-year-old investor donated 1.5 million Class B shares of his conglomerate to the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, named for his first wife. He also gave 300,000 Class B shares apiece to the three foundations run by his children: the Sherwood Foundation, the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, and the NoVo Foundation.

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation is the largest funder of pro-abortion activism in the world and is supported by Buffett. The foundation was created in 1964 as the Buffett Foundation but was renamed in the early 2000s after his late wife, Susan Thompson Buffett.

According to Capital Research, “From the start, the foundation’s goal was population control—what a biographer has called Warren Buffett’s “Malthusian dread” of overpopulation among the world’s poor. (Before the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion in America, Buffett and his business partner Charles Munger operated a fake church that helped women reach abortion clinics where it was legal.).”

Berkshire Hathaway owns more than 90 companies, including GEICO insurance, Kraft Heinz, Dairy Queen, Benjamin Moore, Fruit of the Loom, Duracell, Pampered Chef, and BNSF railroad.

Supporting Abortions and Planned Parenthood

According to NewsBusters, the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation contributed $76,967,256 to Planned Parenthood 2017-18, which was enough to pay for over 81,000 to 219,000 first-term abortions.

From 2000 to 2018, the Buffett Foundation poured $4 billion into groups that advocate for abortion on demand.

The Associated Press states: “The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation keeps a low profile, but over the years, it has been a major supporter of abortion rights, making large gifts to Planned Parenthood and other groups. Buffett has not announced changes in his giving plans since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade earlier this year,” however, Buffett has a reputation for donating quietly.

Buffett’s donations also have been used to push unrestricted abortion on demand in countries all across the world, fund unethical experiments involving abortion drugs and poor women in Africa, promote do-it-yourself abortions, and support other population control measures.

Planned Parenthood aborted more than 383,000 babies in abortions in 2020.

Some reports point to Buffett as trying to control the number of people born worldwide.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are two of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Per Forbes’ 2021 World’s Billionaires List, Gates and Buffett have a net worth of $124 billion and $96 billion, respectively.

Buffett has been making annual donations to the same five charities every year since 2006, when he unveiled a plan to give away his fortune over time, with the Gates Foundation receiving the most significant donations.

Wednesday’s donations mark the first time the 92-year-old has made a second major gift within the same year.

As stated on the Bill Gates Foundation’s website, “As a trustee from 2006 – 2021, Warren Buffett worked along with Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates to help shape our vision and develop strategies to address some of the world’s most challenging inequities.”

Billionaire buddies Bill Gates and Warren Buffett also teamed up to build a nuclear reactor on the site of a coal plant that’s being phased out in Wyoming.

Nuclear reactor design company TerraPower, which Gates founded about 15 years ago, and power company PacifiCorp, which Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owns, are partners on the Natrium nuclear reactor pilot project.

Buffett’s son, Howard Graham, born December 16, 1954, has been the Director of The Coca-Cola Company since 2010. Before that, Howard was a short-lived farmer in Tekamah, Nebraska, before he became the VP and Assistant to the Chairman of Archer Daniels Midland Company. He has also led companies like The GSI Group, Conagra Foods, Agro Tech Foods Ltd, and Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.

Howard also was the Chairman of the Nebraska Ethanol Authority and Development Board from 1989 to 1991. He also served as a sheriff in Macon County, Illinois, and was sworn in on September 15, 2017.

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  1. Rick

    I used to think old Warren was a good guy back when I was younger and more naive. I even bought one of his books, which years ago, I tossed in the trash. He will be dead soon and at the resurrection, he will have to stand before Yahuwah just like the rest of us. I’m sure he believes that he will live forever in some computer program or clone though.

  2. Upsidedownjack1

    A number of Years ago I (we) had a number of share’s of BURK. . When Killary was starting her run for Pres. W. Buffett was on TV saying that Killary was the smartest best Person running. And that HE Was Backing her run! That Same DAY, I SOLD EVERY SHARE OF STOCK THAT WE HAD, THAT HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE POS!. And have Never looked back. Fucken social Communist BILLIONARE POS!

  3. JoAnn Leichliter

    No surprise that Buffett is pro-abortion, and he and Gates’ cozy relationship has long been known. The only good thing is his promotion of using nuclear power. Abandoning its use has done nothing but raise electric rates in the affected areas–OPPD being one example.

  4. AC

    I believe anyone may gift wealth to whomever and whatever person or cause they choose. Those we are extremely wealthy may gift extremely more than you or me. And, extremely large gifts are made public, whereas, yours and mine are not. Public really big gifts receive commentary while ours do not.
    That is just as well, I don’t know your mind, but I don’t need people knowing how much and to whom I gift. It’s my business and no one else’s, except the IRS..
    Old Warreny, on the other hand, probably wants his gifts noticed especially how much and to whom. His intentions and motivation he does not keep secret. A large factor for large gifts is a large dedication claimed with the IRS.
    Still, your and my opinions’ commentary on his choices and some would say his morality are of no effect. And, then why do people Warren never heard of weigh in with judgement harsh? Especially, when people by a majority were raised being told, “judge not”, We should know better, but judging is easy and anonymous now a days,

  5. Bibfy

    Perhaps the question should be if Warren gives to pro choice, does Donald give to pro life. Oh right, dem bitches done the dirty deed must be forced to deliver and do for demselves.

    Virtually no additional support has been provided for poor mothers forced to deliver in the new pro life environment. In other words, we force mothers, who cannot support children to have them, and then we provide no additional support whatsoever since Roe overturned.

    Basically, we just kick the can down the road.

    • Boston

      Open season

      • Boston

        Meaning open season on our country.