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WaPo: Biden Will Lose to Trump in 2024 

WaPo: Biden Will Lose to Trump in 2024 Score 0%Score 0%

Democrats are banking on Donald Trump’s legal troubles and turning a blind eye to Biden’s age and other failings, and it is going to cost them the White House in 2024!

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll has Biden trailing Donald Trump by nine points, 42% to 51%. Much like being told they have a terminal illness, progressive pundits have reacted with denial, anger, and bargaining.

Behind the numbers are some basic facts Democrats ignore at their peril:

  • The president’s age and questionable capacity to do his job are serious concerns for voters, with 74% of those ABC polled saying Biden is too old for another term. Doubts about his fitness will grow as voters see more of him on the campaign trail.
  • Only 23% approve of the way Biden is handling immigration.
  • He fares little better when voters are asked about the economy: Just 30% approve of his performance.
  • In contrast, the public sees the Trump years more favorably: ABC gauged approval for Trump’s record at 38% when he left office. Now, that’s up to 48%.

Democrats can choose to read only polls that tell a reassuring story — but there are fewer and fewer of those. Most instead show a dead heat between Trump and Biden in 2024, and recent averages indicate the contest is tilting to Trump.

The issues on which next year’s election will be fought look dire for Biden.

Democratic mayors from Oscar Leeser in El Paso to Eric Adams in New York have acknowledged that migration has reached crisis proportions — “a breaking point,” in Leeser’s words.

Crime and homelessness are so bad in blue cities that the Democratic mayor of Dallas recently switched to the GOP. If this is what urban mayors think, you don’t need polls to tell you how voters feel.

Any incumbent in this environment would have to be an energetic salesman to convince voters they’re better off than they were four years ago.

Biden has neither the energy nor the salesmanship.

Four years ago, Democrats harnessed a backlash against Donald Trump, in the midst of COVID and the George Floyd ordeal, to elect Biden.

But now that voters can make a direct comparison between the Trump and Biden eras, the juxtaposition doesn’t favor Biden.

And if Trump has personal qualities that bother voters, they don’t trouble them as much as Biden’s advancing decrepitude does.

If the Dems stick with Biden, and all indications are that they will, they do so at their peril. The polls and the issues of immigration, the economy, and Biden’s advanced age all add up to Biden losing in a rematch against Trump.



Summary New polling suggests that 2024 will be a rematch between Trump and Biden, and this time, Biden will lose!

WaPo: Biden Will Lose to Trump in 2024!

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  1. Dan tyree

    Let’s hope so. Our country is almost destroyed now. Biden should be in a rest home and get out of the way of freedom

  2. Tom

    Bill the only thing of value that you mention in this article is, “now that voters can make a direct comparison between the Trump and Biden eras,”.

    It was not just a personality thing with Trump. I did not like his personality. When voting, I only consider performance. Trump performed very badly on some of the things I care most about like national debt, tax breaks for rich and corporations, uniting the people, truthfulness on issues, replacing ObamaCare and the whole issue of everyone having decent medical insurance, cost of healthcare, cost of prescriptions, immigration reform and dreamers, international relations and NATO which Putin said Trump was doing a great job at destroying, China and losing a trade war, not withdrawing from Afghanistan on time and leaving it to his successor due to a badly negotiated deal with Taliban, and while most MAGA people will not admit it, economists agree that he laid the foundation for today’s inflation while Biden has indeed made it worse. The best thing Trump did nobody, not even MAGAs give him credit for and they know little about it. If you examine when Trump released information, he always released bad information when the market was up, and he released good information when the market was down – which had the effect of throttling the market and keeping it steady at a level where my 401K could grow. And he had much better energy policy which the market liked.

    Your article makes Americans, and particularly Independents who broke away from Trump, seem like a very shallow electorate. Many of us were looking at these issues, not at his personality. We already knew his personality sucked. We were looking at his performance. Notice I did not even mention his legal issues! But you are correct in that now we can evaluate the Biden administration. It will be interesting to compare!

  3. frank stetson

    “When voting, I only consider performance” is a pretty tough statement to swallow whole, Tom. Come on man, you know there’s some malarky in there and that character matters to you.

    Myself, I start with Party Principles. That is, whose house would be the better party.

    Perot/Bush/Clinton — well, that’s a hands down vote for Bill and his Caligula party
    Perot/Dole/Clinton — wow, why’d they ever run…
    Bush/Gore —- come on, bbq versus cold carbon-free lunch meats?
    Bush/Kerry —- this one was close, but Texas bbq, some coke, squeaks it out.
    Obama/McCain —- not even close
    Obama/Romney —- this one was tough, Romney can serve up an olympic sized party, but still…..
    Trump/Clinton —– let’s face it, a party at Hillary’s is a very stiff affair, might say sphincter tightening.
    Trump/Biden — say what you will, fake gold versus grandpa’s house at the beach — tight, but gotta go Biden
    Until the nomination is completed, can’t really do a party poll yet, but Joe’s party might include Hunter this year, could be a deal breaker for the coke, crack, sex, gun partying crowd.

    I do look at the issues, but the party platform has served me well in my election pronouncements.

  4. JoeyP

    UHHH . . . I choose POTUS Trump. “Beijing Joe” Biden had shown his TRUE colors, and he’s a F L O P.