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Voter Suppression vs. Institutional Racism

Voter Suppression vs. Institutional Racism

There is an evergreen call for a “dialogue on race.”  Conceptually it is a good idea.  However, Democrats and the compromised news media do not want a “dialogue” but rather the acceptance of their fatally politicized monologue – their partisan political narratives. They see racism as endemic to the American culture – mostly because of white Republicans and conservatives – and more notably manifest in what they call “voter suppression.”  They not only mischaracterize various election reform measures being considered by a majority of state legislatures as attempts to reduce voter participation – especially among minorities — but they hyperbolically claim that the proposed legislations will bring about the end of democracy in America.  I mean, really?

These claims are in the same fictional category of Chicken Little and the Boy Who Cried Wolf.  Though they are more cartoonish than credible, the left expresses these exaggerations with a false air of certainty. As if they are fundamental truths. 

Their’s is only one side of a dialogue – although they would never admit that.  So what would we discover if the so-called news media were to allow a two-sided conversation – a real dialogue? Rather than serve as censors of the essential other half of the dialogue?

Part one would be the refutation of the claims of voter suppression.  To use the political vernacular of the day, both claims – of voter suppression and the targeting of minorities — are BIG LIES.  They are an enormous pile of political cow dung.

Every state – before and after ANY of the new legislation – provides more than ample time for ANYONE who wishes to vote to do so.  In virtually every state there is some form of early voting, provisional voting, mail-in voting and drop-off voting.  American voters – white, black or purple – have ample opportunity to vote.

Any claims that voters are suppressed or restricted is nonsense. 

One would have to be profoundly mentally incapacitated to be unable to figure out how to cast a ballot among the extensive opportunities.  It is also noteworthy that despite the claims of voter suppression, minorities have voted in record numbers in the very states in which the left claims the voter suppression is most seen.

Vice President Harris embarrassed herself by suggesting that folks in rural areas would not be able to attach a copy of their voter ID to a mail-in ballot.  She said they do not have Kinko or Office Max. (MEMO TO VP Harris: This is the Twenty-First century.  Those country folks who you seem to see as bible-clutching, gun-toting, sub-intelligent knuckle-draggers are modern Americans able to use a computer and a cell phone.  As the song goes, “Everything is Up to Date in Kansas City.”)

So, tagging Republicans with voter suppression is simply a non-starter because voters are far from suppressed. 

That is why repetitious propaganda advances the false claim. And the left-wing media essentially censors the more credible view.

Progressive theology is predicated on a belief – as opposed to facts – that some powerful subset of Americans are inherently racist.  That theory reaches absurdity in the left’s claim that white folks are racist even if they do not believe they are racist or act in a racist manner.  It is based on a theory-of-convenience called “microaggression”. If you are not familiar with it, look it up and enjoy a good laugh.

By any empirical measure, the American people are not racist.  We are among the most tolerant people on earth.  I point out that billions of times every day, people from every background get along very well with each other.  We live together, work together, play together, we serve each other in stores and come to each other’s rescue.  We marry each other.  And on and on.  It is almost impossible to spend time in public without seeing people of all backgrounds hanging out and happily interacting.

So, does racism exist in America?  If it is not common among we the people – and claims of voter suppression are fraudulent – where can we find racism?

There are two areas.

There is a fringe subculture of people who harbor irrational hatred for categories of people.  Most obviously, we know there are people who embrace white supremacy.  Those afflicted with racial hatred may organize themselves into groups.  They march in protest to tolerance. Occasionally, they engage in heinous actions – from assaulting and even killing those they fear and hate. 

But such individuals represent a very small … VERY small … portion of the population.  While their physically harmful and deadly activities receive a lot of media coverage and interpretation – usually using them to shamelessly smear Republicans and conservatives in general – their impact is relatively small.  White supremacism is more of an aberration in American society than a characteristic.

There is in America, however, a more virulent and harmful racism. 

It is the institutional racism that is the remnants of our long march away from slavery and the more widespread racism of the past – especially in the old Democrat southland.  It is easy to find – despite the efforts of Democrats and their media pals to keep it out of the public eye.  There is an expression that sunshine is the best disinfectant. And when it comes to the residual of INSTITUTIONAL racism in America, the left does not want to let the sun shine in.

The still destructive and deadly institutional racism can be easily found, however.  It occurs where millions of black and brown Americans remain segregated in substandard communities in which there is a deprivation of education, jobs, quality housing, safe streets and well-maintained infrastructure.  We can find it in those places where generational frustration and anger boil over into protests, demonstrations and riots.

And who has ruled over those communities for generations?  The Democratic Party.  That is not a theory.  That is a provable fact.

Democrats are using the false claims of voter suppression as their only potential distraction from their own longstanding racist policies in America’s major cities.  But it is clear to any who cares to look that powerful one-party Democrat machines have maintained segregation – and all its bitter fruits — as an ongoing policy.  They control the schools … the police … the housing departments … streets and sanitation departments … and even job-related economic programs. 

If we juxtapose the suppression claims against urban institutional racism, we find that the suppression is not even real BUT the institutional racism over which the Democratic Party presides is literally killing thousand of black and brown citizens every year.  Compare those number to victims of unjustified police killings — and even murders at the hands of white supremacist.  As wrong and tragic as they are, they’re miniscule when we compare them to the daily murders in segregated communities. 

America has a problem of mass shootings, but the number that are racially motivated is extremely few. 

In fact, I can only recall one.  That was the shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

The point?  The number of killings by police, racists and mass killers pale compared to the EVERY DAY murders that are an outgrowth of oppressive racist polices in our urban segregated and impoverished communities long controlled by powerful Democrat political machines. 

Democrat-run education systems are literally destroying the future and potential of millions of young black and brown people year after year … after year … after year.    It robs them of a future based on dreams and ambitions. It denies society of the benefit of what they could have become – not to mention the enormous financial burden of keeping them impoverished and dependent on government assistance.

In 2021 alone, thousands of ghetto-ized black and brown people have been murdered – men, women and children.  That is the price they must pay for being trapped in islands of institutional racism.  Institutional racism that makes it exceedingly difficult to escape the clutches of generational poverty and welfare dependency.

The Democratic Party has a long history of concealing its culpability in American racism. 

Since the days of Franklin Roosevelt, the Party has accommodated the racists in its midst. At the same time, they pretend to be a movement for equality and social justice.  FDR, himself, was a white supremacist who found common cause with the most virulent Democrat racist leaders in Congress. 

We see that same duplicitousness and double-standard today – a Democrat Party that finds racism where It does not exist to deflect attention –and solution – from the institutional racism overseen by powerful urban political machines within their own Party.

This commentary is merely a tip of the proverbial iceberg of information relevant to any “dialogue on race” – a dialogue in which Democrats and the left-wing media are loath to engage.  Need we wonder why?

So, there ‘tis.

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    Larry, I see why you filed this article under the Propaganda section.

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  2. Ben

    Sounds like they may have found 200 fraudulent ballots in Arizona!
    Out of 3 million votes cast.
    Can we finally admit there there is no proof of wide spread voter fraud and that y’all got played… again, and that all these voter suppression tactics are only necessary to keep republicans from getting totally decimated at the polls?