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Voter Registration Nearly Tied in Florida

Voter Registration Nearly Tied in Florida

The gap between Republican and Democratic voters registered in the state of Florida reached a historic low this week, likely a result of the Trump campaign’s aggressive canvassing efforts in the state.

Democrats just can’t compete with the Trump campaign’s “superior ground game and infrastructure,” says Emma Vaughn, a spokesperson for Trump Victory. “The Sunshine State is ready to deliver.”

Indeed, Republican voters narrowed the gap by more than 50,000 voters during the week leading up to the state’s regulation deadline, producing a difference of just 134,242 (with Dems still in the lead).

To compare, Democrats had 535,987 more registered voters than Republicans when Obama won Florida in 2012. They had 327,428 more registered voters than Republicans when President Trump won Florida in 2016.

According to official voter registration data, there are 5.3 million registered Democrats in the state of Florida, 5.1 million registered Republicans, and 3.7 million registered Independents. Democrats currently have a 1% lead over Republicans, but that number may be smaller thanks to North Florida’s Dixiecrats (registered Democrats who tend to vote Republican).

Early voting and mail-in tallies aren’t much to go by, as Republicans are expected to turn out en masse on Election Day.

“Democrats have amassed an overwhelming vote-by-mail advantage and turned out in historic numbers for the primary election in August,” says Carlie Waibel, communications director for Biden’s campaign in Florida. “Democrats are leading in the metrics that will determine this election and returning their ballots at a higher rate than Republicans – and we aren’t letting up.”

Critics say it is too late in the game to attract new voters, but the key for Republicans will be to find Trump supporters who don’t plan on voting and convince them to participate. In 2016, Trump won the state of Florida by less than 113,000 votes.

According to polls, Trump has a less-than-one-percent lead over Joe Biden in the state of Florida.


Florida GOP narrows voter registration gap with Democrats to historic low

Florida Republicans cut into Democrats’ registration advantage

Florida Republicans cut Democrats’ registration edge to historic low

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  1. Tony Boucher

    I am voting for Trump !

  2. David Barron

    The Florida voters are made up with a huge group of retired folks who have seen the world change more and more like socialism, where you are told where to be, what you will do, how you will do it, when you will do it, and what you will be paid if anything. Socialism leads to Communism and once under it nobody can escape, much like a black hole for light. It is those who are less experienced in world history or have been taught under the cloak of the modified history of either denial or out right blatant lies over the last 40 to 50 years from first grade to graduate level courses that I like to refer to as the Educated Idiots. They have no experience, no responsibility, no pride, and yet want the world given to them on a silver platter because they are what they are. They no longer fix things, they replace things no matter if its a set of shoes, a watch, a car, a house, or even a wife or family if it doesn’t conform to the way they feel it should. They were programmed between the ages of birth to 13 and the narcistic individuals cannot see the forest for the trees. Today these same E.I. are heavy in debt, and are looking for an escape so when they Democrats say we will forgive your College Loans they jump on it. Now who pays the loans off, all of us because we are stuck with the bill, same is in bankruptcy. These folks don’t see the creeping socialism coming in and taking over. Those with all the money are the controllers and will the the next communist leaders who control every move we make. The only thing that has stopped them as of yet is our ability to have guns, the Constitution, and Bill of Rights. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are only paper and ink, and the can be changed by those same narcists who think they know how to run the world. It is our ability to revolt that stops them. Take that away and we automatically become the new Amerika with no freedoms as we once saw it when we were children in the 50’s and 60’s. We are the last bastion of common since and ethics. Look at Pelosi alone, she is withholding aid for Americans until she can get her attached riders shoved through which change the way our government runs. I will do with no aid and go hungry rather than let her do that to us.

  3. Mal

    Amen brother!!! Lies, censorship, weaponization of governmental organizations against our citizens, fabricated dossiers used to undermine and destroy opponents reputations and families, talk of stacking our Supreme Court so they can alter our Constitution. It must stop or we will no longer be the last bastion of freedom and prosperity in the world.

  4. Robert

    Now the opinion is changing, this is not Clinton with all here baggage, this is Biden and trump has tried to hang several things on Biden, just throwing unproven things at he wall to see what sticks and so far none of it has stuck with the average open minded voter. When persons refuse to actually look for facts and just believe what one person says with nothing to back it up or a DOJ who says there is nothing to investigate, it is really sad that some are so uneducated that they refuse to actually look up or listen to proven facts, just blindly doing and believing what they are told by their cult leader, they should remember Jim Jones and what happened to his blind followers, or Germany before WWII listening and never questioning Hitler about anything until it was to late to do any thing about it, will it be the same here in this USA.