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Vote Machine Fraud Group Celebrates a ‘Win’ with New Court Ruling

Vote Machine Fraud Group Celebrates a ‘Win’ with New Court Ruling

US District Judge Amy Totenberg issued a ruling last Friday that supports individuals seeking to replace Georgia’s electronic voting machines with hand-marked paper ballots. 

The questionable machines were purchased from Dominion Voting Systems in 2019 and implemented in 2020. Following that year’s presidential election, there was much talk regarding the machines’ susceptibility to hacking and some people even claimed the machines helped President Joe Biden defeat former President Donald Trump. 

Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow and a fierce supporter of election fraud claims, described Totenberg’s ruling as “historic.” 

“[Evidence] does not suggest that the Plaintiffs are conspiracy theorists of any variety,” wrote Totenberg. “Indeed, some of the nation’s leading cybersecurity experts and computer scientists have provided testimony and affidavits on behalf of Plaintiff’s case in the long course of this litigation.” 

One example is a report by University of Michigan computer science professor J. Alex Halderman, who explained how voting data could be manipulated any individual who gained access to the equipment. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency confirmed the vulnerabilities outlined in Halderman’s report, but said it had found no proof that such vulnerabilities were ever exploited during an election.

Though Totenberg’s ruling does not mark the end of a trial (but rather confirms that a trial will be held and evidence heard), it is certainly good news for Lindell and others who were ridiculed for doubting the security of Georgia’s touchscreen voting system.

Lindell is currently trying to raise money to help pay his legal bills following a series of defamation lawsuits including a $1.3 billion lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems. The voting machine manufacturer also sued Fox News and reached a $787 million settlement with the conservative network earlier this year .

The lawsuit which resulted in Totenberg’s ruling was filed in 2017 by individual voters backed by the Coalition for Good Governance, an election security advocacy group that insists Georgia’s electronic voting machines have security flaws that violate Americans’ constitutional right to have their votes counted correctly, against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and members of the State Election Board. 

The state had requested that a ruling be issued without a trial, but Totenberg (appointed by former President Barack Obama) declined. “The Court cannot waive a magic wand in this case to address the varied challenges to our democracy and election system in recent years, including those presented in this case,” she wrote. “But reasonable, timely discussion and compromise in this case, coupled with prompt, informed legislative action, might certainly make a difference that benefits the parties and the public.” 

The trial is scheduled to begin on January 9th of next year. It will be a bench trial, which means no jury will be present. 

“[The plaintiffs have] a heavy burden to establish a constitutional violation” linked to the voting machines, warned Totenberg, adding that she does not have the authority to order the state to use paper ballots even if the plaintiffs win the case.

“We look forward to presenting our full evidence at trial and obtaining critical relief for George voters,” said David Cross, an attorney representing some of the individual voters who participated in the lawsuit. “But we hope this decision will be a much-needed wakeup call for the Secretary and SEB, and finally spur them to work with us on a negotiated resolution that secures the right to vote in Georgia.”

Regardless of the outcome, state officials say they don’t have time to fix the vulnerabilities in the voting machines’ software before the 2024 election.


Mike Lindell Cheers Judge’s ‘Historic’ Ruling as Vindication 

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  1. Jim lucas

    Stop the steal. Lock and load

  2. Frank stetson

    How’s that working for you?

    Four guilty of trying to steal election for Trump; 15 to go.

    Didn’t even need a gun. We use the law.

    • Jim lucas

      Trump is going to pardon them all. And then run your kind out of the country

      • Frank stetson

        Jim, I am 100% sure Trump will not pardon these folks. That’s just stupid. Can’t happen.

        And yes, he wants to run my kind, the vermin as he calls us, from the country if he, and assholes like you, have their way. All white, dumb, and deplorable. .

        But I’m pretty sure America will rally against criminal Trump, our twice impeached digital rapist ex President.

        • Jim lucas

          I’m all of the above. And proud of it. MAGA. White and proud.

        • Wes

          But not found guilty based on media narrative, FBI, DOJ, and the Capitol Police revealing what Pelosi should have done. But that is all misinformation since facts do not matter to the corrupt, with facts, crime family and xterm left. Finally they release 40,000 hours of the January 6 non insurrection that the media, Biden administration and the rest of the MALA Biden Deplorables. Pushed. Make America Last. They sure cannot say, with evidence, they are making Americans lives better and safer. But this was obvious, to some. Unfortunately the bureaucracy and red tape in Washington D.C., NewYork, and California runs deep as witnessed not only by me. Folks may be coming around. Border out of control, according to some Democrats, Americans need more wars. How can the bureaucrats, politicians, donors, and weapons manufacturers make money. Solidiers, according these clueless snobs, do not matter. It’s all about the face value.Been going on for years. Trump exposed it. They are mad. Aah!

  3. Frank stetson

    Why would anyone be proud for a skin color.?

    You didn’t make America great the first time, at least not for the vermin.

    And you are backing a criminal who cheated in business, cheated in the 2020 election, digitally rapes women, marries a communist, peeks at pagent girls, extorts ukraine, has sex with a paid porn star while wife if giving birth, puts his own fixer in jail, hangs with white supremacists, does nothing for three hours as followers storm the Capitol to kill Pelosi and Pence, and put us so deep in debt that we may not recover.

    We will convict him this time, have a nice day. We are woke to you now.

    • Jim lucas

      Nothing has been proven so stfu. I think everyone should be proud of their race or color. It’s people like you who want to play divide and conquer. And America was a lot better off before the dementia man got into the White House. Notice that I didn’t say elected.

      • frank stetson

        Mr. Lucas: you judge people based on skin color, you think skin color is a point of pride. What’s your stance on freckles, too over the top?

        “Nothing has been proven so stfu” just means you are blinded by the light of Trump who is a consummate liar which you believe hook, line and sinker. You are blinded enough to say: “Nothing has been proven so stfu” which means you doubt my veracity, a foolish thing, as well as reality.

        Trump IS a “criminal who cheated in business” ** This is civil fraud case, the current trial is about how much he is to be fined having been adjudicated as liable. He will appeal, but he’s convicted and now just arguing about the fine which might be $250M. He will not do business in NYS anymore, the receivership of his business has been put on hold until trial resolution. The penalty phase should end mid december, the only question is how close to the $250M will he be fined and how much of his empire that will put into receivership.

        “cheated in the 2020 election” ** 19 charged, including Trump with the famous phone call. Four admitted they did it, apologized, some blamed Trump on the record, all will turn State’s evidence, two are in the room with Trump, the others Eastman and Ghoulliani. No, he’s not guilty yet, but it would take a hail Mary to slip the noose on this one, and it’s criminal. Even if President, he can’t pardon at the State level. This turkey looks cooked and the dressing will be how many of the other 14 remaining will plead guilty before trial.

        “digitally rapes women,” adjudicated liable in NY for sexual abuse, Judge on the record says he’s a digital rapist that only escaped due to NY definition of rape requiring a penis penetration. Can I finger-fuck your folks and have it be OK by you? Cuz that sounds about as bad as sex abuse gets to me.

        “marries a communist” Melania’s father is a party member. She grew up in a communist member’s home. You be the judge. Her commie Dad now lives at Mar A Largo with all the documents, still a communist.

        “peeks at pagent girls,” ** Never caught for this one so you can discount it. I believe it. I mean any guy who finger fucks for fun has just got to be a peeking tom, and not the independent kind :>)

        “extorts ukraine,” Got impeached, partly, for it; you can listen to the call and I guess discount it. Sure sounds like he says 1.if you do this, 2. Then I will let the taxpayers money go (even though Congress made NO SUCH stipulations.

        “has sex with a paid porn star while wife if giving birth” part of the NY criminal case; Cohen already went to jail re: the payments.

        “puts his own fixer in jail,” Cohen got out re covid and Trump had him put back in because of the tell-all book
        “hangs with white supremacists,” there’s a list, this one’s on your

        “does nothing for three hours as followers storm the Capitol to kill Pelosi and Pence” again, look this one up, the three hours is clear. Killing is a stretch except for the signs, shouting, and internet postings.

        “put us so deep in debt that we may not recover” the last time we had the debt that Trump rang up was WWII and that took 35 years to bring down. And they were trying at least. His gdp growth stat is the worst since Herbert Hoover. But this one is a bit of a spin and probably could say similar for Obama

        Looks like a pretty good batting average, with only a couple of spinners to say this guy is a cheater, a crook, and of low moral content.

    • LMB

      Hey Frankie! Your demented comments are those of a psychologically deranged Libtard!! More and more investigations are proving that the DNC committed voter fraud in 6 states to date (proven)!! So take your derangement back down into your mom’s basement and watch the Communist News Network (CNN) and put your thumb back in your mouth rather than the other end!!

      • frank stetson

        LMB: wow, you are a knicker knotted nasty little anonymous one. More and more investigations with fraud in 6 states is what you claim. Unless you are talking about the Trump plan for the EC that he will be convicted on in Georgia, not sure you can point to an actual, believable investigation.

        But feel free to fire away: show us a source.

        As to the rest, and let me put this in your accepted language: suck my madoodoo roll, short dick, and kmaff

        I bet you can’t some up with the stuff.

  4. Darren

    A Dominion machine should be nothing more than an ADDING MACHINE! Period!

    • Alvin Nip

      You are 100% only if these machines were made that simple. With all the electronics involved including connection to the internet, these machines probably can be manipulated where they are located by a “savvy” operator or the “hacker” who will tell the machines what to do.

      Machines should be made SIMPLE only to tabulate votes. No internet connections. Connection a thumb drive when completed to retrieve a copy of that machine’s tabulation which identifies the machine number and location. The thumb drives are now picked up with armed guards including watchers from both political parties monitoring the pick up and movements of these thumb drives.

      They are brought to a central processing center where the drives would be inserted and a copy would be extracted and with all the information from the hard drives would be extracted to make the total tally sheet. All steps being monitored by poll watchers and video taped to ensure safety and honesty.

      No drop off or mail in voting. Voters must go to a polling place with proper ID.

  5. JoeyP

    WHY wasn’t this LOOKED at during the 2020 ELECTION when there was OVERFLOWING EVIDENCE?!? Looks like ALL our politicians AND JUDGES were BOUGHT and PAID FOR by the GLOBAL Elites and the DEEP state.

    • Frank stetson

      Overflowing with evidence that strangely never ends up in court.

      Meanwhile, we have 19 charged for election tampering in Georgia, 4 have said they are guilty, sorry, and a couple blamed Trump. Two of the guilty are Trump’s lawyers. So, we have the evidence and we know who tried to rig the election.

      And you got squat.

      You were lied to and paid off in silver from your own taxpayer pockets.


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