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Video of “Massacre” of Russian Soldier, Other Shocking Photos

Video of “Massacre” of Russian Soldier, Other Shocking Photos

Here are some images from the Telegram group where Ukraine data is being posted. Fair warning some of these are a bit disturbing.

This first one is a “massacre” – the caption is “Another act of massacre against a marauder in Kyiv. As Frida @sex_drugs_kahlo rightly noted, the Latin Americanization of Ukraine is in full swing. #Kiev, Ukraine”

Click to see the video on Telegram. Nobody dies, but this guy (marauder? a Russian soldier?) is tied to a pole with plastic wrap and being beaten by passers by.

The second image is of vehicles hit by artillery and burnt out.

The third is a video of a bridge being blown up. A map of its location is shown below.

The fourth is linked to a video of Russians moving into Ukraine. Caption is “The Russian Ministry of Defense published footage ( of the advance of Russian troops in the north-west of the Kiev region. The video confirms the actual control of the RF Armed Forces not only over the P56 route through Chernobyl, but also over the P02 Aleksandrovka – Ragovka – Ivankov. #Kyiv #Russia #Ukraine @rybar”

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  1. Joe

    All hell is going to reign down from the heavens, if Putin does not stop this annilation and destruction of the Ukrainian people, Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.We are seeing another hitler in Putin, slaughtering innocent women,children,elderly and all those trapped. If the world accepts this, be ready to lose your country also, freedom is not free,u must fight for it,or lose it forever. Rally around the Ukrainian people, they are fearless and fighting for their country and freedom. Wake up before Putin decides your next.

    • Frank stetson

      I thought Trump said he’s a genius?

      • William

        We are in a world crisis and you are stuck on Trump. And it’s interesting that you support the assholes that’s damned set on destroying our country and freedoms. You’re a pathetic piece of shit.

        • frank stetson

          Dear William,
          Exactly how are “asshole” Democrats destroying our country and what exact freedoms are you at risk of losing?

          • ben

            Every third story here covers Trump. Even during this world conflict. Matter of fact, we just had one with Trump’s opinion of the state of the Union. So who’s on first Dickweed?

          • SUNFLOWER

            You are SO BRAINWASHED by The Democratic CLOWN PARTY!!!@

  2. Tommie


  3. Tommie

    #FJB!!!!! & POOTIN TOO!!!!

    • Frank stetson

      Putin is a genius

      Ex president Donald J Trump, twice impeached one term wonder

  4. gc yOST

    Yes, lets send more military equipment to the Ukraine. Maybe they can use it to continue to resist what is an inevitable Russian win. The continued Ukrainian die hard resistance will give the Russians an excuse to flatten all the homes, businesses, . infrastructure in the country and create another couple million refugees for Biden to bring here at taxpayer expense and make them “instant” citizens. This war is a beautiful diversion from the failed Administration here in the US and what they continue to fail doing here.

  5. William

    Ben go eat dingle berries

    • Ben

      Very adult of you.

  6. Inez O’Brien

    Biden is a brain dead piece of garbage. Lived his whole life off the American people, worst kind of parasite.


      I so agree with you, Inez! Don’t forget that Biden also lives off of what he has coming in from selling out to China, Russia, etc. !

      • Beb

        Exsqueeze me? Who lived his life off the American people? Public Servant Joe or fraud grifter Don? Who took the AC bailout? The bone-spur escape? Pays zero taxes and even defrauded his own charity? Just go buy some more 2024 tump crap and give ut a rest.

        Did Hillary just get voted by conservative magazine Forbes the woman of the year? Oh man, that must really frost your cake. I think Don Win groper of the year.

      • Ben

        And his feet stinks