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Video of Biden Seemingly Kicking His Dog Raises Pet Abuse Concerns

Video of Biden Seemingly Kicking His Dog Raises Pet Abuse Concerns

Joe Biden’s pet dogs have been showing aggressive behavior and biting secret service agents. Now a video of Biden mishandling his dog and kicking it in the face has emerged, fueling the speculations that the sitting president is likely abusive to his pet dogs.

Biden’s second pet dog, named Commander, was removed from the White House, as reported earlier this month, due to aggressive behavior shown toward Secret Service personnel that are part of Biden’s primary security protocol. Commander was involved in multiple biting incidents, more than the White House previously acknowledged.

On Wednesday (October 4), Daily Mail reported with images from the White House that Commander bit a White House staffer, a senior citizen, in the garden back in September. The incident was photographed by a visitor, who chose not to be named. The staffer, Dale Haney, later denied being bitten and stated that Commander was just playing with him.

But Commander’s aggressive behavior was reported from other sources and his removal from the White House follows the same story repeated with Biden’s previous pet dog, the German Shepherd named Major, that was also rehomed after multiple biting incidents at the White House during Biden’s first year as the president.

The question arising of these repeated biting incidents of aggression by Biden’s pet dogs is why they attack people. Since dog behavior experts see dog aggression, particularly biting, as commonly associated with fear and/or pain, Biden has become a suspect of possible dog abuse.

On Thursday (October 5), Libs of TikTok posted a Fox News video of Joe and Jill Biden getting off Air Force One along with their German Shepherd pet dog, walked on the leash by Joe Biden. As he struggles to handle the dog, Biden is seen hitting the dog’s face with his leg. Libs of TikTok posted that the video shows Biden kicking the dog.

Many comments on the video said it was visible proof of Biden’s abusive behavior toward his dog. However, there were the opposing voices stating that the video post is misdealing and Biden is just trying to keep the dog under his control and from getting unwieldy with one comment suggesting that Biden simply “redirected him with his leg.”

Raymond Arroyo of Fox News, talking to Harris Faulkner, wondered why are the Biden’s dogs so aggressive?

The same day the video of Biden struggling to handle his dog hit the social media, Judicial Watch announced the filing of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit in D.C. against the Secret Service to obtain official records of aggressive behavior and biting incidents by Commander. The lawsuit comes after the Secret Service failed to respond to a Judicial Watch request for records filed in July this year. Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called it a case of corruption to hide records of attacks by Biden’s dog against the Secret Service:

“The ongoing Biden administration cover-up of the Biden dog attacks on Secret Service agents is dangerous corruption.”

Later, On October 6, Fitton tweeted that Biden beats his dogs according to sources privy to the Judicial Watch.

In the video, Fitton reads the statement of his source telling that Biden punches and kicks his dogs. He added that he would not put it out there if it was not a reliable source.

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  1. Dan tyree

    It’s no wonder the dog bit people.

  2. Rosie46

    The dog abuse makes sense if why two of Biden’s dogs showed aggressive behavior to so many. And notably the victims are all men which may be another indication if the dogs are abused it is by a male.

  3. Rosie46

    The dog abuse makes sense if two of Biden’s dogs showed aggressive behavior to so many. And notably the victims are all men which may be another indication if the dogs are abused it is by a male.

  4. frank stetson

    I am going with Slate on this one as Judicial Watch, a far right wing outlet of dubious factual content, seems less trustworthy. Clearly, this requires a full House investigation, and Jim Jordan is the best junk-yard dog the Repoodlecans have given Scalise is down, paws in the air, done. We need to suss out the “Bite-n Crime Family” and where did “Dark Bran-dog” get all that kibble?

    • Q

      You are dumb & weird!!

      • Tom

        Yeah he may be dumb and weird but he is our Frank! And he is a Stetson among a sea of ballcaps! Go Phillies!!!

    • Tom

      Good one Frank! I got a chuckle on it! Repoodlecans was a nice touch!

      Dogs bite for many reasons. Yes, Commander may be biting out of fear or out of aggression because he is having trouble handling all of the traffic in and out of his home. Shepherds are very territorial and as a breed they are not that flexible of intruders. And who knows, someone may be giving him little doggie bags of cocaine to snort which would alter his behavior. It’s hard to say why he is biting because dogs cannot speak English. But as a previous dog own, and one who has watched many episodes of “The Dog Whisperer”, dogs can be trained not to bite despite their fear. Seems like Commander was not trained properly. Now Commander is the gift that keeps giving, i.e. bites!

  5. Dan Tyson

    Biden has no respect for his country, his people or his pets….let’s not forget that incident at the airport of the 13 dead soldiers coming off the plane from Afghanistan of his checking his watch along with a very impatient look on his face as if he’d rather be any other place than where he is at that time, perhaps being at the ice cream shoppe?

    • Tom

      We Independent/Unaffiliated voters love ice cream shops. What’s wrong with Biden checking his watch to make sure he doesn’t miss the special sale on sprinkles with every cup?

  6. frank stetson

    And yet you responded……

    It’s Friday’s fun day after all.

  7. Darren

    No wonder Wringling Brothers Circus went out of business!
    Who can compete with Government.
    They have most of Americas Clowns!

    • frank stetson

      It’s Ringling Brothers and they are in business still.
      BUSTED again.

      Besides that you were spot on.

      Turns out the dog only bit the Secret Service guys who said Trump did not get upset on 1.6.2021. Methinks Biden just needs a new breed……..of Secret Servicers, not dogs. Hey, the whole place is going to the dogs. You can’t save every puppy in the pound and this dog don’ t hunt, he just tastes. Turn him loose in the House, he can pick the next speaker, the one with the most blood running……

      Gotta love Biden kicks dog in face in dog abuse. This from the crowd that says Biden can’t even walk, is timid, and can’t remember shit. He sure remembered how to shepherd the Shepard without missing a beat.