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VIDEO: Horist on the Greatest Generation

VIDEO: Horist on the Greatest Generation

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  1. Knobby

    Point taken. The following generations did little to change the course of history. I think the reason the US became the police for the world was the profit motive.

    The Boomers did not heed President Eisenhower’s parting speech sufficiently. There is evidence that JFK’s untimely demise was due to his refusal to escalate the VietNam war. All this was witnessed by the Boomers, and yet…we (I am in this cohort) succumbed to the call of the American Dream. This was what we were told was our unique and unprecedented opportunity that the rest of the world’s population could only dream of – told to us by our fathers, mothers, aunts, and uncles that could still remember the fuel stamps, rubber drives, and civil defense drills.

    I took the bait, hook, line and sinker. Learn a trade first (I mowed lawns, then started repairing engines). Study hard and stay out of trouble. Get a job and learn how to sell. Get an engineering degree. Out work and outsmart the competition. Hire people younger, smarter, and more motivated than you are. Save your money for education, real estate, investments, and vacations. Always pursue a hobby or two. Teach by example. This will work for anyone who is willing to work and maintains self-discipline.

    I barely paid attention to political news until the 90’s. I was on a quest. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, I barely considered the Clinton wars as anything more than a police-state mistake. It took 9/11 to really get my attention. Continuous war is now the norm. It is not even mentioned on the news anymore. The Deep State is heavily invested in this paradigm. There is a connection here.

    Whether it was Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Bosnia, Serbia, etc. the reason is: return on investment. The arms, tanks, warships, bombs, surveillance, fuel/logistics, or even boots and underwear these industries profit and pay dividends.