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Veteran with PTSD? Canada Offers Euthanasia 

Veteran with PTSD? Canada Offers Euthanasia 

An armed forces veteran seeking help from Canada’s Veterans Affairs agency (VAC) was offered medical assistance in dying (MAiD) as a solution for PTSD, reports conservative Canadian magazine The Post Millennial. 

MAiD was legalized in Canada in 2016 and is available to people who suffer from “grievous and irremediable” conditions that are not terminal. Starting in March of next year, MAiD will also be available to individuals with mental disorders. 

The combat veteran, who called VAC for help treating an injury suffered while serving, did not ask about MAiD and said he felt ‘betrayed’ by the fact that it was brought up during the conversation. 

In a statement, VAC expressed ‘deep regret’ for the incident and confirmed MAiD was “discussed inappropriately” during the phone call. 

“Providing advice pertaining to medical assistance in dying is not a VAC service” and employees “have no mandate or role to recommend medical assistance in dying to veteran clients,” said the agency.

VAC added that it would provide MAiD to a veteran if that person had “already made the decision to pursue an assisted death with their primary care provider.”

Author’s Note: As most of us know, veterans have a higher risk of suicide than the average population. Offering euthanasia as a solution for PTSD was inexcusable and disgusting. The employee who spoke with the veteran should be sacked and banned from working in the medical industry.

Editor’s Note: This is what happens when you stray too far from the Judeo-Christian tradition. Respect for life goes away. And the leftists who push “solutions” like euthanasia lose their perspective and their empathy, all the while thinking they are more enlightened than anyone else.


Veterans Affairs offered euthanasia to vet calling in for help with PTSD

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  1. Gary

    I guess its easer to kill them than treat them

  2. Walkin O'Shea

    What kind of VA agency would suggest euthanasia to a veteran with PTSD? What kind of people would support this kind of medical interference? Is this really what Canadians have become, insensitive and heartless. No wonder so many Canadians look to the US for their health care.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Pretty sick, isn’t it?

    • Harold blankenship

      What agency?? The ones ran by liberals