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Vermont School Bans Energy Drinks – For Causing High Risk Sex?

Vermont School Bans Energy Drinks  – For Causing High Risk Sex?

It seems common now, people want to find something to blame for their own misbehavior and irresponsibility.  Is it any surprise one Vermont student, rather than accept responsibility, blames high-risk sex and drunk driving on energy drinks like Red Bull? Really? 

Shortly after Myles Kamisher-Koch claimed that such drinks contribute to a “culture of stress,” “high risk sex,” and drug use, one private school in Vermont decided to ban the sale of energy drinks from its campus. 

The new rule, affecting brands like 5-Hour Energy and Red Bull, will take effect next week.

Wouldn’t it be a better idea if parents taught their children that high risk sex and under-age drinking are bad, and to have the discipline to not do it?  This is called “morality” that one is able to behave ones self without an authority looking over your shoulder.

Myles Kamisher-Koch is a student at Middlebury College, a private liberal arts school that costs about $61,000 per year to attend. Myles discussed the harmful effects of energy drinks during a college governance meeting in January. He cited scientific research to support his claims and reminded officials of the school’s dining service mission statement, which purports to “nourish and nurture today and tomorrow by sustaining mind, body, and earth.” 

While a single can of Red Bull might help a student concentrate while studying, problems arise when students mix energy drinks with alcohol – something that “up to 25% of current drinkers” do, explained Myles. His request to ban the sale of energy drinks on campus flew through the school’s government with a vote of 11-1. 

“I learned in my psychology class that energy drinks are linked to high-risk sex and drug use,” commented one Middlebury freshman.  

“The school has a responsibility to direct students to healthy choices,” added another student. 

While the addition of caffeine is sure to increase a person’s desire to engage in any sort of physical activity while intoxicated, the problem does not lie with drinks like Red Bull – the problem lies with early education and parenting . 

Middlebury College should not be responsible for teaching kids about drug use and safe sex. These are topics that should have been discussed long ago, at a younger age. If young adults are making bad decisions in college, energy drinks are not to blame. I agree with senior student Arnav Adhikari’s when he said, “There are more important things for them [the school] to address. And what do energy drinks have to do with sexual activity?” If we’re talking about health benefits, the school “still sells lots of fried food,” he added. 

“The ruling Communist Party has decided for you,” said a sarcastic student who does not support the decision to ban energy drinks. “Driving a vehicle could result in serious bodily harm or death…effective immediately, no one will be allowed to drive in or be a passenger in a vehicle while on campus.” 

As David Neuendorf, another commenter, explains, it “sounds like they are assuming causality, when it may well be that the same people who engage in dangerous practices also engage in consuming these drinks.”

Editor’s note:  It occurs to me the manufacturers of these drinks might want to encourage the image their drinks cause “high risk sex.” Might be worth investigating where those studies came from.

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