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U.S. Tax Dollars Go Towards Charity With Terrorist Ties

U.S. Tax Dollars Go Towards Charity With Terrorist Ties

An aid organization funded by U.S. tax dollars has been accused of having plans to give $100,000 to an Islamic charity with alleged ties to terrorism. The U.S. Agency for International Development, known as USAID, recently announced plans to award a federal grant of $100,000 to the Islamic Relief Worldwide charity in 2016 to go towards various foreign projects, although no further detail was provided.

The announcement raised outrage among some who criticized USAID for financing an organization that was tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Hamas terror group.  In fact, the Islamic Relief Worldwide charity has been banned by countries such as Israel and the United Arab Emirates after ties to these extremist groups were discovered.

According to the Israel National News, investigations revealed in 2014 that the Islamic Relief Worldwide was using donations to pay terrorists and provide funding for attacks.

Samuel Westrop, a terrorism analyst, conducted research and uncovered more extremist ties branching from this US-funded charity. Westrop stated according to reviews of the charity’s accounts, thousands of dollars have been donated to a charity founded by a leading al-Qaeda terrorist.

Why is the U.S allowing taxpayers dollars to go towards a charity that most likely has connections to jihadists and terrorist groups overseas and when will it stop? “Until we act decisively to cut off the financial pipeline to these terrorist groups by putting more of these people in prison, they are going to continue to raise money that goes into the hands of killers,” according to one U.S. law enforcement official who spoke to terrorism analyst, Patrick Poole in 2011.

Even more shocking is the fact that in Washington, Congress is seeking to officially label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, while at the same time allowing our tax dollars to go towards keeping it alive.


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