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US Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi oil Facilities

US Blames Iran for Attack on Saudi oil Facilities

Two major oil facilities in Saudi Arabia were hit this weekend by a combination of drones and cruise missiles believed to have been launched from Iran.

The surprise attack suspended more than 50% of crude output from Saudi Arabia (5% of the global oil supply) and reduced daily output by 5.7 million barrels.

Saudi’s air defense systems were unable to block the attack because they were pointing south in anticipation of missiles coming from Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The Houthis immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but investigators say there is no evidence the projectiles came from that direction. Iran denies any involvement in the attack.

A US team in Saudi Arabia is studying the wreckage to learn more about the origin of the attack. Investigators say they expect to present a “very compelling forensic case” that Iran launched “a complex and coordinated attack.”

Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday said the US was “locked and loaded” in preparation to defends its allies in the Middle East, but lawmakers are calling for caution.

“Any kind of significant action should get the ‘okay’ of Congress,” said Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). “My worry here is that they will bumble into war, even if they don’t want one. They will bumble into it because they haven’t had a strategy.”

“I don’t think we need to be the protector of Saudi Arabia,” added Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA).

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will visit the kingdom this week to discuss the US response.

Author’s Note: The United States and Saudi Arabia are allies, but any response to Iran’s attack should be led by the Saudis.

Editor’s Update:  It appears that the drones were launched from Iranian territory. The proof is mounting. Trump is traveling to Saudi Arabia to discuss possible responses.

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  1. David Branch

    send them all the missiles they can handle by air . lol


    NUKE IRAN … Take them out … make them GLOW IN THE DARK !
    They are nothing but a scab on the ass of humanity !

    • Jada

      They have been killing each other for Centuries , they do not have a care for human life, make them glow!

  3. Kurt Walker

    Ok, so now the media says we can expect a 25 to 40 cents rise at OUR pumps. I can’t buy that. First Saudi produces 2% of the world’s supply(not 5%) while the US produces 17%, that’s fact. So if this causes a 2% drop from Saudi why can’t the US increase to 20 %. At last statement the oil companies said they were at a 71% capacity in the refineries and there has been NO tropical weather to shut them down this year. It seems that every time somebody sneezes we have a gasoline hike (immediate) that takes 6 months to a year to come down.

  4. Carlos Gamero

    Enough is enough, they have tested the will and patience of the United States and are counting that there will be no answer from president Trump because he doesn’t want to get in a war. How much more destruction and unrest from this Iranian thug is going to be needed before the world responds…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…. this thug is not going to stop his destructive mode and will continue to unsettle the world’s economy until we talk him a lesson that he will not soon forget, I feel sorry for the innocent Iranians will will pay a heavy price.

  5. Jimbo Jae

    There are no innocent Iranians.