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Unlike Watergate, This TV Impeachment Drama Flops In Approval Ratings

Unlike Watergate, This TV Impeachment Drama Flops In Approval Ratings

Hoping to sway viewers, members of the House Intelligence Committee have played to the cameras during televised impeachment hearings that this week have aired well into prime time viewing hours.

But despite the wall-to-wall media coverage, President Trump’s public support remains statistically `unchanged. The latest Gallup poll, conducted November 1 to 14, failed to show a noticeable impact of the impeachment hearings on presidential approval.

This relative stability in approval rating contrasts with President Richard Nixon’s job approval trajectory during Watergate. Nixon’s support took a noticeable dip as a potential impeachment inquiry came into focus in the early 1970s, well before social media and 24-hour cable news networks supercharged public discourse.

The last time the president’s approval rating hit 43 percent was in mid-September, just before media reports emerged that a whistleblower complaint had been filed regarding a call between Trump and the president of Ukraine.

Moreover, Trump’s Real Clear Politics numbers, an average of all major polls, have changed only about one percent since its recent high of 45.3 percent on September 24th. From October 30 to this past Monday, the president’s average approval rating is 44 percent.

Within his party, support for the president is unwavering.

According to the new Gallup numbers, Republican approval of Trump’s job performance is statistically unchanged from a poll conducted October 14 to 31. Ninety percent give the president a thumb’s up while only 10 percent disapprove. This seems to imply that the underlying claims presented by House Democrats, which at times seem obscured by minutia and diplomatic-speak, are not breaking through party lines as Democrats hoped they would.

The consistency in Trump’s approval rating likely has to do with a strong economy. Gallup reports that the 57 percent approval rating he received for his handling of the economy is the highest since he took office. His prior two ratings on the economy were 50 percent in May and 53 percent in August.

Tuesday, Trump trolled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her statements about who should decide whether he is impeached.

“It is dangerous to let voters decide” Pelosi said.

“In other words,” Trump retorted, “she thinks I’m going to win and doesn’t want to take a chance on letting voters decide.”

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  1. Richard Walters

    Pelosi looks like she died 3 weeks ago.

    • Pihaa

      Have you noticed both she and Schiff have the same crazy eyes? Really creepy.

      • David Barron

        He’s got Dick eye, do many dicks in his eyes!

    • Carson Tyler

      Times have changed. When Nixon was being impeached, how many TV Station could you watch? The Republicans have no defense but to continue to claim a scam. If Trump believes he is innocent then he should not restrict testimony. He has made the Presidents office a mafia setting. Testify and you will be punished. Do not respond calling me a dumb Democrat because I am a Republican respecting the Constitution.

      • Peter

        Caron, sure sureter for you are. A Romney suppor

        • Peter

          Let’s try that again. Carson, sure you are A Romney supporter for certain.

  2. tom treimel

    Looks like the witches having a witch hunt.
    If you have two grains of working brain cell going for you. And you can ask the next two questions:
    Looking at the video of the replies of the people involved.
    Why are they bothering with such a trivial matter when nothing that transpired had an impact on any foreign aide or relations with the Ukraine.
    Why are the Democrats wasting more money on this.
    Why can’t Adam Shiff blink.
    Who does this problem help – the Russians??? The Democratic party?
    The Democrats should be looking to heal and work on the problems of this country. Not wasting time and money on putting their faces on camera.
    The people spoke back on the presidential election and we want border security, immigration control.
    Let’s get those problems solved. Democrats don’t want to be part of the solution.
    Just create more problems.

    • David Barron

      It was 3 years ago when Trump got elected. She stroked out. The Democrats are good at animation, look at Ruth Ginsburg, animation at its greatest!

  3. Betty Greger

    Why does Nancy P. Think the Amer. People are unable to decide who they want as their President, We are not stupid nor are we corrupt and only wanting tp fill our personal pockets.get over it dems.

    • David Barron

      Citizens may demand that the swamp in Washington DC be drained once and for all, demanding change. Funny part is we did in 2016! We had the audacity to vote in a business man vs a lying, cheating , crooked, lesbian who called half the country deplorable s..

  4. Gene Kleinschmidt

    the demos are clueless as how to manage anything but chaos! what are their goals!?????

  5. Gene Kleinschmidt

    The demos are clueless as how to manage anything but chaos! What are their goals !???

  6. Brenda

    My channel 5 is out. I guess flipping off to watch movies instead of impeachment hearing upset AT&T?

  7. Matthew

    Demos are definitely not smarter than a 5th grader, in fact my 4 year old granddaughter, puts them to shame. Powder Shiff’s face, striped suit, PeeWee Herman, all over again…makes me wonder who elected that IDIOT.

    • David Barron

      He is a Clinton puppet who was financed and campaigned for by them because the incumbent was the prosecutor of the Clinton Impeachment. He does nothing until the Clinton’s tell him to jump.

  8. samurai_larry

    “It is dangerous to let voters decide”, wow! Nancy Pelosi needs to rethink that one. She is in office because voters decided (or did they, voter fraud is rampart in her home state of California – maybe the voters didn’t decide?). Impeachment is a two way street and Republicans are missing a bet, they should be filing impeachment charges against Pelosi, Schiff, Waters, and other Dems that have violated their “oath of office” – big time. This lady is power hungry and she will attempt to take down Trump to achieve that goal! “It is highly dangerous (and disastrous) to let Nancy Pelosi decide”, that is a proven fact!

    • David Barron

      Remember that Pelosi is from the biggest crime family in Maryland and could not get elected there so we moved west, stopped at California because she could not Hula!

      • David Barron

        Not “we”, she!

  9. Jeanette Kelley

    It’s refreshing to read REAL AMERICANS and their
    Views on this Impeachment Sham! These creeps in
    Washington, especially these SOCIALIST /COMMUNIST
    MEDIA always think they know what Americans want and
    need better than we do!

    Thank God for President Trump and his Beating that LYING
    Witch Hillary Clinton fairly I might add 2016! None of this
    crap would have been exposed like it is today!

    I pray President Trump and VP Pence are reelected in 2020!

    Don’t underestimate these Criminal Creeps in Washington,
    they will try and undermine this 2020 Election for sure against
    President Trump as they can’t beat him fairly! They are LIARS
    AND DECEIVERS and they will cheat any way they can!

  10. Lisa

    It is dangerous to let the voters decide. There’s your answer for her motive . Aka- we cannot get our kickbacks if we don’t have a Democrat. That statement should have been brought up. Make sure you Republicans do in the senate. They both do have creepy eyes.