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Universities Teach Political Bias

Universities Teach Political Bias

The Young America’s Foundation has published its 2018-2019 Comedy & Tragedy Report, and it is shocking. Colleges and universities in the United States are teaching classes based on liberal and socialistic dogma that flies in the face of the free exchange of diverse viewpoints that is the hallmark of our nation’s way of life.

Or, at least, it used to be.

Once upon a time in the U.S., people could agree to disagree about politics, religion, or other controversial subjects, without becoming enraged to the point of violence.

Since when do we allow elected Congressional representatives to talk openly about killing the President? Who is fostering such treasonous ideas, especially among the nation’s youth?

The answer lies, in part, in what the researchers at the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) discovered: “campuses devoid of intellectual diversity populated with leftist professors, faculty, and administrators intent on indoctrinating the rising generation in the ways of the Left.”

U.S. schools enjoy the reputation of providing some of the best advanced education in the world. Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Yale have lengthy waiting lists full of eager applicants who could expect to graduate with sustainable careers ahead of them.

The United States dominated  “The World University Rankings” from the London-based Times Higher Education (THE), with 18 institutions out of the top 25.

But is U.S. higher education really world-class?

After all, most colleges and universities are quite obscure – places we seldom, if ever, hear from. This isn’t too surprising when you consider that there are over 5,000 colleges and universities across the land. Are all of them academic winners?

The answer is “not hardly” – if you’ll allow the slang colloquialism.

The fact is that only a few hundred of those 5,000-plus institutions of American higher education command international respect and public recognition.

Regardless of notoriety and reputation, college tuition costs are mounting, seemingly in inverse proportion to quality: students are paying more for less.

Colleges and universities employ slick marketing agencies and publish articles about the advantages of pursuing a Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D. degree: principally, a better job with a higher salary and oodles of prestige.

These for-profit educational islands fail to mention their “low graduation rates, high debt loads for students, and poor placement rates into jobs.”

So even though the U.S. has the world’s best universities, on average, our institutes of higher learning are mediocre at best.

The U.S. higher educational system supports failing schools through government subsidies and indirect tax breaks.

Each year, the federal government gives $165 billion of taxpayer funds as grants, loans, and research funds to institutions of higher learning.

State governments kick in another $74 billion in direct appropriations. The states have the most say in what happens to institutions in their localities.

In all, government subsidies constitute almost 90 percent of revenues at some colleges. This explains why colleges and universities seldom go out of business – Big Brother props them up.

In many communities, the local college is the largest employer. Shuttering it would create a big political flap and have a big negative impact of the municipal economy.

So, the U.S. is full of poor to average colleges and universities churning out undereducated graduates year after year. These are, after all, the same students dumbed down from kindergarten to 12th grade (senior in high school) by Common Core.

The YAG’s 2018-2019 Comedy & Tragedy Report concluded that U.S. universities pay loud lip service to equality among the genders, races, religions, and socio-economic groups while failing to provide “diversity and inclusion” for conservative political viewpoints.

“Since 1995, Young America’s Foundation has released ‘Comedy and Tragedy’ to document the intellectual abuse and flat-out indoctrination happening by way of the appalling curriculum at our country’s most (so-called) prestigious institutions of higher education,” according to Spencer Brown of YAG.

YAG reviewed more than 250 courses at more than 50 top-ranking U.S. colleges and universities. Here is the “Dirty Dozen” list. Draw your own conclusions:

“Gender in Gaming” – University of Illinois ENGL 277

“Eco/Queer/Feminist Art Practices” – University of Michigan WOMENSTD 434

“Marx for Today” – University of Minnesota CSCL 3405

“Unsettling Whiteness” – Northwestern University AFAMST 339

“Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology” – Swarthmore College RELG 032

“American Misogyny” – Middlebury College AMST 0325

“Latinx Sexual Dissidence and Guerrilla Translation” – Davidson College LAS 394

“Marx in the 21st Century” – Princeton University FRS 139

“Queering Childhood” – Pomona College GWS 142

“Cuba from Emancipation to Revolution” – University of Georgia HIST 4211

“Global Capitalism and Racism” – University of Tennessee SOCI 460

“Humanity or Nah? Blackness, Gender, Resistance, and Memory in Monuments, Maps, and Archives” – Brown University GNSS 1961

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  1. Robert

    The fact that US universities are among the best in the World is one thing, the lower forms of education K thru 121 are deplorable in the USA compared to the World rating 11th in the free World. Now as far as teaching Socialism that is not A FACT in any way they teach what will make their students successful in the World no matter what career they get into,.the fact that Capitalism work as good and in some cases better in Democratic Socialist Countries, than it does in the USA. a very good example is the EU where the GDP is better than the USA, and they are much happier people than in the USA.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Seems to me that most ranking systems fail badly and have inherent bias. Does anyone think a Cambrigde or Oxford engineering grad is better than an MIT or Stanford grad? And where is my alma mater U. of Louisville? And this is not better than the best university in Algeria?

      On the lower education, you may find that our kids are being compared to the top 10 percent in some other countries. Or the kids of a country so small and homogenous that they score well on standardized tests but know nothing outside of their own culture.

      So don’t take them too seriously.

    • David Barron

      today’s grade school is like the 50’s and 60’s preshool. MIddle School today is like grade school in the 50’s and 60’s. High School today is like Middle school of the 50’s and 60’s. Junior Colleges are today’s answer to High School knowledge of the 50’s and 60’s. A Bachelors degree is about as useful as a High School Deploma of the 50’s and 60’s. A Master’s Degree is like a 2 year college degree of the 50’s and 60’s and of course a Doctor in Education is equal to an over blown 50’s or 6o’s 4 year college degree. In other words everything has been made easier to allow more worthless basket weaving degrees to float around. Our colleges have turned into into cesspools of political turmoil, practice for athletes that are dumber than the ball they play with, and money factories for institutions that are money grubbers. In other words todays higher learning is worthless compared to what it was only 50 to 60 years ago.

      • DB

        I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. Riquit

    Trump is the most worst president in the history, nobody trust this person anymore, he should resign right now

    • Sal Belardo

      Requit–This sounds just like the stupid quote attributed to Yogi Berra! “Nobody goes there anymore because it’s too crowded.” Yours sounds just as stupid! Because approval by Blacks and Hispanics for Trump are on the rise, whether you like it or not! When Trump gets elected again in 2020 because of Democrat racism, Democrat Anti-Semitism, and Democrat Party willing to kill babies at nine months, and abandoning Blacks to pander to illegal aliens! Trump will leave when his 8 years are up! And he is the best, President ever!

    • DB

      This is an “education orientated comment” section, not political, but then just reading your comment one questions your education, poor grammar, poor structure, lack of knowledge, and no basis for comment. What is your source of information for your bold statement. the extremely bias news media, the Democratic Party leaders whom are very bias? Have you investigated the economy, employment, your rights that have been returned, those who have been found lying, cheating, and in violation of the very oath of office they assumed under previous administrations? Have you ever investigated on how Adam Schiff got into office, by having he Clinton’s bank roll his political ambitions while they were in the White House, kind of unheard of by a sitting POTUS. So why? Seems that the incumbent was the impeachment prosecutor against Clinton, so a vendetta was played out. So Schiff, who appears to be the driving force in this Impeachment since even before Trump took office is being driven by none other than Hillary Clinton. Schiff is is nothing but a Clinton puppet. His failed first “Russian Collusion” was proven a lie, Clinton Based, and a complete flop. So now we have the Impeachment non since going on. Where is the evidence beyond a shadow of a doubt? There is none. Everything has been made up and very controlled by none other than Schiff. What happened to Nancy Pelosi, the SOTH, she is beyond reason also a very vindictive person who is drunk on power and alcohol most of the time, from the most powerful crime family in Maryland, and beyond the age or reasonable thought process. She should have retired in 2016.
      So there you have it my friend, a feud between Trump and Hillary Clinton, who still has not accepted the fact that Trump beat her in an election that she tired everything to win from cheating, lying, name calling, collusion, and dealing with foreign agents to discredit Trump. Most of America saw through her Narcissism and denied her return to the White House under the rules of the election game no matter what her lies were.

    • David Barron

      Until you learn how to write I suggest you go back to your Democratic School and ask them what is wrong with your statement above. Come on man. “the most worst….”, didn’t you pay attention in English class or did you just not take it and took basket weaving instead?

  3. John

    So, what is new? Anyone with an IQ of more than single digit has been aware of the facts for years. Professors, and that is a correct statement of what they really are, professors, not instructors or educators but professors. Professors are not educators or instructors but have clearly become indoctrinators. They profess to be one thing but then the majority of their time in the classroom is taken up by them professing to be above God in all aspects including the thoughts we should dwell on and the heart of people. God’s word says that the heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked, and we should understand that our God knew all about what would happen thousands of years ago. We need to get back to the time when we know that we have gone astray and start a global return to God and His word. America needs to demand of our teachers, at all levels start teaching and STOP indoctrinating. They are NOT God!

  4. Poorgrandchildren

    We need a separation of school and state.

  5. dwc

    That is a cogent observation. Technically, the federal government involvement in education can be considered overreach, as the Constitution already states that any power not specifically delegated to the federal government is considered to be reserved to the states individually – and education is not specifically delegated. However (and sadly), a specific addition to the constitution to clarify that, at this time of moral devolution, would probably result in something worse happening after the politicians got through brokering it.

  1. There you go again raking up stories about obscure democrats who are of small consequence in the larger American political…