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Uncle Bernie turning into 'Uncle Joe' (Stalin)? – The Road to Communism

Uncle Bernie turning into 'Uncle Joe' (Stalin)? – The Road to Communism

“The goal of Socialism is Communism”.  Vladimir Lenin once said that.  To the average person, particularly one who has been a product of the new American education system, it is a contradictory statement.  We have been told and retold ad nauseam that there is a difference between Socialism and Communism.  Communism is the very bad C word that denotes images of Stalin’s Purge and Mao’s Cultural Revolution.  

Socialism, on the other hand, is the misunderstood light version of that with imagery of Sweden and Denmark dancing through our minds.  What the illustrious professors of our prestigious institutions forget to put into the conversation is that they are stepping stones to the same outcome; a complete takeover of society by the central authority.

If one were to take the time and read the Communist Manifesto, you will find out some interesting tidbits on how Marxists think.  To begin, they view the world in a series of strategic phases.  Human Society has progressed in a series of time periods beginning with the “Primitive Communist” phase where all man was tribal and shared communally with others of his/her tribe.  This is followed by the Slave State, the Feudal State, the Capitalist State, the Socialist State, the Communist State.  

Socialism is merely a means to an end for these radical left-wing ideologues and they will continue to chip away ever so slowly in order to reach their goal of a communist utopian state.  It doesn’t help that every Communist in history has often referred to himself/herself as a Socialist, making the distinction even less pronounced.  To prove my point, it wasn’t the United Soviet Communist Republic but the United Soviet SOCIALIST Republic that we fought our Cold War with.

You’re probably asking what the point to all of this is.  What exactly are you getting at?  What I am getting at is that Bernie Sanders and his Socialist agenda are not the innocent pups he and his followers make it out to be.  He is as much a Soviet as Putin was when he was KGB.

Both look to a future where Communism has become the core of the international community.  Bear in mind it was not Trump supporters that have stormed Sanders’ rallies and assaulted police and followers, but the other way around.  Sanders’ followers are the violent Red Guard out to silence any who do not follow the road to the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.  

The Stage of Socialism is meant centralize all aspects of the capitalist state and begins to overwhelm its institutions, such as currency through hyperinflation, to force a society into a true communist state.  When that occurs, of course, the select few who had been placed in charge of all aspects of a society are then to give up unlimited power and usher in a sort of direct democracy.  This is the part that a lot of Communist dictators seem to have trouble fulfilling.  So we are left in a Soviet-style tyranny.

A vote for Sanders is a vote for the Soviet Union.  He is very much a traitor to this country and a Red Commie.  He has advocated for the nationalization of banks and energy companies.  He has advocated for price fixing and centralized control of commerce.  He has promoted groups such as the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, even praising Ortega as a “good guy”.  He had contact with the Soviet Union and even hung a Soviet flag in his office at Burlington.  

Don’t be fooled by the Semantics game with Marxists.  Communism and Socialism may have subtle differences but they are links in the same chain the bind society in bondage.

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