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UN Cuts Food Rations to Refugees Amid Global Shortage

UN Cuts Food Rations to Refugees Amid Global Shortage

As poorer nations throughout the world approach famine conditions as a result of inflation and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (read more here), the United Nations food relief agency – The World Food Program (WFP) – has decided to cut food rations for refugees by up to 50%.

“As global hunger soars way beyond the resources available to feed all the families who desperately need the WFP’s help, we are being forced to make the heart-breaking decision to cut food rations for refugees who rely on us for their survival,” laments WFP Executive Director David Beasley.

The ration cuts are expected to impact 75% of the refugees in Eastern African who currently depend on the program. Earlier this year, the WFP cut rations to West Africa even as the region experiences a 10-year peak in hunger.

“Without urgent new funds to support refugees – one of the world’s most vulnerable and forgotten groups of people – many facing starvation will be forced to pay with their lives,” continues Beasley. “Despite generous support from donors,” the WFP simply does not have the funds to continue its current programs.

As reported by UN News, the agency would need more than $600 million just to support African refugees for the next six months.

“Imminent disruptions” are expected in Malawi, Angola, Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania, added Beasley, and nations most at risk of food riots include India, Nigeria, the Philippines, Colombia, and Turkey. 

Of the nearly-10 million refugees to receive support from the WFP in 2021, 67% came from nations facing food crises. Factors that have further exacerbated food shortages in 2022 include: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting exodus of 6 million refugees, food inflation, rising energy and fertilizer costs, and climate extremes.

Author’s Note: With all of the stupid crap the UN does, you would think it could find the funds to continue its support for refugees who depend on it for survival – maybe cut funding to the World Health Organization or the International Atomic Energy Agency?? Anything is better than letting children starve.


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