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UFC ‘King of Miami’ Reigns as Crowd Erupts into Chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon

UFC ‘King of Miami’ Reigns as Crowd Erupts into Chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon

‘Let’s Go Brandon!’ rocked Miami on Saturday night as MMA sensation Jorge Masvidal prompted his fans to chant the slogan in his final speech from the ring before retirement.

Masvidal, popularly known as ‘King of Miami’ in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) world, played his final match against Gilbert Burns at UFC 287 in Miami.

President Trump attended the event. In his speech after the match, Masvidal was joined by commentator Joe Rogan for the fighter’s final comments. Then the King of Miami set the crowd on fire with applause as he gave a shout-out to President Trump, calling him “the greatest president in the history of the world.”

Masvidal went on to hit Biden with an ‘F-word’ bomb and called on the crowd to chant ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ with him. 

The moment went viral on Twitter and ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ trended on the platform over the weekend, making millions of views off various Twitter influencers.

Masvidal, 38, has been known as a staunch conservative and a MAGA supporter. A week before his final fight in Miami, he posted a video to Twitter to condemn President Trump’s indictment by New York DA Alvin Bragg as an act straight out of a “communist playbook.” He tweeted an American flag with “Make America great again” to convey his message.

When President Trump was arraigned in New York on Tuesday, April 4, Masvidal visited him at Mar-a-Lago to attend the rally where President Trump delivered a speech to his guests and supporters.

One of the many Cuban Americans whose parents left Cuba to escape a dictatorial regime, Masvidal was born and raised in Miami, a city he calls “a land of immigrants.” Last week, ESPN featured a story about his special bond with Miami wherein he said:

“When Miami sees me, they lose their mind because I am the city, bro. I am Miami-Dade, you know?”

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  1. Mike f

    Interesting that you pick a punch drunk fighter and his fans to show broad support for the failed trump Presidency. He and Herschel are good Trump spokesmen…