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Uber-Liberal Stephen Colbert Spews Misinformation Before Election

Uber-Liberal Stephen Colbert Spews Misinformation Before Election

One-time “fake conservative” talk show host and now-known liberal late-night comic Stephen Colbert has been called out for spewing lies and misinformation before the upcoming midterm elections.

For example, The host of CBS’ “The Late Show” said that the Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate had referenced a “totally made up” man in her Oct. 25 debate with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

However, the man, a former Democratic candidate who changed parties earlier this year, has since come forward, revealing that he does indeed exist, and it is Colbert, not Dixon, who has been playing fast and loose with the truth.

On his Oct. 26 broadcast, Colbert discussed the Michigan governor’s debate where he ridiculed Dixon, calling her an “anti-choice, MAGA Republican” whose views are not allegedly popular in Michigan — a state where 47.8% of voters supported former President Donald Trump in 2020.

Colbert zeroed in on two clips from the debate in which Dixon advocated for shielding children from inappropriate content in schools.

Dixon said in the first clip, “If you have material in your school that is something you can’t read to a child at a bus stop because you would be arrested, because it is pornographic, then it should not be in our classrooms.”

In the second clip, Dixon noted, “I had a gentleman come up to me just a few nights ago, and he said, ‘I found content in my school library describing how to have sex to my son.’ I went to the Democrats, and I said, ‘I cannot believe that this is in there.'”

Colbert claimed that Dixon had “totally made up” the individual in her story and sarcastically added, “That totally happened.”

Colbert further questioned why a concerned parent would turn to a Democrat for help in the first place, discounting that eight of ten members of the state board of education are Democrats and that local partisans on the Dearborn City Board of Education would also have influence over the content available in schools and libraries.

Much to the chagrin of the David Letterman wannabe, The Detroit Free Press reported that 41-year-old Khalil Othman came forward as the man whose very existence Colbert denied. 

Othman told the Free Press, “To claim that I’m not here, I don’t exist, I’m not human, that’s absolute ignorance.”

“If this person did his due diligence and start researching or has his team do a little bit of research of who’s this person who attended Dixon’s rally, they will be able to find my name right away, easy, on social media. Just Google it,” said Othman.

Contrary to Colbert’s suggestion, Othman had indeed raised his concerns to Democrats at a Dearborn school board meeting on Oct. 13. Yes, “That totally happened.”

Othman also attended the Dixon campaign rally on Oct. 21, where he lauded Dixon for her efforts to protect children and indicated that he and his family would now vote Republican.

Othman called out Colbert for his remarks, writing, “Stephen is trying to save Governor Whitmer’s sinking ship by launching false attack on Tudor Dixon. … Cheap shot and it won’t help Governor Whitmer’s dying campaign.”

Dixon joined Othman in criticizing Colbert for denying the man’s existence, saying at a Oct. 30 rally in Dearborn, “I told his story … and Stephen Colbert picks it up. … And they make this whole skit about how this has never happened. That’s what he said; this story never happened.”

“That’s where the Democrats are right now,” said Dixon. “You don’t exist; your stories are not important.”

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  1. P

    He is 100% correct. The only people that don’t believe him are the brainwashed trumptards. Leave it to the Fox News bullshit factory to spread more propaganda. Of course the republicans know they can’t win fairly so they will continue to spread the Big Lie, blame the left for stealing the last election and deflect while they attempt to do the very same thing putting their Cronies in place to make it harder for dems to vote. We were better off 6 years ago before the Putin trump team screwed up the country.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Did you copy that off of Nancy Pelosi’s web site?

    • rICK

      Wow P, you and frank stetson and Stephen Colbert should get married, and being liberal men, you can get each other pregnant and have liberal kids that can continue to destroy the world with the crazy ideas, lying and cheating you will teach them to do.

    • Larry kuhn

      What a stupid post. More evidence that democrats are liars

  2. Chipper

    I thought comedians were supposed to be funny?

  3. Cornfed

    Time for a house to fall on Wicked Whitmer, the Michigan Witch!