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Two Radio Show Hosts Admit to Asking Biden Pre-Approved Questions

Two Radio Show Hosts Admit to Asking Biden Pre-Approved Questions

Joe Biden has been taking pre-approved questions in scripted media interviews. In less than a week, two radio shows revealed that they approved pre-written questions by Biden’s team to be answered by the senile president during their respective shows with him.

Since his presidential debacle on June 27, Joe Biden has seen segments of leftist media turn on him and reporting on his feeble-mindedness, even calling on him to drop out of the presidential race. While the same media covered up for his senility and mental health crisis for over three years, their honeymoon ended on June 27 as Biden acted his usual elderly patient self during the debate. In a frantic attempt at post-debate damage control, Biden started making frequent media appearances. But it seems to be doing the opposite of what his campaign intended.

After hiding from the media for about a week following his disastrous debate performance, Biden had his first interview with Philadelphia-based radio show host Andrea Lawful-Sanders. The interview was recorded on July 3 and aired the next day on WURD. Soon after the interview, however, Lawful-Sanders dropped the bombshell revelation that the questions for Biden’s interview were provided by the White House in advance. In a statement to CNN, she said:

“I got several questions. Eight of them. And the four that were chosen were the ones that I approved.”

Blowing the lid off the Biden campaign cost Lawful-Sanders her job, even though she is a black woman – the demographic whose rights the liberals pretend to champion. She was fired by WURD on Sunday with the statement:

“Agreeing to a pre-determined set of questions jeopardizes that trust and is not a practice that WURD Radio engages in or endorses as a matter of practice or official policy.”

The Bidens have taken no blame, meanwhile, and WURD has made no announcements to ban the Biden campaign from any future coverage over their collusion with Lawful-Sanders for a scripted interview. At about the same time, another PR brick hit the Biden campaign – a second radio show admitting to a scripted interview with Biden.

On Saturday, Earl Ingram of Wisconsin-based CivicMedia told ABC News that Biden’s aides gave him a set of questions to ask during the interview. Ingram revealed that he was given five questions out of which he ended up asking four during the interview. However, Ingram showed no remorse nor offered any apology for using pre-approved questions. Instead he maintained that he saw no problem with such an arrangement.

As Biden continues to go to campaign events in a heightened effort to demonstrate that he is still worth something, the omnipresent camera has become the old man’s antagonist. Social media users played a sound bite of Biden’s pandering to black voters in his interview with Ingram against a video clip of a recent campaign event in Wisconsin where he entirely ignored a young black woman cheering him and moved on to greet an old white lady. The video of the black girl’s disappointed look went viral on social media.

On Friday (July 5), Biden sat with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News for a recorded interview in hopes of boosting his shattered political image. It didn’t go well. The old man continued to stutter and struggle for making coherent sentences while slipping repeatedly into fabrications and unsubstantiated claims. Answering one of the questions, Biden claimed he was the one to put NATO together, before his line of thought got off the rails.

Talking to Newsmax, MAGA Republican Kari Lake of Arizona, who is running for the U.S Senate, commented on Biden’s statement about putting NATO together, and she pulled no punches:

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