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Two Powerful Women to Lead RNC

Two Powerful Women to Lead RNC

Ronna Romney McDaniel will be taking Reince Priebus’ place as RNC Chair as he leaves to become Trump’s White House Chief of Staff. This Tuesday, McDaniel announced that former RNC Vice Pres. Sara Armstrong would be her new Chief of Staff. 

“This is the dawn of a new day for Republicans across America, and we at the RNC will never forget our true mission of fighting for a brighter future for American families,” said McDaniel.  

Bob Paduchik, who was involved in Trump’s presidential campaign as State Director of Ohio, has been selected as RNC Co-Chair. 

Armstrong has an impressive history in the RNC, having served as the organization’s chief operating officer during the 2014 elections and vice president in 2016. 

McDaniel calls Armstrong a “dedicated supporter” of the Republican cause. Her “many years of experience working at the RNC and her deep relationships with Republicans everywhere make her a superb choice to help lead the RNC,” she said. 

Women are also dominating the new White House communications team. “Here’s a change: Trump’s comms team almost all female – led by @KellyannePolls” tweeted Glenn Thrush on January 23rd. 

Author’s Note: Seems the women involved in this weekend’s “Women’s Marches” ignored these facts as they spoke out against Trump. Meanwhile, the DNC will select its new chairperson next month. Of the seven candidates, two are women and neither is favored to win. 

Editor’s note: In the office today we were trying to figure out what rights women in America are missing. Clearly Donald Trump has not had time to take any rights away (of course he never said he was going to, the meme was generated by the Democrative campaigns).

The only issue we can think of is… abortion rights. In other words, the woman’s right to abort a baby vs the baby’s right to live.

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