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Turkey Bombs Former US Soldiers in Syria with Obama's Blessing

Turkey Bombs Former US Soldiers in Syria with Obama's Blessing

This weekend Obama gave the go-ahead for Turkey to bomb Kurdish forces – people viewed as terrorists in the wake of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. There are between 40 and 50 former US soldiers amongst the Kurdish troops. 

Jordan Matson, retired US Marine, traveled to Syria in 2014 to join the YPG Kurdish Fighters in their battle against ISIS. He appeared on Fox News recently to explain his decision, speaking about the genocide of Yazidis and Christians and the failure of world powers to send troops to their aid.

“At a certain point…I decided if my government wouldn’t do anything about it I would,” said Matson. And he’s not alone. According to Matson, at least 40-50 US veterans are fighting ISIS in Syria. A number of former British soldiers have also joined the YPG Kurdish Fighters. Nonetheless, the White House now sees Kurdish forces as terrorists.

Despite the astonishing valor and sacrifice shown by these soldiers who once fought beneath a red, white, and blue banner, Obama did not hesitate to give Turkey the all clear to bomb Kurdish forces this weekend. The attack was the first time Turkey has acted against Kurdish militants since the 2013 peace treaty.


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