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Tulsi Gabbard Says Biden Campaign Has Been a Ruse to “install” VP Harris as POTUS

Tulsi Gabbard Says Biden Campaign Has Been a Ruse to “install” VP Harris as POTUS

While everyone has been looking towards “The Great Debate” to see if Biden is at all qualified for a second term, quietly behind the scenes insiders and a vocal Tulsi Gabbard say a growing number of Dems don’t care if he can last four years, because the plan has been to “install” Kamala Harris in the White House all along!

There has been a major shift in the number of Democrats who are now willing to accept Harris as president. Perhaps it reflects this inevitability given Biden’s apparent feebleness of mind and body. A Suffolk University/USA Today poll released on Tuesday, June 25 cited 86% of Democratic Biden voters who said they are either very or somewhat comfortable with Harris becoming president in place of Biden if the duo is re-elected for another four years and Biden becomes unable to serve the full term.

The likelihood of Harris becoming president, which “unnamed insiders” described to Fox News as “a very real possibility,” could send a political shockwave through the country and would have an impact on all Americans.

“The DNC’s strategy to ensure the Democrat establishment remains in power is to re-elect Joe Biden, no matter how old or capable he is, and then get him to resign or step aside and install Kamala Harris as president,” said former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. “She will be untested and unelected, and ready to act as the Democrat Establishment’s puppet president. She will then have the advantage and power of incumbency to run in 2028.”

“None of this is possible if Biden doesn’t run. If Kamala were to try to run for president herself, there would be heavy competition and no way she would win. This is why they are uniting around Joe Biden’s re-election – to ensure Kamala Harris is able to assume the throne unchallenged,” she added.

Gabbard, who sought the 2020 Democratic nomination for president, said Harris “is clearly not qualified to serve as commander in chief” and that it would be “disastrous and dangerous” for America if she were to become the nation’s first female president.

“This should be a major issue for voters, but the mainstream media will continue to try to cover for her because they don’t want the American people to know the truth: a President Kamala Harris would be disastrous and dangerous for all Americans and our country,” she said.

Similarly, Doug Schoen, a Democratic pollster who serves as founder and partner of Schoen Cooperman Research, expressed reservations over Harris’ ability to lead the nation while pointing to her low approval ratings.

“Democrats may be happy with Kamala Harris taking over, but the rest of the electorate almost certainly is not,” Schoen said. “Harris has lower approval ratings than Biden, and remains very much an open question to the electorate whether she is ready and indeed able to govern.”

A Monmouth University poll released in May revealed Harris’s overall approval among all likely voters remains at a low 37%.

Corinne Clark, a Republican strategist and the co-founder of, said she is “especially pleased with the Democrats hitching their wagon to Biden or Harris in 2024 because I don’t see a path forward for either of them.”

“If I’m Team Biden and I’m looking at these numbers, my first thought is, ‘YIKES!,’” Clark said. “Firstly, this will most likely contribute to what is rumored to be an already tense relationship between the Bidens and VP Harris. Secondly, it means Biden is incredibly unpopular. Kamala Harris has never been a big hit with the base of the Democratic Party. She dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary with less than 1% of the vote! But now, Biden is in such terrible shape that more than half of voters prefer someone as unpopular as Harris over him.”

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