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Tucker Carlson’s firing proves we’re living in a ‘Rollerball’ world

Tucker Carlson’s firing proves we’re living in a ‘Rollerball’ world

Contemplating the firing of Tucker Carlson, the most popular political commentator in America, reminds me of 1975 film “Rollerball.” I thought I might explore this a bit.

In the film “Rollerball,” society is controlled by corporations that have replaced traditional governments. The film follows a professional athlete named Jonathan E. (played by James Caan) who competes in a violent sport known as Rollerball, which is used by the corporations to control the masses and prevent rebellion.

In many ways, the world depicted in “Rollerball” is similar to the world of modern media, where large corporations and media conglomerates control the narrative and shape public opinion. The firing of Tucker Carlson, who is known for his conservative views and criticism of mainstream media, could be seen as an example of how the media conglomerates maintain their control and silence opposing viewpoints.

Just as Rollerball is used to distract and pacify the masses, the media can be used to distract and manipulate public opinion. By controlling the narrative and limiting the diversity of opinions in the media, corporations and media conglomerates can maintain their power and prevent the masses from rising up against them. This is not just Fox. Bezos and the Washington Post is another example. CNN, MSNBC and other could be included as well.

Another similarity between the film and the firing of Tucker Carlson is the role of the individual in society. In “Rollerball,” the protagonist Jonathan E. represents the power of the individual to challenge the status quo and fight against the forces of oppression. Similarly, Tucker Carlson represents the power of the individual to speak out against the mainstream media and challenge the dominant narrative.

However, just as Jonathan E. faces opposition from the corporations in “Rollerball,” Tucker Carlson faces opposition from the mainstream media and their supporters who seek to silence his voice and maintain their control over the narrative.

While the world depicted in “Rollerball” may seem like a far-off dystopian future, the film serves as a warning of the dangers of allowing corporate control over the media and the importance of maintaining a diversity of opinions and voices.

Worth watching again.

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  1. Chuck

    Lying Tucker is nothing like the hero in rollerball, bore like the scum parading around burning up the trees

  2. Mike f

    Daniel, interesting read, but you have Carlson in the wrong position. Yes faux has been distracting and manipulating public opinion-however Carlson is one of the worst offenders in this matter. He has been spreading misinformation regarding the 2020 election since day one, information that he knew was incorrect. He knew he was lying to his viewers, yet continued to do it because that’s what his viewers wanted to hear. I’m not sure why he was fired, but it is definitely good riddance. Perhaps faux will move toward being a news source that people can trust…

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Should we review the “lies”? That is the Democrat narrative.

      • Frank stetson

        We did.

        Over 60 failed court cases; your lawyers, some judge shopping.

        Half dozen failed recounts, your counters.

        But you know that yet still believe. Perhaps you know and it’s all about throwing red meat out to take money in for you.


        Dark Brandon signing off

      • mike f

        Joe, No, this is not the Democrat narrative. Do you read nothing but extreme right wing publications? (if so you are more ignorant than I already thought). The emails at the heart of the Dominion suit proved that Carlson and most of the rest of the Faux team were lying regarding Trump’s loss in the 2020 election-they personally felt there was no fraud, but they promoted those lies on their programs because “that’s what the viewers wanted to hear”. Of course that is not the only thing that Carlson lied about, but it is something that is easily provable even to someone as ignorant as yourself…..;

  3. Frank stetson

    While, correlation is not causation, the lies that Tucker told, and they were repeated by many other Republicans, resulted in the January 6 2021 Republican insurrection at the nations capital which has destroyed hundreds of peoples lives, if not, thousands.

    Truth matters. Lies can be harmful. Tucker is a massive, liar, guilty as charged. The check is in the mail.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      You assume he was telling lies. And yet…

      • Frank stetson

        Actually he told us HE thought they were lies and Trump an ass.

        Wonder where that would put you in tuckers mind.

        You are running out of runway to be able to make this plane take off. You have been grounded.