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Tucker Carlson Says US Intel Spied on Him in Russia

Tucker Carlson Says US Intel Spied on Him in Russia

The leading American conservative journalist Tucker Carlson has revealed that the US intelligence agencies have kept spying on him including during the days when he was visiting Russia.

On February 27, Lex Fridman had Tucker Carlson for a detailed interview lasting three hours on his podcast posted to YouTube. During the course of the conversation with Fridman, Carlson mentioned that his lawyers warned him before he left for Moscow that interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin could get him arrested upon his return to the United States over “sanctions violations.” One of the prominent lawyers, according to Carlson, told him that a lot depends on how he carries himself during the interview with Putin; appearing too nice to the Russian President could get him arrested upon returning home.

“I said you are describing a fascist country,” Carlson said to the lawyer, as he shared on the Fridman’s podcast.

Carlson then went on to say the he was being “insanely surveilled” by the US government in the past, who even admitted their surveillance, and then they spied on him again before he left for Russia to interview President Putin, and also while he was in Moscow. Carlson told that Semafor, a leftist news site, got the information from US intel sources about his meeting with Edward Snowden – the NSA whistleblower who exposed the Obama administration’s illegal spying on Americans in 2013– which he had kept secret from everyone, implying that the US intel was spying on him while he was in Russia.

Tucker Carlson has previously been vocal in sharing his story of remaining on the radar of the US intelligence and how it bothers him as a citizen of a free country. Speaking recently at the World Government Summit in Dubai, UAE, on February 12, he named NSA and CIA as the government agencies spying on him. Carlson said that the efforts to pressure him into dropping the plan to interview Putin only strengthened his commitment to journalistic freedom.

More shocking than the story of US intel keeping tabs on him was the news of an alleged plot to assassinate Carlson while he was in Russia. On Monday, February 26, Russian sources released the video of a 35-yr-old man Vasiliev Pyotr Alexeieovich wherein he is seen confessing that he was hired by the Ukraine Ministry of Defense in November 2023 for an assassination plot targeting Carlson when he would visit Russia. Elijah Schaffer of The Gateway Pundit reported on the story.

Leftist news sources tried to discredit the source of the information behind the assassination plot claim. Newsweek did a so-called fact-check on the story and wrote:

An investigation by Newsweek found no authoritative or reliable evidence to corroborate the claim, which Russian state-linked sources had disseminated.

Carlson’s interview with President Putin of Russia left the globalist media sources, politicians, and war-pushers fuming as it allowed Mr. Putin to share his views with millions of Carlson’s followers and more. Posted to Twitter/X on February 8, 2024, the video of the interview got over 200 million hits.

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  1. R. Hamilton

    NO government is your friend. But Putin’s Russia is your enemy, and doubtless had Carlson under surveillance too.

    And I’d rather risk the waste of some of the aid for Ukraine due to their corruption than let Russian imperialism be rewarded.

    Mussolini and Ceaușescu almost got what they deserved; they were at any rate killed and not neatly; unfortunately not drawn and quartered without the courtesy of being executed first. So should it be with all tyrants everywhere.

    PS while Putin is evil and even anti-foreign-aid or anti-foreign-entanglement Republicans and Libertarians should acknowledge that, IMO the reason the Democrats don’t like him is that he’s not interested in bringing communism back to Russia.

  2. Darren

    This Dem party in power would NEVER harm Tucker.
    After all he went there to discuss Russian collusion for Trumps victory, Right.
    I see it all aligning right now.
    This will play out better than J6th.
    All they need is Pelosi, that’s right, she is getting back in office.
    Reads like a book!

  3. frank stetson

    I have oft noted how unprofessional fake journalist Ernest Dempsey, not his real name, is while wondering out loud why Gilbertson publishes and pays money for this crap. His latest story couldn’t make my High School newspaper, based on it’s poor journalist quality to the point of purposefully spreading misinformation for money.

    They is an unvalidated rumor by no sources of credible value and no double-sourcing even.


    And after listing stupid rumors from unsupported, uncollaborated, and unsubstantiated single sources, he admits that the fact checkers rate these rumors as just that, rumors that are unfounded. This is not journalism, this is muckraking of the lowest caliber.

    His claim in the title is that a known liar said something infamatory.

    His story has no credible witnesses and he does not double-source any relevant facts. That goes against all ethics in journalism and is totally unprofessional.

    He sources Tucker Carlson’s rumor as fact; this is from a news-entertainer who was fired for lying.

    Desperate to reclaim his relevancy after a dismal Putin non-interview where Carlson just let Putin ramble, did not control the interview, and even Putin said he was disappointed in Carlson’s skills, or lack thereof. Carlson claims 2 million hits in a country of 330 million. No one knows how many press, how many Russians, and how many repeats.

    Dempsey brilliantly backs up Carlson with “Russian sources released the video of a 35-yr-old man Vasiliev Pyotr Alexeieovich wherein he is seen confessing that he was hired by the Ukraine Ministry of Defense in November 2023 for an assassination plot targeting Carlson when he would visit Russia.” What’s next, “China says it’s all true?” That’s not a source. That does not second source Tucker.

    Dempsey further backs that up by saying that story ran in The Gateway Pundit, proof positive that Russia tells the truth. The Gateway Pundit has an Extreme Far Right bias with very low factual reporting from questionable sources (and the fact checkers have proof). Dempsey should plagerize from better quality stock.

    Then Dempsey actually prints that fact checkers agree it’s a lie… the end of the story, as the least important fadtoid if you beleived in the inverted pyramid, a journalism concept that escapes the Dumpster. so, I ask, what’s the point of reprinting the entire top 90% of his story as if it were a fact? And why are no relevant facts double or triple sourced? Just single sourcing starting with Tucker, a guy known for making things up to publish.

    Failed journalist Dempsey prints misinformation that Gilbertson seems proud to publish. Like I said, this story fails and does not represent journalism, it’s trash.

    BUSTED, go to journalism school, learn your craft.