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Tucker Carlson Interviews Larry Sinclair, Obama’s Alleged Gay Hookup

Tucker Carlson Interviews Larry Sinclair, Obama’s Alleged Gay Hookup

Tucker Carlson’s much publicized interview with Larry Sinclair, the man who claims to have  had a night of crack cocaine-fueled sex with Barack Obama was posted to Tucker’s Twitter/X profile on Wednesday evening (September 6). The interview has sparked criticism and curiosity among audiences.

In the interview, Sinclair retold his story of doing cocaine and engaging in oral sex with Obama during his visit to Chicago in 1999. According to him, his limo driver introduced him to Obama at a bar after he told the driver that he was in town to party, specifically fun involving drugs. Sinclair says he had no idea that he was meeting an Illinois State Senator. Sinclair told Tucker that Obama made it clear that he was married and was going through some issues in his marriage. Sinclair then said he paid Obama $250 to get him some coke and while they did the drug in the limo, he made a sexual advance toward Obama, who seemed to be good with it. Obama showed up at Sinclair’s hotel room in Gurnee the next day because he wanted some more, according to Sinclair.

Larry Sinclair went public with his account before Obama’s 2008 presidential bid and he says he also reached out to Obama’s campaign in 2007 to inform them of Obama’s deceptive personality as a clean and honest person. Media, however, ignored Sicnlair and prevented a scandal that eventually would come out over the years. In 2008, Sinclaire held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and descried his encounter with Obama. Soon after the media event, Sinclair was arrested reportedly on an “out-of-state warrant” from Delaware, where Beau Biden (Joe Biden’s son) was then the state’s Attorney General.

In March 2018, The Washington Examiner reported that Sinclair slammed media for its double standards when it comes to sex scandals – ignoring his story of sex with Obama while highlighting porn actress Stormy Daniels’s story about her alleged sex with President Trump. Like Sinclair, Daniels did not provide evidence to back up her claim. In January 2018, she released a signed statement admitting that her alleged affair with President Trump never happened.


In 2020, conservative commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza interviewed Sinclair for his documentary Trump Card. In the interview, Sinclair gave the same account about having sex with Obama.

The mainstream media has continued to ignore Sinclair’s latest interview with Tucker Carlson while some conservative publications like Daily Mail and The New York Post published a statement by Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy slamming Sinclair as “the least trustworthy human” he has ever seen. Elon Musk also posted on Twitter/X that Sinclair needs to offer objective evidence to show his claims are true.

However, Tucker’s interview with Sinclair also evoked past claims about the sex life of the Obamas, including the long-held belief by some that Michelle Obama is actually a trans-woman. People started reposting a 2014 clip of comedian Joan Rivers who told reporters that Michelle Obama was transgender.

“We know Michelle is a transgender. We all know,” Rivers told the reporter.

Obama’s sexuality has also been questioned in other instances with the most serious speculations coming recently in the wake of a 1982 letter of his in which he said he had daily fantasies of gay sex. Obama, back then 21 years old, wrote to his ex-girlfriend Alex McNear:

“You see, I make love to men daily, but in the imagination.”

The letter was reported in major conservative news sources last month but left-aligned media ignored it.







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  1. Dan tyree

    Obama is queer??? Say it ain’t so Frank!!!! So that’s why you like him.

  2. Rodric George Hammond

    There were other rumblings concerning Obama’s homosexual escapades before he was elected. They were presented by more than one source.

  3. Darren

    Of course Obama is gay!
    His policies SUCK!

  4. A Watcher

    Does not surprse me at all. Another fake marriage (of convenience) Bill & Hillary Clinton…and now Barry and Michelle.

  5. frank stetson

    The only thing stupider than Dempsey’s journalistic professionalism are the comment from the four horseman of the critical thinking apocalypse. The New York Post writes: “Musk slams Tucker Carlson interview with fraudster who claims he had sex with Barack Obama.” When you are slammed by Mush, how low did you go? After decades, no one can validate this story and the “victim” is a person of low moral fiber, a lot of con man convictions, and a need for more. Tucker responds and probably paid him to appear. Dempsey did no investigative reporting, did not even look for facts, and just went with Tucker’s roll accepting the con man at his word, and nothing more.

    I could wax poetic on the true facts, this is really low hanging fruit, Dempsey did not double source this, fact check, or show any normal journalism 101 professionalism. But anyone can look it up to easily shoot it down. It is not even adequate journalism.

    The guy is a professional con man, got 14 years in Colorado for it, had two warrants out for him when he made his first announcement over a decade ago, has been debunked by every major fact checker out there —- not so much for being wrong as for not being able to prove it true. There is no diary. There is no laptop.

    And Tucker is desperate having been humiliated at FOX where he ruled the cable roost with his 4 million viewers, summarily fired probably for being a big fat liar that cost FOX 787M. Now he claims 200M views on X, the disinformation channel. His new show Tucker on Twitter will need a new name. I suggest Tucker on Drugs.

    Carlson’s proof was that the convicted conman would sign an affidavit affirming everything he had said was true, hopefully with his real name since has has dozens of aliases.

    But the best was when Carlon said the con man took a lie detector test. Yes, he did it for the $100K if he passed as offered by He did not get the money.

    All of this info was easy to find for either Dempster or these four rocket scientists confirming Obama is gay and Michele is a trans. How did they ever have kids? Dempster is a shock journalist of less than adequate talent. Khaaaaaaan.



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