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Trump’s legal problems worsen … significantly

Trump’s legal problems worsen … significantly

Whether President Trump can maintain his position as the likely Republican standard bearer for the 2024 presidential election is still an open question — maybe just barely open.  So far, he has defied political gravity – but will that continue in the face of increasing legal problems?

If Trump were to dodge the bullet in most of his court cases, he would most certainly be the Republican nominee – and most likely win back the presidency.  But the latter appears to be slipping away.  The question is whether he could conceivably win the nomination with felony convictions – and other court setbacks—or even from … jail.

It is unlikely that voters will know the results of all the cases in time for the 2024 election.  Any that he loses will be under appeal past November 2024.  Seeing Trump in an orange jumpsuit in this election season is highly unlikely.

Based on the latest news – the guilty pleas by Sydney Powell and Kenneth Cheseboro — I think pundits on all sides would agree that Trump’s legal problems have worsened significantly.  These guilty pleas do not come from some down-the-line political foot soldiers, but from people who had significant access to Trump and were considered key planners of the fake elector gambit.

I feel compelled to remind readers of my past commentary in which I said that the alternative electors’ scheme was entirely idiotic.  If these folks went on trial for stupidity, they would be convicted for sure.  In a sense, I suppose they are on trial for stupidity.

Proposing alternative electors is not illegal.  Legislatures have the legal power to switch slates of electors if they think the original electors were not properly elected – or for any reason.  But every state legislature that was asked refused to do so.  Going ahead on their own – and submitting them to authorities in Washington — was the height of stupidity and arguably illegal.  That is the argument that will be debated next March.

In the meantime, we have three of the 19 defendants pleading guilty to avoid jail time.  While Cheseboro confesses to a felony, Powell got her charge dropped to a misdemeanor.  I suspect that a lot of the hardcore anti-Trumpers will be disappointed to see Powell and Cheseboro avoid jail.  But you cannot have everything.

It is probably safe to say that those entering guilty pleas based on deals with the prosecutors are officially flippers.  There is no reason to offer such good deals to folks you indicted as serious felons without getting good evidence and testimony against someone higher up.  In terms of Powell and Cheseboro, there is only one or two people higher up – Rudy Guiliani and Donald Trump.

I suspect we have not seen the end of the flippers.  When the Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis indicated her intent to try all the defendants at one time, she probably understood many of the 19 – maybe even most – would not be in the courtroom in March.

I have long believed that Trump could lose the civil cases – the corporate fraud case and the defamation case – and survive politically.  But much now depends on the results of the other cases. 

At one time, I speculated that the case that posed the greatest threat of a conviction was the Documents Case.  But even a conviction there might not bring Trump down.  That case has not weakened, but the Electors Case is now posing a very serious threat to Trump.

Willis now has flippers – and will be avoiding a trial that would have given Trump a preview of the case.  Special Counsel Jack Smith gets the benefits of a couple more prosecutorial witnesses in his January 6th and Documents Case investigations.

In view of these events, I would not be surprised if Smith files additional charges against Trump.  Perhaps even a seditious conspiracy charge.

I can at least understand why so many Republican voters stick with Trump in the primaries – although I am not one of them.  I find it increasingly difficult to see how he can win the General Election as a convicted felon on charges that relate to misdeeds he committed as President.  However, as long as Democrats go with Biden – although I am not fully convinced, they will – I guess anything can happen.

If you look into the crystal ball regarding Trump’s legal prospects, you see how things can still get a lot worse for the former President – but very little opportunity to get better.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Frank stetson

    Day late, dollar short. Four now, 15 to go. Powell was in the oval for some meetings of the crazies. Gets to Trump. Trumps says she’s not his attorney. There goes attorney/client privilege. Cheeseburger gets to Eastman and Ghoulishani. Can’t toss him against the wall. They are toast. Now Jenna which also gets to the Ghoul. Unfortunately, not sure Willis wants a flip on the bankrupt Ghoul, he’s not credible.

    I am anti Trump and, more important, anti-Trumplicant. Do not care about prison for anyone, but there will be time. Willis is reaching the end of pleas for testimonies, there is not much room left in that rowboat. I expect Trump will be incarcerated at Mar A Loser if he can keep it.

    In terms of the electorate, who knows. You guys already have criminals in Congress. Trump’s business is already convicted I think. Trump is liable as a sex abusing digital rapist. No matter yet.

    And you left out the big one; what type of access does this give Smith. Depending on State law, he might get anything he wants from these convicts and that spells more serious trouble for Trump. Also, the Supreme possibility gets murkier with all these folks saying, yup, we did it and we take full responsibility on breaking the law for Donald J Trump.

    And the most important part you skipped: we know who attempted to rig the national election for the first time in history at this level and scope: Republicans. Trumplicants.

    Long day coming. You gonna need a bigger boat. And you know what’s coming next. Wait for it……

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson … You say I left out a “big one.” “what type of access does this give Smith,” you write. I wrote. “Special Counsel Jack Smith gets the benefits of a couple more prosecutorial witnesses in his January 6th and Documents Case investigations.” I did not leave it out. You keep making these sorts of misstatements about what I have written. Is it a matter of reading … comprehension … memory …. or willful?

      • Frankvstetson

        Or perhaps just bait to let you once again vent your spleen in your obsession.

        Actually a mistake but do you know that Smith has full access to question these folks not indicted in the DC case ?

        Not that it matters if Meadows took immunity there

        • Doug Corrigan Jr.

          Waiting for this goober’s refutation of the proof shown on this very page that he’s a raving, railing anti-Semite and Third Reich fanboy.

          The ironclad evidence is on the record. There’s been no wisp of rebuttal.

          Same old, same old.

      • Doug Corrigan Jr.


        This is the third comment board of yours in 3 days that I’ve seen you waste oxygen on the same nattering nabob whose figurative jaws flap endlessly without emitting so much as a sentence that adds value to conversation.

        Granted, thiedrooling eugenicist is an easy mark, but it’s unfair for you to verbally kick around someone whose education ended in third grade with an expulsion for festooning his madrassa with a Festivus decor.

        His obvious degree of loathing for Jews and blacks should disqualify him from being allowed to gooberize this town square.

        • Frank stetson

          “We’re devils and black sheep, we’re really bad eggs.”

          Nattering nabob; oh the horror of it all.

          Show of hands to all thinking I’m muslim, german, whatever. More chance that I’m jewish.

          You always hate the one you ❤️

          • Doug Corrigan Jr.

            Another anti-Semite Third Reich revivalist masquerading as a Jew.

            Let’s prove he’s an unmitigated liar. It’s easy to do.

            It’s 5:48 pm EST Oct. 25. It’ll take him some time to answer the following questions, though any Jew could answer them instantly:

            Where did he have his bar mitzvah (which temple, that is)?

            What kind of ceremony was it?

            Who was the presiding rabbi and who were the other officials?

            When was the ceremony?

            Who was the worst member of the Third Reich power structure other than Hitler?

            Easy questions to answer for any Jew. Not so easy for fake Jews. Even harder for Jew-haters.

            The clock is ticking…

          • Frank stetson

            “More chance” does not mean YES. At least in English.

            And there is more chance than muslim or german according to dna. Less than 1%.

            Keep those cards n letters coming. Will be here all week, don’t forget to tip your wait person on your way out. And you’re way out, Dude.

            My turn. Prove I am anti-semite, eugenicist, muslim, or hate blacks. Right after your plan for China is revealed. Notice your English gets worse as mine gets better 👍.

            FYI; I could of complied and lied to your jew test easily. My college roommate got me a Kosher catering job for four years. I’ve been to more affairs than most rabbis. Owner was an sob, racist, but paid well, had the tats, with a multilingual kitchen where roommate and i often the only English speaking. Seemed ironic his hatred, just like yours. It’s where I learned: “never trust a lady in a long dress.” Can you say Mrs. Robinson.

            Good luck on your test: it’s ….. well, shit, the posts are time stamped. Only an idiot stupidly making a meaningless gesture would publish another time stamp. Good luck. I expect crickets, especially on your invisible plan for China.

          • Doug Corrigan Jr.

            This post is out of order because the thread ended. But the info remains sterling.

            As I predicted, racist Achmed Stetson the Jew-hater would not be able to answer my questions about Judaism because he’s the polar opposite. I guaranteed it, and he’s borne me out.

            Here’s another “tell” for the fuhrer-slurping knot-see boy — this site’s resident Hitler fan, who capitalizes “Hitler” but not “Jew.”

            Knot-sees don’t capitalize “Jew.” They spell the word like Achmed does. They often try to remember to capitalize when on a neutral or Pro-Jew site if they’re disguising their nature. But force of habit takes over.

            Now if you look at the comment board for the Horist column yesterday, you’ll see he replied to my posts almost immediately. As I said in an adjacent post today, he wouldn’t do that this evening because he’d first have to do some considerable research to answer my questions about Judaism — which any Jew could answer instantly. So much for being Jewish himself.

            He worked on it for almost an hour and then gave up, unable to answer a single question.

            No doubt he’d be Johnny-on-the-spot if my questions would have dealt with Germany, LMAO.

            Here’s what’s likely to happen next. He’ll squeal that answers to my questions would invade his privacy.

            Awwwwww. There’s only one datum that would violate his privacy, and that question is what religion he adheres to. But what do you know: He volunteered that answer without solicitation.


            And while we’re on that subject, let him very briefly answer the following: The four principal sects of U.S. Judaism are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Messianic. Which is he, and why did he identify with that denomination? If he were a Jew, that is, as claimed. But as I’ve shown, his theological position isn’t Jew but Jew-hater.

            Poor little not-see, being publicly exposed to shame like that. Fortunately for him, he posts on other sites under other identities.

    • Doris Lauter

      You want to know who rigged the election? CNN. On election night, Cnn was giving the final count for president. I saw the machine, giving votes out, and when Biden would get 500 more votes from wherever, Trumps total votes would go down that exact amount that Biden gained. Tthe machine was rigged to steal votes every so often. I saw it on Tv. If you could get the video from it, it would shake up a lot of people.

      • frank stetson

        Oh come on Doris, millions of dollars and people looking and they all missed this? Do you know how much Trump would pay for this factoid if true.

        • Tom

          Yeah you are right about that Frank! He would have given at least a million for it! What Dorris probably saw on TV was the numbers going up for Biden which made it look to her like Trumps numbers were going down, when the reality is that the margin between the two candidates was increasing and she could not properly process it. Darren has some similar processing problems.

          • Frank stetson

            There was something like that at a state level but explained. Never saw it at national level.

          • Doug Corrigan Jr.

            Gimme a break.

            Whether talking about an election contest or a football game, when one team scores the other team’s score doesn’t appear to decline.

            Could anything be more obvious?

            Besides that, Doris cited specific intervals of 500 votes.

            As for your references to “processing it,” they make no sense.

            And comparing such a phenomenon on a state versus a national level is absurd. No one has claimed that election fraud was or is committed at every single state.

        • Doug Corrigan Jr.

          Resident not-seeboy Achmed Stetson files a post consisting exclusively of questions, but when I challenged him to answer at least a half-dozen questions to demonstrate if he’s a Jew (as claimed) or a Third-Reich-slurping Jew-hater, he dodged Every Single One, Lmao!

          And it gets better: He babbled seemingly endlessly about how he could have answered the questions if he wanted to.

          Nyuk X 3.

          He apparently scrutinizes Horist’s columns and comment boards extremely closely. He has all the time in the world to look up answers to my questions. Maybe this will haunt him until he does.

          We should all cut him some slack because we’re communicating in English, not his mother tongue (German).

    • Doug

      Two paragraphs of this goober’s nattering is as much as any cogent individual could abide. It’s the usual empty slate of pidgin babbling and blubbering that provides no wisp of actual thought and ideation. Heinrich Stetson here seems to be auditioning to become Kamalala Harris’s speechwriter.

      See the comment board attached to https://punchingbagpost com/chinas-expanding-nuclear-arsenal-is-china-ready-to-throw-its-weight-around/#comment-66342 (insert period into empty space before “com”) to marvel and laugh at Klaus as he flails in frustration to be understood in English rather than his native German even as he cops to his attraction to Der Fuhrer.

    • Americafirst

      Good, Frank. I’m so glad you are against Trump. It shows how you may be guilty of treason in the near future, although I do not think the Military wants to bother with the likes of you. I am so happy to inform you that Trump is the legal and inaugurated Commander in Chief and has been since 1/20/20 from the Military who gave him a 21-gun salute with full honors while your preferred terrorist, FAKE Joe Biden was given a 3-gun salute for a funeral because Biden was executed on 1/20/21. Trump is also the legal President of the United States which is now the New United States Republic, while President Jim Carrey playing Biden is president of the united states corporation inc. which in case you aren’t smart enough to figure out is 10 square miles of foreign land located in the United States otherwise known as the District of Columbia and/or Washington DC. which is now defunct. Get this in your head once and for all; Biden is NOT the President. Never was. Jill Biden is a fraud just like Michael Obama is although she isn’t a tranny, but she never was First Lady like Michael Obama was. What a joke our top government is. Everything I said is online to prove I am telling the absolute truth. You should go to Gitmo Tribunals TV and get the bigger shock of your life and find out how many idiots you think are still alive but are not because they were executed. Frank, you think everything you think and say is the truth and no one else tells the truth. You need help. Go to at least a therapist. Also, learn how to do research so you don’t tell any more lies. You asked for this. I don’t feel very sorry for you, either. I am tired of your anti everything attitude-it is your rhetoric. So, go ahead and slam me. It is what you do. Your ego precedes you. It is a comedy hour now from you. And you need to learn how to say you are sorry. But, you won’t because of your controlling ego. It makes me think you are in love with Communism and socialism.

  2. Frank stetson

    Looks like Meadows testified to Smitb for immunity telling all. Also admitting his both confirmingvthe big lie was a lie.

    Pretty soon a lot of Trumplicants, like Lyndsey Graham and even Joe Gilbertson gonna have to choose: were you lying or just really stupid?

    The end is getting closer, if Meadows flips, game over on The Big Lie and the 1.6.2021 Violent Republican Insurrection at the Capitol.

    Wait for it.

    • Frank stetson

      Book, not both.

      • Dan tyree

        Stealing the election wasn’t enough. Nothing was being said about Trump until he announced another run. If he hadn’t done that he would have been left alone. Now America has became another third world shithole Prosecutors are standing by. Don’t fuck with the left

        • Tom

          Ahhh a Trump term, shithole. What this military veteran wants to know is when will you be leaving the shithole for greener shores? Nobody is stopping you from leaving my friend!

          • Dan tyree

            I’m speaking of the corrupt government and justice department. Prosecuted for not believing in the results of an election? Seriously? Is that the America that you fought for.? Thanks for your service. I just see the danger we are in. And politicians from both parties are to blame I enlisted but a heart murmur kept me out. Didn’t know about it. But I offered myself up. But no way would I have Biden as my commander in chief

  3. frank stetson

    You are right Dan that Trump’s run predated the indictments as a ill-fated ploy to scare them off as interfering with an election. Thus he announced probably earliest of any candidate ever..

  4. Darren

    All this talk about Trump and if he is guilty or going to prison.
    Hillery Clinton FOR FACT Lied about Russian Dissinformation. Created the complete Lie.
    This is a person in the United States making false hoods, Lieing & try ing to OVERTHROW a sitting President of the United States.
    Her ass should be barried in a dark hole some were, and the hole should be thrown away!

    She only gets away with it because RINOs and Democrates alike do not want our corrupt Govt changed.
    If you reading this and agree with what is written in the constitution, how can any one support the Democrates or RINOs.
    Trump, Trump, Trump!

    • Tom

      Darren, exactly what in clause or paragraph in our constitution are you referring to?

      I agree, Trump and Hillary should share a jail cell together.

      • Frank dtetson

        Don’t want to se how she rapes him but my bet is she winds up on the pitchers mound 😁

    • Tom

      Darren, the more I think about it the crazier in love with Trump that you look. I do agree that both should be in jail But I thought about it closely.

      What Hillary did was lie about a candidate which is not illegal in our constitution. What I believe she should be in jail for is destroying her emails on the personal server and using a non-issue government phone for official business which clearly is against government rules. I do not recall Hillary “trying to overthrow a sitting president” as you say. Her Russia Hoax was actually pre-Trump and in the first year of Trump. But it went nowhere, and was actually an authorized investigation that proved it was a lie – so I disagree with the word “overthrow”. And had she won her Russia Hoax and somehow got rid of Trump, Pence would have become the next POTUS, not Hillary. Hillary did pay a price by losing the election but she did not try to change the results of the election. She also paid a price, as did her employees, when the very next day after the election half of the Clinton Foundation employees were terminated which means their foundation took a big hit from the loss.

      What Trump did was lie about an election which is not illegal in our constitution. What he did afterwards that was so egregious (that means really bad) is that he planned and attempted to change the documented results of an election and interfered with the lawful business of congress when he tried to stop the electoral college count and seed false electors. In all cases the state governments had not approved the electors on Trump’s list. That is much worse than what Hillary did.

      Darren, I do appreciate your honest feelings that you document on this blog. They give me great insight into just how deep the Trump denial ism virus goes, and how hard it is to cure and restore the individual back to a rational state of mind. Thanks for the insights!!!

      • d

        As if Shrilllary did NOT “win” her disinforma tion quest re: claimed Russian election interference. All the polls indicate that most people still believe the lies. She won because arbiters of popular culture — newspapers, mags, music, public broadcasting (radio & TV), other forms of entertainment, network news, various celebrities, late-night talk shows, you name it insisted on substituting lies and distortion for truth.

        As for Trumpests being irrational, that’s a hoot in light of the cults of personality that glom onto leftniks like Obama, Shrillary, Groper Joe, Nurse Jill Bidet, AOC and other Squat members.

        Shrillary did indeed try to overthrow a sitting president. That basically means beating an incumbent. But she conspired with British, American and other intelligence officials to spread her lies and should have been sued and been forced to give Trump every penny of her ill-gotten gaines, from investing in pork bellies to redirecting over $1 billion in Haitian aid to her already-rich minions.

        Re: Trumps election “steal,” it appears his downfall has been engineered by threatening people with spending decades in prison and exposing their families to draconian, Clintonian damage if they don’t testify against Trump.

        By the incredible penalties meted out to January 6 defendant, the gummint proved it knows no boundaries to the vileness it’s capable of, and scores of defendants are agreeing to lie on the stand rather than suffer the fate of people like Epstein and others who have been suicided or suffered mysterious deaths.

  5. frank stetson

    Trump should ust that in court Darren.

  6. Tom

    I agree with your article Larry. I do think an orange jump suit would go well with the hair. But personally I prefer what our former Davidson County sheriff Gerald Hege did when he made prisoners wear pink jump suits and pained the jail pink!

    What does bother me is the outrageously kind sentences these flippers are getting. 5 years of probation and monitoring for filing false papers while the serious charges were seemingly all dropped. Seems a bit light to me considering that these folks were planning something that would upset and misdirect the will of the people of a whole nation. Seems like Republicans do not mind being soft on crime for these situations. I do not hear a single Republican law maker screaming that the penalties are not severe enough. But if the Dems had done this they would be furious and we would never hear the end of it. Seems like “woke Republicanism” to me!

    My prediction is that many of the remaining defendants will try to cop a sweetheart plea deal like the first three. How many more that boat can fit is your guess and mine but there will most likely be a limit to the “Deals R’ Us” strategy, and maybe some defendant infighting like dogs fighting over the same steak bone.. Maybe they can run a lottery for the remaining defendants. My feeling is the more crap they get on Trump the better. That will hopefully give some new blood a chance and just maybe provide the new direction for the GOP that we Independents and Unaffiliated voters are hoping for!

    Again though, it seems like both parties are soft on crime. With Dems its at the city level with poor folks. With GOP its at the federal level with elite rich folks

    Again, good article today Larry!

    • Joe lucas

      Cohen testified that the allegations against trump wasn’t true. He didn’t over estimate his properties worth. And the phony election trials will probably fall apart

  7. AC

    Ain’t free speech grand.
    Larry stirs the bees nest that is American politics.particularly in reference to Trump and it’s all elbows and butts. A no rules assumed brawl ensues, much to Larry’s delight..
    No comment on the subject of the day shifts Larry’s opinion from its center. Contributors appear, the usual suspects report in. Admittedly, mine is too often among them.
    To wit, Larry’s commentary points together with whatever others contend all amount to nil, it’s all moot.
    What positive impact on lessening America’s divisions splitting citizen against citizen? Heard through the verbal din online amount not a word solving an iota of that which ails Washington.
    Settling an impasse choosing the Speaker will mend the House divided. When Trump approves of the new Speaker, as he has indicated, it does not bode well at all. Will this person actually lead the chamber as our country expects sand needs.
    Alas, to what end does any commentator write and publicize one or another opinion. Is it for reader’s edification, or impress others with unique understanding.
    To say it succinctly, it’s merely political entertainment, almost comedic. But, in comedy one may find a point imbedded.

    • Doug Corrigan Jr.

      Is there a central theme here, besides the determination that politics is a nasty business plied by nasty people? That’s been universally known for centuries.

      • frank stetson

        Mr. Corrigan: I answered your stupid question where you accused me, of being a liar for saying I was “more chance of being Jewish” than German, Muslim, whatever. Apparently, my answer did not satisfy your quest. Now you ask that I prove that I am not antisemitic. This is an unending child’s game that probably will never end. I will not continue to play.

        This all started as your deflection from the China thread where I suggest diplomacy, agreements, and treaties as a means of moving forward where upon you unleashed a tirade of name calling as documented on that thread and allowed under PBP’s warped concept of “free speech.”

        I had questioned what YOUR China plan would be numerous times: crickets.

        At this point we either continue to play your child’s game of stupid questions without any rationale or I reply, in kind, and we bring the discussions on PBP to a grinding halt, or until they take moderation actions.

        I obviously like the discussions here, have learned some things, hopefully shared some things, and gained a better perspective of the new Trumplicant Party, but your activity is less than productive and I will not continue to play your games. So, either get some class, feel free to vigorously discuss the issues, or I just have no reason to respond.

  8. Mike f

    Larry, can you honestly read these comments and not be ashamed of how many of these idiots replying to your post are voting Republican? From Trump is the legitimate President to CNN caused Biden to win on election night to Frank is a Jew hating nazi. These people are all delirious and are the people that put MYG, Boobert, Gosar, Tuberville, Jordan in office-the list of fools that are republican elected officials and their voters goes on and on…

    • Dan tyree

      Yes I’m a Republican. What about it?

      • frank stetson

        I would say you are a Trumplicant Dan, be proud to say it. I am not sure how many Republicans are out there. Horist is on the fence, IMO. Gilbertson is over the fence……

        • Dan tyree

          No. I’m not a trumplicant. I’m leaning toward supporting Nikki Haley. I’ve said that before. But if trump is nominated he has my vote. The interesting part is that fingers point to Biden concerning his crooked shit involving his idiot son. Where’s the outrage? So go ahead and say it. No proof. Same thing with Trump. Of course people are being threatened and bribed to lie. Your party tries to govern by fear and smear.

  9. Frank stetson

    Thanks, I take it back and put you on the fence.

    I’m sorry, not sure what Biden is hiding re Hunter given Hunter not tried yet. Anything else seems, anecdotally, at the same place as me with my kids where I know little, but could be accused of a lot. I have met their friends, know their jobs, but really not in depth. Could be that too secret part…. I have always said investigate away, can’t wait, but your House has only turned up Fox tidbits, nothing to get you to court yet. Especially at the Biden level where you have the inquiry going too. Looks like Benghazi all over again or even less than Russiagate so far.

    Threats and bribes? Proof? Because I see that’s your guys strong suit. All we got that I can see is blm and antifa and antifa is not democrats.

    You got Trump incites. He goes after both parties. Mich gov kidnap plan. Congress stormed. State houses stormed. Pelosi home stormed. Mitt pays 5k a day to stay OK. I can add much more. 45% congressional turnover in your own party since Trump. Why did that speaker nominate drop after three hours? Didn’t want to live with 24/7 security? And now it turns out you guys tried to rig the election big time. Guilty as charged on 4, with 15 more to fall. Trump’s business proven liable as a house of fraud. So, what you got on us?

    Fyi: Hunter is an idiot as well as James and the other Biden grifters. They should give the cash back or to charity if they had class.

    • Joe lucas

      Robert Card for president. He could train the secret service. Lol.