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Trump’s Commentary on Biden’s SOTU – Finally Some Sense!

Trump’s Commentary on Biden’s SOTU – Finally Some Sense!

This is Maria Bartiromo’s interview with Donald Trump concerning Joe Biden’s State of the Union address.

This is a brilliant interview by Maria, and Trump knocks it out of the park.

This is as close to the truth as is gets, sorry about the redirect to facebook.

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  1. Tommie

    The whole Democrat Party suffers from severe TDS!!! Believe it.

  2. B4CE

    Didn’t Larry just write a blog questioning trump’s grip on the GOP.
    I guess Joe answered Larry’s question.

    • Ben

      The day Trump makes sense, pigs will fly. Joe believes the big lie, can you believe that. He thinks Trump improved our bottom line, and cured covid all by himself. After all, 1,000,000 dead people can’t be right.

      After all, Turnip said Putin’s a genius, a strong man you can respect, and that’s a guy you can believe. 30,000 lies in four years and Joe believes every one. He took the freakin Presidential library to Mara Loser in the back on his jet. His wife is a communist who’s father is in the Party. Joe heirves it all. You know, like Tarpaper said, Americans kill a lot of people too.

      Let’s go Hillary.

      • Larry kuhn

        Dingle berry loves Hillary. Why not? Both are fucking crazy

        • Ben

          Just say the word Hillary and rapid dogs begin barking. KKKuhn woof, woof

          • Perry

            White power you stupid dingle berry

  3. Ben

    Ah, Gay Paree is a rabid racist too.

    • Rastus

      Black power

  4. AC

    Joe G.
    You have got to be kidding. Did you really listen and hear what ridiculous irrational gibberish issued from the man head and out through his mouth. It’s a godsend for or country that the majority of its voters voted rationally for Biden. The Former President did not deserve four more years. The first four happened through a technicality fluke. The Electoral College gifted Trump the 45th spot the electorate, in another lie, he claim windy by a landslide vote. Like the claim he made that his swearing in crowd was more than Obama had at his. Not true, but still his team photoshopped the video to appear more folks were there.
    His credibility was blown early on in his unearned gifted term as he showed distrust for our Intelligence Agency information about Putin meddling. Instead, unbelievably, he took Putin’s word on the matter.
    In his four years I’m office the time passed interminably. Everyday was an embarrassment for the country as he would do and say outrageous things with consistency. It’s the thing was consistent about, plus his inability for telling the truth. He is the feckless one and he has not one clue, stumbling through, in total view.
    He lacks the decency other former Presidents showed when they left office the left the limelight for other pursuits like gentleman with honor. I know gentlemen and he is no gentleman with honor.
    Why any rational or moderately sane person would listen to his unintelligible chatter much believe anything he said made sense at all? It’s come to be known as “the dumbing down of Americans”. As unrighteousness personified role model and chief, is as he acted out the part of the pied piper of the mesmerized Republican Party. Soon and very soon some one must snap their fingers and the trance will get lifted. Until that time, senseless thinking and ridiculous behavior among Republicans will continue. That’s an objective fact already demonstrated and established by public behavior.