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Trump Wins Big Time! Turkey Agrees to Ceasefire, Proves Critics Wrong

Trump Wins Big Time! Turkey Agrees to Ceasefire, Proves Critics Wrong

Vice President Mike Pence has announced that Turkey agreed on Thursday to pause its eight day war in order that the Kurdish YPG militia could evacuate the area.

Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo met with Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan on Thursday to hammer out a deal. President Trump had threatened crippling economic sanctions should Turkey not agree to terms.

Included in the terms, Turkey will achieve its goals stated before the assault began, that they are able to form a 20 mile buffer zone, where the Kurds are obliged to pull out.

Trump has taken a lot of heat for his decision to pull U.S. soldiers out of Syria and allow Turkey to proceed with his assault. Although Trump has admitted in a Thursday night speech that the 8 days of battle has been bloody, it appears that Turkey has shown that it can be reasonable, and it appears that the new status quo will be a great deal more stable for the region.

Congress passed a resolution condemning Trump’s troop withdrawal in a rare bilateral vote. “The entire region will suffer the consequences of some very bad actors getting back on the battlefield again because of that,” said Sen. James Lankford (R-OK). “The administration clearly did not coordinate with the State Department, with the Department of Defense, with what was happening in the region, to make sure we were securing those fighters and preparing for that moment.”

But consider that between 500,000 and 1 million people have died since this war started. And consider that with this victory, Turkey will have no further reason to make further incursions into Syria, and we could reach what game theory calls a “Nash equilibrium,” meaning that, for each side, the benefit of proceeding further is not worth the potential cost.

Author’s note: I listened to a lot of heartfelt criticisms of Trump for “abandoning” the Kurds, and was quite dismayed with Congress’ actions.  But Trump was determined to get out of “endless wars,” per his campaign promise, and there was really no easy or painless way to do it.

This is certainly not over, but it appears that Trump’s strategy and negotiating abilities have stabilized the region.

Take THAT Democrats…

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  1. Jack

    The left will still complain and keep on bashing our President, NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES, OR DOESN’T DO PERIOD.

  2. Marinevet

    President Trump is not a politician. He does not make his decisions on anything with politics in mind. He makes his decisions with the country in mind and what benefits our country the most. He is accomplishing what a politician wouldn’t be able to because of their affiliations with their party’s platform. Thank goodness for our president.

  3. Robert Ashby

    This region has been a tinder box for over a hundred years. The conflict was always bloody. This is the least painful solution for this region, with the primary purpose of getting American troops out of the line of fire. This was always a fruitless conflict. Congress and the Senate can just fall straight to the bottom of Hell!

  4. rdn

    What are you people smoking Turkey and Russia got everything they wanted. We’ve been out maneuvered by a second rate country. If it wasn’t for the Kurds our chosen one that knows more than our Generals couldn’t say ISIS was defeated which by the way is another among many lies.

  5. Carson Tyler

    GET REAL. The best received was a pause. Created the problem, now trying to correct it. The horses are not out of the burn. To say he wins big is a joke. I am concern why his supporters have no concern for our laws. Reading comments they want Trump to be a dictator. Like it was said yesterday they do as the want so GET OVER IT.

  6. Keith C. Haas

    It sounds like they had a war in the mid east that came and went quickly. And not one American solder had to come home in a body bag. That sounds like a win for America to me.
    Those who listen to the lies of our media and have bought into the hate for Trump will never wake up and see the good side of what our president has accomplished the last three years.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Especially since we have little or no national interests in the area. We should never have been there in the first place.

  7. Roger Cook

    Trump is good on business with China but a fool in politics. Russia has stepped in now as the new powerbroker in the ME. Trump betrayed the Kurds and ISIS prisoners will escape. Turkey has only agreed to a pause in fighting.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Trump still has Saudi Arabia as an ally, they are a major power broker there, plus Jordan and some others are friendly. Russia has had Syria for 50 years, there was no way to take it away from them.

      Turkey has agreed to do the humanitarian thing and let the Kurds out without killing them. They will get the 20 mile buffer zone and then they will stop since they don’t really want to take on the whole Syrian army. They have agreed that Syria soldiers could remain in the 20 mile buffer zone. This agreement means the least number of a people dying.

  8. Kurt Walker

    The best decision that could be made is for the USA to get out of the region. If you folks, who seem to always know better, will bother to check, Russia tried to take over Afganistan for fourteen (14) years and finally realized they couldn’t over come 200 years of fighting and bad blood in the region AND then they pulled out. I served three years in Arab country. Those folks still live in and make their rules from “hand me down” history they have been taught all their lives. The only way you can successfully deal with them is leave them to their historic ways with warning that they WILL BE destroyed if they attack our ways. They are NOT stupid. They are just different from civilized nations thinking.

  9. Jeanette Kelley

    What the Heck is wrong with some of you writing these
    comments regarding Syria? The Kurds have been fighting
    these radicals for sometime. However; lately, they have become
    just as Brutal as these Thug ISIS PEOPLE we are trying to
    defeat! I’m not knocking the KURDS, but all these people
    have been fighting and killing each other for Centuries. Watch
    ONE AMERICA NEWS , they had a special on SYRIA.

    Don’t you think we have shed enough of our precious Sons &
    Daughter’s in all these Foreign Wars? Talk to some of these
    parent’s that have lost Children, or have badly injured Kids
    coming home for them to help for the remainder of their
    lives! We have a war right here on our Boarders, to Save
    this precious Nation of ours, Don’t you think we need to take
    care of that First?

    Our President did the right thing for this Country! Enough
    of our Money, Blood & Precious Americans dying for
    a country that could care less about us.

  10. George Peabody

    YEA! My President, again, saves lives, ends USA involvement in those foreign wars, brings our Troops home to USA. Keeping promises like no other POTUS in history!
    Our Christian God INSPIRED Constitution FOR the USA IS ONLY ADEQUATE government for a good and moral people,  When the people are lost from God, freedom is lost, and dictators, devils, socialism, communism, voodoo, ISLAM, etc. will step in to bring the people under their control.
    NOW: ARREST OBAMAS, CLINTONS, SOROS, ET.AL., and strip Citizenship and wealth and DEPORT to Haiti!!
    President Trump should declassify EVERYTHING related to 9/11/2001; and declassify all Clinton’s and Bush’s and Obama’s lies and TREASON up to 2019.
    And, declassify EVERYTHING related to murders of Americans at Ruby Ridge, and WACO by Clinton’s FBI,
    AND, DECLASSIFY everything from WWII and the USS Liberty 1967 Six-Day War Jews attack on Americans’s ship; and the lies to start war in Viet Nam, Iraq, Lebanon, all Middle East Wars, etc, etc,!
    THEN, we can hang Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Soros, Netenyahoo9/11,; Pull out of U.N. and parasite Israel.
    PARDON for Spc. Michael New who defied crooked Pres. Clinton’s unConstitutional PPD25 putting US Military under U.N. Control
    Pardon all innocent US Military who are persecuted by Obama & Clinton,
    Deport illegal aliens; build the wall!

  11. Shelba

    Agree, we should never have been in the mid-east fighting a war for people that have no use for the US except for our money and gullibility. Bring our soldiers out of a useless war and if the people over there are stupid enough to keep slaughtering each other all I can say is let them have at it