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Trump Wants Jail Time For Adam Schiff! 

Trump Wants Jail Time For Adam Schiff! 

President Donald Trump says that Adam “Shifty” Schiff should be thrown in jail for lying about the infamous Hunter Biden laptop, dismissing it as “Russian disinformation.”

Trump called for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) to be “put away” for saying the Hunter Biden laptop stories are part of a smear campaign that originated as part of Russian disinformation. During a recent call into Fox & Friends, Trump began blasting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden over the sketchy New York Post reports on the laptop—which Fox News passed on due to credibility issues—before he was asked about Schiff’s remarks.

“It’s just crazy. I saw Shifty Schiff get up yesterday and say this is Russia,” Trump exclaimed, using his favorite nickname for Schiff. “He’s a sick man. He is so sick. We went through two and a half years of that, plus. This guy, he ought to be put away, or he ought to be, you know, something should happen with him.”

While Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, a Trump loyalist, has claimed there is no intel to support the assertion that Russia is behind the purported laptop materials, the FBI is investigating whether the laptop dump is part of a foreign disinformation operation.

Last week Trump demanded he be declared the winner of the 2020 election or that a “special election” be held immediately once it was asserted that the FBI intentionally buried the facts about the infamous Hunter Biden laptop. 

“​So now it comes out, conclusively, that the FBI BURIED THE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP STORY BEFORE THE ELECTION knowing that, if they didn’t, ​’​Trump would have easily won the 2020 Presidential Election​,'” the former president said on his Truth Social media platform.

“​This is massive FRAUD & ELECTION INTERFERENCE at a level never seen before in our Country. REMEDY: Declare the rightful winner or, and this would be the minimal solution, declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new Election, immediately!” the 45th president said. ​​

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  1. frank stetson

    A drowning man will clutch at a straw……

    Meanwhile, the faithful line Bannon’s pockets with “build a wall” bucks that he pockets himself.

    Trump’s Super PACs will be next for financial review for fraud —- a path he has been guilty of a number of times, or settling out of court, as good as guilty.

    IF you read the recent transcripts from Trump’s recent rallies in PA, etc. they are replete with lies for the faithful to swallow and belly up to the bar for more donations. He even claims the wall in finished. DId it two years ago so whatttaya all complaining about the illegals for? There’s a wall, damn it, Trump told you so…… That’s just the tip of the lie tsunami he is unleashing as the dogs of war, and the judicial system, are baying at his doors.

    It’s always darkest before the dawn. And dawn is coming. It will be illuminating.

    • Dan

      Democrats (swamp rats) have used multiple allegations against TRUMP since he stated that he was running for president. Every accusation has been proven false.
      Democrats need to be declared a terrorist organization and prevented from practicing politics for the sake of this country.

    • Terry Lamont

      Frank you are a fool if you think politicians don’t” lie”, but what you absolutely don’t realize is, you really have to dig in to process what the lieing Democrats are feeding you!, Trump was forthcoming with all his lies, Shiffty Schiff, isn’t smart enough to recognize he’s lieing as soon as his mouth moves,!!!

      • frank stetson

        I agree that anyone would be a fool to think politicians don’t lie. The Trump record proves it. I wonder about the foolishness of the person who feels it’s relevant to bring up :>)

        Your statement: “Trump was forthcoming with all his lies, Shiffty Schiff, isn’t smart enough to recognize he’s lieing as soon as his mouth moves” really doesn’t make sense. How is being forthcoming in a lie better than not? Trump has never admitted to any lies, how is he forthcoming? Or are you just saying we all know he’s always lying? That I could buy, but it’s still not a good thing as you seem to say. And if Schiff is too stupid to know he’s lying, is that a lie?

        But the bottom line is you have no facts, no examples, just hyperbole.

        The point is question is Hunter’s Laptop, disinformation, etc. There is nothing illegal in Schiff’s actions. Case closed.

        You only think the laptop is important because you can’t authenticate much of it and therefore you can imagine it says everything you want it to. PROVE IT. So far, you got a few emails relating to his tax issues and that’s it.

  2. Frank

    Schiff is an illegal person! He thinks he knows ALL! why does he still have a Job!!!

  3. Kar

    All opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. Yours, Stetson is no exception

  4. frank stetson

    He was guilty of Trump University fraud of his students, settlement decided by judge for $25M as he entered office.
    He was impeached twice, not convicted by the Senate.
    Most of his cases, previous to his inauguration, are settled out of court, showing guilt but not pleading guilty, and there are a lot of them over the years. Many of his cases were put on hold during his Presidency, outdated code of judicial ethics.

    No, there was plenty reason to suspect this guy well before he announced his run. And while Russiagate did not have the evidence to indict, it did not exonerate either. Hundreds of meetings with the Russians will sound hinky to the end of time. Plenty smoke, could be fire, but Muller couldn’t cover it. Russiagate not proven false, Muller said not exonerated, just not enough evidence to convict. More important perhaps, Russiagate was not started from the Republican/Democrat funded Steele dossier, but on allegations of foreign contacts alleged by the Aussies.

    I was also pointing out that his lies are at record level during his last round of rallies. His social media site now supports and has links to QAnon too, his next army perhaps.

    He is under investigation for his current document scandal, national security, 2020 election overturning attempts, NY business criminal acts, NY tax returns, NY property valuations, 1/6 insurrection, GA election obstruction and lots of civil cases. Beyond the civil cases, the rest progress with Trump losing most actions and appeals. His own lawsuit against Hillary, the DNC, over RussiaGate was just tossed by the Federal Judge.

    And while we can’t yet pin the tail on this donkey, his excellent hiring skills have produced more scandals, convictions, and pardons of said criminals than any Presidency in recent history. Even Nixon. There is more coming as we work up the ladder, Trump gets more and more insulated from ready lackies, and he’s making his own mistakes now. I mean, who would work for this guy — your
    chance of conviction rises considerably just for taking the job. Of his excellent hires:

    Russiagate not proven false, Muller said not exonerated, just not enough evidence to convict.

    Ukraine impeachment overturn by the Senate was just wrong, you can here his extortion, using taxpayer dollars, live.

    Judge just tossed as frivolous his lawsuit against Hillary, the DNC, over Russiagate. Said it doesn’t hold water.

    Allen Weisselberg, his CFO, pleads guilty — like Trump too stupid to know what was going on. He said he did, but who cares.

    Rick Gates, his campaign deputy, plead guilty of conspiracy and lying to investigators.

    Paul Manafort, his campaign chair, found guilty of tax fraud and bank fraud. He plead guilty later to money laundering, witness tampering and lobbying violations.

    Michael Cohen plead guilty of eight counts: including campaign finance violations, tax fraud and bank fraud. Also guilty of paying Trump’s whore hush money to various women. Melania stands by her himp of a man, Captain Bonespur.

    George Papadopoulos, Trump’s presidential campaign advisor plead guilty to lying to FBI agents regarding about Russian communications with those claiming to be close to prominent Russian officials. Of course, Trump didn’t know anything, he never does, but he hires really well (sarcasm alert).

    Roger Stone was indicted, arrested on seven counts: lying to Congress, obstruction of an official proceeding, witness tampering in conjunction with Russiagate.

    Mike Flynn pleads guilty to making false statements to the FBI regarding his Russian contacts. He was a Trump National Security Advisor.

    George Nadar was an informal Trump advisor who was guilty of child porn and child transportation to sex. Trump probably didn’t know this one. Not a great judge of character though.

    Elliot Broidy was a Trump fundraiser involved with his inaugural committee where he plead guilty to carrying out a secret lobbying campaign for millions paying out $6.6 million in his plea deal. There is much money missing from Trump’s inauguration.

    Bannon, Trump advisor — oh fuck, look it up, it’s still growing……

    I am hopeful we will soon shine the light of justice upon this Presidential shame to America and the Republican party who places policy above truth, character, and the American experiment in Democracy.

  5. Kar

    Since you wouldn’t post my first thought i will repost. Opinions are just like butt holes, everyone has one. Your opinions are no different, Stetson

    • frank stetson

      Thank you Captain Obvious. Stutter much? Soon you will learn the ways of the Farce, young Padawan as the Gilburtsun rises.

      Opinions are like elbows. Everybody has one, most have more than one.

      Opinions are like orgasms. Mine’s the most important and I could care less about yours.

      Opinions are like mowing the lawn. If you’re not going to help, then stay off my grass.

  6. Kar

    Where is my post? Didn’t realize you were demoncrats lead. Rest in hell