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Trump vs. McConnell: Civil War in the Republican Party?

Trump vs. McConnell: Civil War in the Republican Party?

More than a few GOP lawmakers are frustrated with Donald Trump’s success in the presidential race and believe the possibility of him losing to Hillary Clinton if the two were to become the nominees is high. 

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Majority Leader since February of last year, told his colleagues they should drop Trump “like a hot rock.” 

To concerned lawmakers who worry that Donald Trump as nominee may threaten their re-election campaigns, McConnell advises running negative ads against him despite his status as Republican frontrunner. 

Reminding fellow senators about his successful re-election campaign in 1996 during President Bill Clinton’s re-election, McConnell noted that a GOP-controlled senate would be a necessary check to a Hillary Clinton presidency. 

GOP lawmakers are also frustrated with Republican candidate John Kasich, a former House Representative and Ohio’s current governor. “He’s just flailing his arms around and having a wonderful time going around the country, and it just drives me up the wall,” one Republican senator told The New York Times. 

Editor’s note:  If Trump doesn’t win the primary because of what he sees as dirty tricks by the Republican establishment, he may very well run as a third party candidate.  Should Trump win the Presidency, McConnell may find his remarks have damaged their working relationship. 

McConnell is an experienced politician, not sure what his goal is here. He certainly also realizes Trump has a great deal more political capital than he does.

This is unfortunate. 

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