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Trump vs. Bill Clinton: Who is the Bigger Sexist?

Trump vs. Bill Clinton: Who is the Bigger Sexist?

After months of trading barbs against each Hillary Clinton, it looks like Donald Trump may have put a target on the back of a new Clinton. As soon as Hillary Clinton’s team announced that Mr. Clinton would join the campaign trail to support his wife in the race, Trump fired back on all cylinders, stating that Mr. Clinton’s sex scandals during his tenure as President would be “fair game” in the campaign against Hillary.

Since the media has made such an effort to label Trump as a sexist pig throughout his campaign thanks to colorful comments he’s made about women, is adding Bill Clinton to Hillary’s team a good move for the Democratic nominee hopeful?

Mr. Clinton is infamous for his time in the Oval Office thanks to the many women who stepped forward to call him out on the extramarital affairs he was involved in at the time. Clinton went to great lengths to ruin these women’s reputations and protect his own name, and who was by his side while this predator did this? Hillary Clinton, of course. The same woman who now points her finger at Trump and calls him a sexist pig for his words against women, while she smiles alongside a man who has done more than just verbally insult the opposite sex.

Trump recently agreed in a tweet, “If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women’s card on me, she’s wrong!”

On the other end of the spectrum, Trump has been criticized for referring to Clinton’s performance in the 2008 race as her getting “schlonged”, a vulgar choice of words to direct at the female candidate.  He has also referenced her lengthy time in the women’s restroom at the debate as “disgusting”.

Despite these verbal assaults, Hillary cannot continue to throw stones at Trump while living in a glass house. Bringing Mr. Clinton into the race puts the power back in Trump’s hands, as he can now shatter Hillary’s accusations of not tolerating sexism towards women.

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