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Trump vs. Biden – Now I know who to vote for

Trump vs. Biden – Now I know who to vote for

The final 2020 Presidential Debate happened tonight with Kristen Welker as the moderator. As always, I have to admit my bias in favor of Trump. I won’t do a blow by blow this time.

I have to note that Welker did a fine job and did not seem to propagate bias to any great degree.

All that said, some of Biden’s statements were earthshattering. They were admissions of lies and admissions that he follows a radical left agenda.


I thought Trump was the usual Trump. Biden at times seems small and old, and started to lose his voice a bit near the end. The camera positions were fine, no advantages there, the audio was good, and as mentioned before Welker did not interfere with the discussion and allowed responses when asked, while not losing control. Only Biden tried to speak into a dead mic.

Could be my imagination but Biden slipped into a rambling mode several times. Might not have been noticed by Biden fans.

Notable Trump statements

Trump nailed Biden on the corruption, Ukraine, China and Russia. Stated that he was corrupt, drove it home many times.

Trump at one point said, “Joe, I’m looking at you, you are the reason I ran for President.” Was a good line.

Trump was able to nail Biden several times when he described his plans for the future, “You were just in office as Vice President for 8 years, you’ve been in politics for 47 years, why haven’t you changed it already??”

In Trump’s closing speech, his message was “Success will bring us together”

Trump hammered Joe several times – “Typical politician” and “All talk no action”

Trump hammered home the point that children in cages were an Obama/Biden phenomenon, not a Trump administration issue.

Notable Biden statements

Said “Come on!” seven times by my count.

Fired back on the corruption charges talking about Trump’s tax returns and the meme that Trump only paid $750 in taxes one year. Trump answered adequately that his returns were still under audit, and that he actually has paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes.

Earth shattering –“Within 100 days, I will put 11 million people on a path to citizenship

Earth shattering – Biden will shut down the oil industry in the cause of climate change.

Said that he was going to pay states $20 Billion to reduce their mandatory criminal sentences. I’m not sure what he is referring to, but is he planning to buy off states at 50 x $20B, a trillion dollars???

Earth shattering – Argued that he would not shut down fracking. Denied that he said he would many times, but then admitted that he said he would not allow it on federal land. It was very clear he was trying to deceive Pennsylvania. I believe Pennsylvania will get that message.

Earth shattering – Biden finally admitted that his 1994 crime bill was a mistake. Trump challenged him as to why he didn’t fix it during his tenure as Vice President.

Who will I vote for?

Trump, of course, I said that before. But Trump won this debate handily in my opinion. He had a better command of facts, he had better issues, he drove home points and forces Biden to make spoken admissions in several areas.

Most importantly, he made Joe respond to the corruption charges directly. This is important, because the issue has been largely confined to conservative leaning media.  The debate reaches both Democrats and Republicans, and will be the first time that some Democrats will have heard. Liberals will be curious, its going to grow legs now.

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  1. Virginia Shepherd

    Trump is a very successful business man and has used his knowledge and reputation to help this country in many many ways to become again a great country!!!!! Thank you President Trump and Vice President Pence for your dedication to our precious Country

    • Mike

      I read what you just wrote and my dentures just about fell out (and I don’t wear dentures). Your ignorance is laughable! Trump is a very successful businessman? What rock do you live under? He would be broke if not for the money he got from The Apprentice, 5, count them 5 bankruptcies. That is hardly the mark of success, despite what he says. So, let’s move on to what he said. Joe falsely said “he nailed him” referring to Biden, on corruption. Perhaps he nailed him, except that what he said was typical trump blather (meaning all lies). He talked about Joe taking money from Russia, China, etc, problem is there is no evidence that took place. And, of course if the infamous laptop is actually credible (considering the source, juleiannie, that is doubtful), there is nothing, nada, that would suggest that Biden did anything wrong on there, and to suggest elsewise is political spin. Joe says trump hammered home that children in cages was an Obama/Biden issue, except that is a total lie. The “cages” were built during the earlier administration, but were used rarely, and only for brief periods when children came across by themselves, or with somebody other than their parents. It became policy under Trump to cage all minor children, regardless of who they might be travelling with, as a “deterrent” for migrants. And notably, there are some 500 who they can’t find the parents for as a result of that policy. While on the immigration topic, I must point out another lie by Trump that under catch and release, 99% of those released did not show up for their court date, not true at all, at least 75% did show up, far from perfect, but just another example of trumpism lies at work. So, let’s move on to energy. And while Biden’s statements may have cost him some votes, they are absolutely the right direction for us to head. If we continue to stick our heads in the sand as the trump administration has done as far as promoting renewable energy, and instead promoting oil and gas (and coal of course, but that is disappearing on it’s own, despite trump’s efforts otherwise), we will be left in the dust. The rest of the world realizes that we cannot run on oil indefinitely, and are moving forward with renewables. We should we working to make the US a leader in developing this emerging industry. Instead, we are lagging (hardly making America great). So, time for you folks to wake up, and realize that the lies are actually coming from the current administration (as well as the author of this tome), and vote for someone with a plan for the future, rather than someone who says just look at what I’ve done (which is nothing for the good of our democracy…guess he realized that he didn’t deliver on very many of his campaign promises in 2016, so is avoiding giving any plans for 2020….)

  2. Tony Boucher

    Joe Biden is a corrupt sleazy politician who has used his elected position to benigit himself and family . This guy needs to be behind bars where he belongs along with his puppeteers Pelosi , Schiff , Nadler , Schumer and a lot more !

  3. DB

    It has to be frustrating to combat the Democratic Lies and those told by Joe Biden as you never know what to expect or where they are coming from. Trump has his own problems with screeching the truth but look at what he has actually managed to do in just a little less than 4 years, taking no pay, fighting off an absolutely baseless impeachment, constant harassment from the Democrats and more especially Nancy Pelosi how holds all the balls of Male House Democrats, and even keeps Chuck Schumer tagging along like some sort of S&M dog on a leash. The Democrats ask if Trump will hand over the office peacefully while they are still groaning about 2016 where they said “Not my President”. Will the Democrats peacefully accept a defeat in 2020. I highly doubt it. There will be riots, arson, looting, personal injury and more than likely death. The far left has permeated the Democrats and have taken over from those that had any common since and the leaders want to pander to them because they bring fear to the rest of us. I am sure that Trump has a plan of action already in place to handle this mob and knows who the instigators are. If you want violence, if you want your property taken away and given to others, if you want your right stripped, if you want a major recession to Depression, go ahead and vote for Sleepy and corrupt Joe Biden, personally I will vote for Trump.

  4. Fran

    Yes, Ms. Shepherd, I agree with 100%. Personally, I believe that Trump is doing a great job, like his personality or not!
    Kristen Weller was seemingly ok, however, she was definitely in Old Joes‘ corner. She gave Joe plenty of time, but kept interrupting Trump and did not let him finish his issues!!
    I’d like to know why every Moderator is a Liberal? Is this fair?
    Chris Wallace May be a smart Moderator, but it’s so obvious that he has a distaste for Trump. Why he like the sneaky, lying and dishonest Libs like Bill and Hillary, both Obama’s and Biden is really something of an enigma!!

  5. Tom

    TRUMP 2020
    Nikki haley 2024
    Ivanka and Jared 2028

  6. Russell Bateman

    If one can assume that Larry Horist is right, then it’s deplorable that the election was already over before this debate was had. It will not therefore make much difference if any at all. Alas.

  7. Charlene

    You say Ms Welker was not biased? Disagree. She interrupted President Trump multiple times. Biden only a few.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Not completely unbiased, but Chris Wallace was way worse. She appeared to be making the attempt to be unbiased.