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Trump vs. Biden Debate – Who won?

Trump vs. Biden Debate – Who won?

The first 2020 Presidential Debate was held Tuesday at the Cleveland Clinic between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.  The topics include the Supreme Court nominee, racism, the economy, the pandemic and climate change.

Trying to hold back my anti-Biden bias, I tried to look at the debate from the point of view of who might move the needle in their direction.

This was an ugly debate, a brawl. Trump’s tactic was to heckle and attack Biden, which Biden returned accordingly. Much of the debate was unintelligible because of it. Some very heated arguments, Biden finally broke into name-calling, using terms like “liar” and “clown.” I believe Trump was attempting to put pressure on Biden to see what he could handle, it worked to a certain degree.

When Trump had the chance to answer substantive questions he was very good. He was factual and clearly had a better control of the facts and the real situation on the ground. He was very good and making the cases, in what could have been traps for him, for example in the racism and with climate change.

Joe Biden was able to make some very good speeches, and as the challenger was able to lay out “visions” which would tend to make people excited. However, anyone who knows Joe Biden and has been listening to the narratives know that Biden has no idea how to implement any of his ideas, he has neither the experience nor the intellect.

But in key ways, Biden did not lose. He seemed poised, he did not stumble to any great extent, he did not show dementia of any kind, his preparation was, frankly, excellent.

President Trump was able to insert Hunter Biden’s unethical behavior several times, and by the end had certainly gotten the point through. Trump fell short of actually stating that Biden had been bought off by the Chinese and the Russians. He should have taken the extra step.

Trump also managed to challenge Joe Biden on law enforcement and the Green New Deal, getting him to backtrack on the radical left stances that have come from his supporters. Trump was quite correct that the Bernie supporters will start to look at Biden and realize that Biden is just telling them what they want to hear.

Biden continually pounded on Trump on the economy and how bad it was due to COVID-19.  He was using the liberal narrative that says COVID is his fault, and the currently bad economy was Trump’s fault. This meme has continued since about June. Trump attacked back noting that Biden had called him a racist, but the point was washed out a bit because of the arguments going back and forth. Trump’s statement that Biden would have killed more than 2 million, was a good one, but it did not seem to resonate.

Anyone who looks at this reasonably should know better, but since this has been backed by a lot of media propaganda, this likely hit home with a number of voters. Trump’s response was good, and factual, but my sense was that Biden won the battle for the moment. This is really the first time that I realized that the liberal media propaganda machine had succeeded in creating a lie big enough to support Joe Biden. Biden should have been laughed off the stage, but he wasn’t.

At times, Biden reverted to a “visionary” narrative that relates to the radical left. In his speeches, you could see his manner change to the pandering voice, which I believe subtlely annoys most serious people. The “visionary” is an exciting approach, but it only works for a challenger, making promises that he has no ability or inclination to keep. Still it works.

Something that really irritated me, typical politician’s BS, Biden declared that yes, there is systemic injustice, and his solution was the equivalent of a “beer summit.” I.e, bring everyone, police, protesters and radicals to the White House and talk about it. Typical crap that never produces results...

Who won?

Trump won.

Trump was more “feet on the ground” in his arguments, his personality was stronger. He hit home more.  When he was able to make his points, they were entirely candid and focused.

But Biden didn’t lose as badly as some hoped, and with the liberal propaganda machine behind him, his most outrageous lies seemed reasonable.

Can’t wait for the next one.

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  1. Kayletta Wilson

    Trump need to be more prepared, have actual fact. Time line on response of covid. Dates that Faucci flipped flopped on mask wearing, etc. I think President Trump went into this debate over confident, because of Bidens mental state, forgetting how crooked the dems can be, drugs, and wired.

    • LMS

      He has the facts and proof over and over again. No one can keep their mouths shut and let the man do his job. They can’t stand Trump so much they will say anything and say it’s the truth, they have the documents, including trying to sabotagehis campaign.
      I am sick to death of hearing all the whiners on both sides! STFU and either work with the Presidents idea or work with him to come up with solutions rather than always being the problem. He IS the President not Pelosi, or the rest of the gutter trash of the democratic party.

      I could care less if the man pays $750 in taxes. If there are means for getting tax breaks, then why shouldn’t he Every single person would utilize that same benefit if they are smart enough and the right people to make that happen. The issue is jealousy flat out! If you want those tax breaks then go find them and make it happen, stop ALWAYS being the victims!

      That man is getting hit from every side and has done well to get the econy going again no thanks to politicians and many people in this country. If you or people in this country can’t figure out the common sense regarding masks then you really are as diumb as a rock! I live in Chicago and constantly seegroups of young people in large groups not obeying requirements. After this has gone on this long do many of you need to be dragged by the necks to the grave sites of loved one or the cooling trucks or morgues to see body after body of the dead from COVID! Use your heads, that’s the thing roughly two to three feet above your butts!
      I have never seen in my life of 55 years so many stupid acting people in this country, and you can’t fix stupid!
      This is a excellent the way everything is going on in this country right now because it shows leaders versus followers. We have the very best President that can handle out of control politicians and people, he is there to help if they want which has shown their incompetancy to handle their cities and states like California, like Portland Seattle, New York and the dive of the city I live in, Chicago that has some of the highest property taxes, toll roads up the wazoo, and still have financial problems. Get rid of the Moronic Governor that’s always whining Trump isn’t helping. Boo Hoo Pritzger, start managing your state and Mayor Lightfoot who brought her hotshot Chief of police up from Texas who are both Black and the city is completely out of control on crime. By all means defund the police and leave the city without GOOD protection but have them protect her block. Lightfoot, you need your butt kicked all the way down the street. They revamped the auditorium to house thousands of patients of which a few more than 33 ended up there for approximately $66 million that of course taxpayers paid for. Typical democratic spending! Healthcare for all, nice try, to come up with that amount including all the illegals that wrre here. It would bankrupt this country. Again I say democrats and liberals are great at reaching their hands out gimme gimmie gimmie. Start F ing work for it!
      Enough with the race card. I am a minority myself and didn’t have to use a race card to have test made simpler. It’s called studying!!!!!

      Always the victims we have in this country. Out of all the minority groups in this country the blacks are the ONLY ones that constantly bring chaos and destruction to our society. I could have played the victim card, asked for reparations, felt sorry for myself and cause problems. My ancestors, the Sioux’s were killed. Did I feel badly, yes but no matter what, I am not going to bring my ancestors back. I learned from that and proved to colleagues, co-workers, friends, and others I deserved EVERYTHING I worked for. I worked for my entitlement not the fact that I am entitled just because I am an Indian. I couldn’t give a rats rear end if I am called an Indian, Native American, or Injun. I am happy to put on my grandfather’s feather and beaded headdress and give the democrats and liberals that harass me a nice F off! They have caused the pain, damage, murder, assault, and chaos of this country.

      Grandpa Biden was wired up literally to try to get him through the debate which he failed miserably. None of you can see it due to those that hate Trump so bad, the rest of you are wishy washy. You think some miracle will change your mind. You know what the right answer is you choose to have the decision made easier for you. Get off the damn fence post and get with the program.
      I have covered enough to at least pop part of you on the head for your ignorance. Start acting like responsible adults. If you want to be a leader than you go with Trump and let him clean up this country and the garbage people that need to be in jail or be on the row for capital punishment. The other option is to be the followers and allow the depraved perverted, disgusting individuals, that murder babies, believe in Satan, can’t figure out their gender in spite of having the genatilia between their legs; go get mental help! My cousin had BOTH fully functioning organs and did go get mental help! Sorry don’t agree with changing your gender just because you ” feel” it. we have a majotly sick country! You will never bring the morally decent people together with gutter trash of society! It will ALWAYS be divided and I wouldn’t even think of letting my family or myself associate with people like Blake and Floyd. Even my African American friends wouldn’t. The difference is the are educated professional African Americans with familirs not the ghetto trash that is breaking the law, having run ins continually with the cops, could care less if the steal and vandalize, sell drugs, have 6 different “keeds” from three or four different men who should be fixed since neither the man or woman don’t seem to grasp contraception and play the welfare game well and sell that stolen merchandise to make money or ending up on Maury Povich to find out who the babies father is.. That folks, is a N—-R!



    • Dude

      K. Wilson, You only get 2 minutes to respond. Trump can’t toss out a long timetable and pick each date to make a point in 2 minutes. Trump was prepared just fine. Put Biden on defense the entire time. You may think that it was like a cat fight, but I think Trump did this to get Biden to want to be more on defensive next debate. Biden didn’t answer all the questions. Trump keeping the heat on Biden got Biden to name call and bitch. Biden will already be more on edge the next debate after Trump kept at him. Or maybe worse for Biden if he drops out of the debates. Note that DEM’s have started talking about that again. Next debate Trump may have a new plan again. If you paid any attention to the liberal media not even they said Biden won.

  2. Dan Tyree

    Trump won. He outperformed retard joe while being forced to debate Wallace at the same time Joe Biden proved by his failure to speak up for law and order that he’s part of the plan to unravel America. The extreme commie left already has him locked up.

    • Dude

      “Biden’s plan” as he calls it, is The green new deal. He just gave it his name right then as a decoy and not have to admit it. Trump was trying to get him to.
      It is on his web site about the Green New Deal. Kamala Harris co-wrote the GND with AOC. So the GND won’t be going away at all and for sure be put in use of they win. I think Biden knows this is really stupid as Trump dropped a few lunatic things on Biden about it. But he has made his bed with the leftists now. It will be put in use if Biden wins. Do not think it won’t at all ! BTW:Trump was going to get Biden to take one side over the other MOD DEM – Leftist DEM. Those two do not work together. Same issue in CA with Harris if you wondered why they do not like her in her own home state. She ticked off both sides. Trump may get a better split with Biden saying the wrong thing and pissing off one of the two sides next debate. Get Biden ticked off right away next debate. Then sit back and leave him alone to foul up. That is when he does it. Trump will have Biden on edge easy now. So all of a sudden Biden has 2 MIN and no interference. It is when he screws up. Trump is playing with Biden’s mind. Biden already has shown he has Trump in his head now !

  3. Joe

    Biden was lying the whole debate! He doesn’t back what he was saying and the left is going to be angry that he denied backing green new deal etc. Was is really bad is when he tries to say that he will buy American, push for American workers when it was his and Obama’s administration that exported jobs, business and plants! That is what Trump has accomplished and Biden can’t do any of that! He is a loser!

  4. LMB

    Biden has been telling his lies for so long he doesn’t know the difference anymore!

  5. Denise Naida

    The President has every right to be angry after all the lies the media and liberal demons put out. He needed to be much calmer and both were rude interrupting each other. At several points all 3 were talking and you couldn’t hardly tell what was being said. I noticed someone fixed slow Joe’s AI, must have put a new chip in him so he could finally talk(that’s cheating)!!! President Trump has a ton of support, but really needs to be more relaxed and get all the good points across. He was asked what he has done for the black community, but didn’t tell the people everything he has put in place. This man has done more for all Americans in less than 4 years than any other President ever. Can’t wait until the media is forced to spotlight all the good and stop their damn lying.

  6. Cindy Traub

    I love PRESIDENT TRUMP he has my vote along with the other republicans! We need to be rid of the horrible way the democrats have been doing!!!! PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  7. Kathryn Mizner

    I would never vote for Biden——-I definietely will vote for Trump !!!!—-Biden is just “awful”——does not have a clue !

  8. Kathryn Mizner

    Biden does not belong in the White House————–I will vote for Trump !!!!

  9. Kathryn Mizner

    Trump is the better candidate—–no contest—-Biden hasn’t a clue !

  10. Kathryn Mizner

    Trump gets my vote—–Biden has no clue

  11. Dan Winright

    I liked the way the biden puppeteer made his facial expressions. It was very clever how that thin little wire is capable of all those contortions.

  12. Lesley Friedman

    It is Trump all the way for me. I didn’t get to watch the whole debate because talking over each other made me nervous. But the little that I did see and then I watch this morning there’s no way that Biden won this debate. Trump knew exactly what he was doing and Biden I’m not sure but I have a feeling that they rehearsed his answers over and over again.

  13. RedBull

    Don’t sack me guys, I’m a Trump fan, but I have to say I think Biden won this debate. He was more poised, more prepared, steady under pressure and generally more presidential. The Donald was all too childish in his approach and wasn’t clear in his responses. I knew what he was trying to say but he wasn’t actually saying it. Like the first argument Joe presented that the people decide the Justices – Trump could have so simply said yes, they have and they decided I should pick; but instead he rambled about 3 and a half years… not good.

    More subtly than that I saw Joe pull up out-of-context or misinterpreted phrases from Trump and use them for political folly. The unverified story about Trump name calling the military, the thing about injecting chlorine… stuff that we all know is BS. While Trump used real things like Hunter’s record and well, Biden’s record. It was lying vs the truth and if you’re only now checking in how can you know the difference?

    I hope the Donald does better next time. I suspect he will.

    • Dude

      Red Bull, Were you drunk or doing drugs while you watched this? Or did you have to take a long dump and miss most of it?

      • Joe Gilbertson

        ???? They are always better when you are drunk…



  15. Dan Tyree

    RedBull I agree with you about Trump’s demeanor. But Trump has facts on his side. Biden came out swinging and Trump is to be admired for holding back with the name calling and “shut ups “. Both of the guys were somewhat childish. But looking at the agenda and both of their visions for America, I’ll take Trump

  16. DB

    If Biden comes out doing the same childish lying attacks, misrepresentations, insults and over speaking that he did in the first debate, Trump should just unplug, turn around and walk off the stage after saying he has more important things like running the USA than dealing with a fool who will not comply with the rules of the debate. Just don’t get into a pissing contest with Biden at all.

  17. cs

    joe the groper biden, who ever votes for communism is either totally brainwashed or REAL americans must try to inform them. if that does not work they need to be extracted from our REPUBLIC IN ANY MANNER REQUIRED. Astounding how many ill informed mongrels there are out there..Research is the answer… We, real americans, have done our homework, we research, we investigate, we have found the truth… and we KNOW the truth…biden and ALL of the communist controlled democrats are born pathological sociopathic liars and psychopaths. We know it, we see it every day…they are truly “not all there” as God so aptly said in His Word .. “I will give you over to a debased mind” = liberalism…

  18. Joseph Kinge

    Trump is not as presidential in his debate as he should be. He has the answers and he should present them in a concerned, refined way. Let the other guy interrupt, you maintain your dignity. You are the president. Speak calmly and tell what your opponent will say before he says it. “He’s probably going to say_____, but it’s been proven not to be true.” Take some professional advice, Mr. President, don’t go it alone.