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Trump Ups His Attacks on Nikki Haley

Trump Ups His Attacks on Nikki Haley

Having dispensed with Ron DeSantis as any kind of real threat, the Trump “war machine” has now turned its sites clearly at Nikki Haley.

A nickname change is usually a sign that you are a fresh target in Donald Trump’s world.

As Nikki Haley rises in the polls, the former president’sallies have shifted from calling his former ambassador to the United Nations “birdbrain” to attacking her as “high tax Haley.” That’s the theme of a new pro-Trump super PAC attack ad, marking the MAGA operation’s first anti-Haley spending in the GOP presidential primary.

Regardless of the veracity of the nickname, the Haley campaign seems up for the fight, basically “saying bring it on.”

Even though Haley has shown little appetite to take on her old boss directly, her campaign is gearing up for things to get ugly. According to those close to the Haley campaign and other plugged-in Republicans looking to support her as the Trump alternative, the Haley camp is proud to be a target.

“Everyone from Joe Biden to Donald Trump is attacking Nikki for one reason: She’s the only candidate with momentum,” a senior Haley adviser told the press on the first day of the New Year.

While Trump’s attacks carry a certain sway over the GOP, every new ad is also something of a confession, making it clear who Trump views as his main rival. And that could potentially help Haley consolidate the anti-Trump vote.

That’s a big reason the Trump operation has been hesitant to go after any one candidate too much, preferring to criticize all of them in seemingly haphazard attacks. But Haley’s recent surge in New Hampshire—a December poll had her within the margin of error in the first-in-the-nation primary—has clearly gotten under Trump’s skin, threatening the long-held certitude that the former president that he can coast to the nomination without having to engage with any legitimate rival.

Which is why Trump and his advisers are trying to crush Haley now before she gathers any more serious momentum. In the final weeks of 2023, the Trump campaign and its allies finally began enacting their long-dormant plans to destroy Haley. While Trump and his advisers continue to project confidence that Haley is just a small speed bump on their road to the nomination, his MAGA political surrogates seem to see her as a more significant hazard.

In the last two weeks, MAGA Inc. has spent $3.4 million to run the gas tax ad against Haley, supplemented with nearly $370,000 worth of anti-Haley mailers and text messages for good measure, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission. The New Hampshire ad, which first aired on Dec. 19 and was produced for $11,000, marks the first time the Trump super PAC has spent money to go after Haley directly. By comparison, MAGA Inc. has only deployed around $2 million against DeSantis in New Hampshire, efforts that stopped cold in May with the Florida Governor’s growing irrelevancy.

The former president himself has mocked “the Nikki surge” as non-existent in the same holiday direct-to-video message where he called Chris Christie “dogmeat” and demanded the rest of the field drop out and “unify” behind him to defeat President Joe Biden.

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  1. Timothy

    I voted for Trump the 1st Time, Voted for him the 2nd time, and will be Honored to vote for him the 3rd time. I am a South Carolinian and have seen first hand, what a terrible, High Dollar Spender, White Collar Loving, Blue Collar hater, Back Stabber that she is. A terrible Governor for the poor and hard working People in SC. She will appoint only women for any Government Job and won’t even consider the smarter candidate. Her selling of our Land, excuse me, Giving of our land to China was the last straw. She won her roll as Governor only because she was a woman.

    I hated when Trump appointed her as an Ambassador but figured it was a great way to get Haley out of our Country. She is a Liar, a Mother but a Cheater on her husband and leaving her children with sitters as she would go out with different men while her Husband was at National Guard Training. Put all of that together and you have Nikki Haley. I might even vote for Kamala Harris before I would vote for Nikki and I am a true Republican., unless Nikki should be nominated as the Republican Nominee.

  2. Randy

    Sick of Mr. Dump. His garbage got old a long time ago. Needs his ass kicked

    • Jim wampler

      So go kick it you prick

  3. Robert Haggerton

    Birdbrain – anti-tax cut Nikki is beholden to the Big Donors on both sides of the aisle! She first told Trump that she would NOT run if he did! Well/ Well? She lied just like the radical lunatics of the left do!!! This woman scares the hell out of me and 75 million of us American First voters will NOT vote for her! Hence, she’s dead in the water! I’ve written Trump and asked him – implored him to NOT include her in any fashion in his cabinet!!!! This witch would – is a member of the RINO club!!!!!