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Trump Unlikely to Ever Support a Federal Abortion Ban

Trump Unlikely to Ever Support a Federal Abortion Ban

Forget what you think you may know about President Trump’s stand on abortion. Much like his appointed Justices that overturned Roe V. Wade, the former President believes there should be no Constitutional right to abortion, and it’s a matter best left up to the states.

Allies say Trump believes states should rule on reproductive rights, and he has seen the writing on the wall that supports for a federal abortion ban could cost him the 2024 election should he be the GOP nominee.

According to unnamed “insiders,” Trump has told allies in recent days that his gut feeling remains to leave the matter of reproductive rights to the states – following the court’s reasoning in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization that ended 50 years of federal abortion protections.

But Trump’s crystallizing stance appears to be his recognition that a federal abortion ban could cost him in the 2024 election should he become the Republican nominee, mainly because a majority of Americans simply do not support making abortion mostly or entirely illegal.

If this is truly the former President’s thinking, it has no doubt been influenced, at least in part, by Republicans’ losses in the midterm elections they were supposed to dominate, which exit polls showed were tied to the supreme court ruling. And in the six states where abortion-related questions were on the ballot in 2022, voters chose to reject further limits.

The issue has emerged as an early litmus test for Republican presidential candidates, and Trump’s reluctance to endorse national restrictions would put him squarely at odds with prominent leaders of the anti-abortion movement who are demanding federal action.

Yet his refusal to embrace the most hardline position of party activists provides an opening for potential rivals such as Florida governor Ron DeSantis and his former vice-president Mike Pence to run to his right on the abortion issue.

Trump has talked about striking a balance, people close to him said: leaving abortion up to the states while endorsing exceptions for rape, incest, and in cases of harm to the mother, as well as appointing conservative judges to the federal bench and removing federal funds for Planned Parenthood, which he did as President.

Asked about Trump’s stance on abortion for 2024, the campaign reiterated his White House policies: “President Trump believes that the supreme court, led by the three justices which he supported, got it right when they ruled this is an issue that should be decided at the state level.”

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  1. Frank stetson

    If the guy gets elected, he will be in his last term of office, and frankly could care less what he does.

    The guy is already basically signed almost any bill. Republicans have put across his desk. He’s even said, give me anything, I will sign it.

    I would be at the farm on this one Bill.

    • Tom

      Bill, please do not show this article to our friend Larry H.

      • larry Horist

        Tom … I do read other commentaries. And I am again amazed how I dominate you mind.

  2. Jimmy F

    How many times does the public need to be told, STATES need to control abortion in their own territories. There are plenty of leftist DA’s and other officials in Blue cities and states that are doing their best to accommodate abortion up to 40 weeks. If 30 or more states don’t want such insane unrestricted abortion laws, then leave them the hell alone and quit trying to figure out ways to manipulate the Federal justice system and getting another ridiculous law passed. We all should have learned something about the Constitution when Roe v Wade was correctly deemed UN-Constitutional. It was a badly approved garbage in 1973 and must NEVER EVER again be brought up for a vote at the national level. We’ve grown beyond tired of bellyaching leftist liberals and progressives who know nothing about the sanctity of life. They should be kissing our feet for even allowing them to have an abortion for anything less than the life of the birthing parent. YAHWEH won’t be so accommodating, and trust me when I say that nobody with a functioning brain should want HIM to be their ULTIMATE SUPREME COURT JUDGE. Things NEVER go well for killers of HIS children, whether they kill an unborn or an adult child. Absolutely no person will be able to claim that they weren’t warned! There is a big book known as the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) that is chock full of really scary warnings about facing THE JUDGE OF ALL THE UNIVERSE, and then there’s two other really big books that contain the eternal final destination of every human that has ever existed on Earth since the very first human became a living SOUL. If anybody’s Advocate\Attorney isn’t the “MESSIAH” when they face THE JUDGE, there is an absolute ZERO chance of living in THE place of happiness for Eternity. Only The Messiah has the power to issue “ETERNAL FIRE” insurance policies for humans. He is, and has always been, the best and only chance for us humans to avoid spending eternity a horrible place of unending misery along with the Prince of Darkness and his demonic minions. I will always wish for people to choose REAL life and the pursuit of happiness over unending death and misery, both now in this present life, and in eternity future! Perhaps everyone should consider the old saying “Know Messiah, know LIFE. No Messiah, no life”!