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Trump Takes South Carolina, Bush Quits!

Trump Takes South Carolina, Bush Quits!

Donald Trump has won the Republican Primary in South Carolina with about a 32.5% share of the vote. This was expected based on the polls, he has never fallen behind in any poll. In his victory speech Trump cited the endorsement of Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer as a primary factor, and thanked his family and his supporters.

Jeb Bush, running in fourth place, has suspended his campaign. Citing poor results, and noting he was proud of his campaign, Governor Bush announced his campaign suspension in his concession speech at his campaign headquarters. He thanked his mother and brother for going to South Carolina and campaigning on his behalf. Bush was an early front runner 

Senators Marco Rubio has edged our Ted Cruz in what appeared to be a dead heat for second place. Since South Carolina is for practical purposes a “winner take all” state, Trump gets most of the delegates. Rubio may get some delegates because he won the two most populous counties. Rubio got a tremendous boost from the endorsement of Governor Nikki Haley.  If Rubio does indeed take second, it provides a decent psychological boost coming into Super Tuesday on March 1.

Governor John Kasich, despite a fifth place finish seemed very upbeat and optimistic.  We were hoping for a better result for John but so be it.

Dr. Ben Carson is still upbeat, despite a last place finish.





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