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Trump Takes Major Hit in Polls

Trump Takes Major Hit in Polls

This presidential campaign is turbulent, to say the least. A few weeks ago, prior to the video leak with suspicious timing of Trump saying some lude comments, he was gaining some ground.

After bringing on the new campaign manager and political strategist, Kellyanne Conway his campaign was taking a step in the right direction. He seemed to have softened his delivery and made significant gains on Clinton in September.

Although he was behind a few weeks ago according to the polling data on Real Clear Politics, there have been some interesting developments.

Fox News’ poll reported a +3 gain for Clinton (9/27-9/29,) which actually decreased to +2 a week later (103-10/6.) While, data from Reuters/Ipsos shows Clinton’s lead increased from +6 (9/29-10/3) to +7 (10/6-10/10.)

Though the most recent data from NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl shows a +9 (10/8-10/10) lead for Clinton, Rasmussen Reports shows a +2 lead for Trump (10/10-10/12.) This polling agency, in particular, saw a +3 lead for Clinton (9/28-10/2,) but then reported a +1 lead for Trump (10/2-10/4.)

According to the Real Clear Politics data, Clinton now has 260 electoral votes and 165 for Trump. This is a 60-vote spike for Clinton since late September.

Like we have said earlier, polls are not always accurate. Because taking samples to reflect the entire population isn’t an easy feat (especially having to do it so often,) the polls inevitably vary. 

The polls may show that Trump has taken a major hit, but he isn’t out of the game just yet.

This month has been a rough one for the candidate. That so called “rigged system” that Trump often refers to, that Clinton continues to perpetuate, has worked against his favor.

On Monday, Trump pointed to the rigged system again. “Even the polls are crooked,” said Trump at a Monday night rally. “Look, we’re in a rigged system.”

Clinton has rigged the campaign, just as expected. Most of her efforts have been spent disparaging her opponent, instead of focusing on pointing out what would make her a better president.

With less than a month left of the election, each candidate will have to bring their A game. And Clinton isn’t afraid to play dirty.

Trump’s team remains hopeful about the election and thinks this dip will eventually pass. “I think by the time we wake up tomorrow, I think this is probably going to be a dead even race. Maybe even Mr. Trump ahead by a little bit,” said Jason Miller, Trump spokesman on Wednesday morning on Fox News. 

 Editor’s note: Predicting polls are like prediciting the stock market. When you think you have the trend identified, that’s when you lose your shirt.

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