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Trump Supporters Attacked in California; Police do Nothing

Trump Supporters Attacked in California; Police do Nothing

Cities in the American southwest are enmeshed in violence as Hispanics with the Reconquista Movement fly the Mexican flag, burn the stars and stripes, and physically assault Trump supporters. But what’s even more shocking is the fact that mayors and police are letting it happen. 

The Reconquista Movement rejects American control over all lands that were once held by the Aztecs. San Jose, California is one of these “native lands.” 

Trump supporters were ambushed Thursday evening as they exited a rally in San Jose. Police stood by and did nothing as car windows were smashed and Trump supporters were egged, punched, and verbally abused by a largely Hispanic mob. 

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” says San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, one of many who have the tenacity to blame Donald Trump for the violent actions of extremist groups like the Reconquistas. 

These attacks were no protest, said ABC reporter Tom Llamas the following morning. They were “pure attacks” against “men, women, and even the elderly” as they attempted to leave the rally. “Overnight, all-out brawls outside the Trump rally in San Jose, CA. Trump supporters harassed, beaten and bloodied by mobs of protestors,” he continued. “On more than one occasion we did see young people throwing up gang signs.”

Those who weren’t too busy punching Republicans waved signs reading “F*** your wall” and “You are not welcome on Mexican soil.” 

This violence will only increase as we draw closer to the general election. Unless leaders like Mayor Liccardo get their act together, Republicans in San Jose will have no safe place to vote in November. 

Meanwhile, the federal government is more concerned with a dead gorilla in the Midwest than with the dangerous breakdown of civil rights spreading throughout the southwest.

If Donald Trump is elected this fall, you can bet the very same thugs who are attacking Trump supporters now will demand the same protections under US law that the are currently denying their political opponents today. And they will earn these rights, because we have people like Sam Liccardo in charge. 

And Donald Trump will be blamed for everything. 

Editor’s note:  If you want to see how these strategies work, pick up this book from Hillary’s mentor, Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky. 

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